To My Fellow Nutritionists and Holistic Healers

Are you interested in integrating this unique method of diet and tissue cleansing into your nutrition practice or more deeply in your personal life?

I receive dozens of emails each week from people who are have been so wonderfully transformed by this way of living that they actually want to counsel others in this nutritional approach. In response to this need, I have developed a two-day course which I will be offering to both new practitioners as well as pre-established nutritionists and holistic healers who would like to integrate this vein of study into their practices. It will take place over two days in mid-JULY. In the interest of keeping the message pure, I will only be taking on 10-15 students at a time. If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible. There will be an essay and phone interview requirement for each applicant.

It’s high time people not only know the truth about how to get truly well and revitalized but have more guides to help them do it! I cannot do it on my own and my personal bookings are more than I can handle! My role as I see it is to “seed and inspire.” I have been so incredibly blessed to have learned all that I have. What I stumbled upon 10 years ago and have grown since has been so much more than I could ever have dreamed of and now it is time to share my way of teaching to those who can carry the flame.

I have waited and listened for the right moment to train others in this path. And now, I am so honored to know that there are those of you who are ready to take this message to your communities – into your reach which may be small today but unprecedentedly limitless as the future unfolds. You will know from deep within you whether this calling is truly yours. For it is a journey for the valiant since it questions and cancels every programming that is not serving mankind. It presents truths that the public is only now becoming receptive to.

I have created a curriculum that I hope will prove fun, stimulating and far-reaching. It covers everything from conveying this philosophy in a clear way to future clients to actually conducting a “Rose Program style” consultation as well as everything else you will need to know on a professional level. I am also arranging for Gil Jacobs to come in and speak with you all which always promises to enlighten and inspire!

The course will be held on July 24th and 25th and the fee is set at $750 (cash, checks and money orders will be accepted but I’m not set up for CC’s.) Those who need to may certainly split the checks into two payments.) We will be meeting from 11 a.m. -4 p.m. both days. Please email me if you are interested at <a href=””></a> I will be contacting each one of you individually, so kindly include the best number to reach you on.

Yours in vibrant, joyful service,


How to Activate Your Life Force Energy

How to Activate Your Life Force Energy: Align Your Spine and Hold Your Flame

As those of you who read Raw Food Life Force Energy will recall, I emphasized that the human body is not made of some dense matter, as it may seem, but of living light-energy. Remember the tenets of quantum physics as originated by Albert Einstein in the equation: E = mc2. Let this knowledge inform the way you carry yourself. I call this “holding your flame.” Yes, your body, that sometimes hard-to-rouse-out-of-bed lump of flesh is actually living light. At its very essence, light is fire! Therefore, you, my friend, are a living flame!

The spinal cord, which is the core of the body (like the core of an apple) is the fire-rod-axis which conducts your life force. Running through your spine is your spinal fluid, whose essence is pure energy. If this energy were visible, you would see it move as a fluid light current following the donut-like pattern of a torus. Picture the light-energy flowing into you from the head (the crown chakra; or the positive, male pole) while simultaneously flowing from below in the root chakra (the negative, female pole). In this way, the current runs up and down the length of the spine until it reaches the opposite pole, then moves outward and around you to re-circulate fresh energy.

Everything in the fruit and vegetable kingdoms follows the torus pattern of energetic flow. It is the flow of all living things—from the smallest atom to a massive tree. You can even see this lifeline flowing within a carrot, an apple, or a Brussels sprout! The energy enters from both directions and flow into, through and around the plant, giving it its life force and fanning its indwelling firelight. Likewise, from the macrocosmic perspective, our earth, the other planets, and even the solar system follow the torus pattern, sending indwelling life through their cosmic pranic tube.

Like the earth, when your inner pole/axis is rightly aligned and moving energy in swift waves, harnessing both the negative and positive poles equally, your being will thrive. This is why physical and energetic blockages (through unfit foods and unhealthy relationships, environments, and experiences) are so damaging. Disturbances in the energetic flow manifest in our physical body in the form of illnesses. Becoming aware of this is the first and best step you can take to revive your inner flame.

Tune into and align yourself with your flame.

Now, I ask you to sense your body as a living flame whose greatest intensity runs right through the vertical axis of your body. Next, I would like you to feel this flame’s power in the chakra centers of your body. Feel the power take hold at the base of your spine in your root, then feel the creative energy in the area halfway between your root and your navel. Then feel the Life Force Energy awaken in that flame at the spot right behind your navel. Next, feel your heart center surge with the power of this fire; allow the fire to rise into the throat opening and enlivening that area so you can express yourself more authentically. Feel the heat in your forehead as the flame rises in your brain, between your eyes, and then finally allow it to surge through your crown, up into the higher realms where it will connect with the more spiritual dimensions of your energy field. Notice how your posture naturally lifts, opens, and surrenders to the graceful flow of this energy.

Instead of merely straightening your posture, note the effortless rise of your body once it embodies the flow of this flame. Notice that it does not cause you to stiffen. Notice how it lifts your mid-spine and opens your shoulders like wings. Notice how it lifts and draws back your head back ever so slightly, like that of a swan or a giraffe. Hold your flame, feel it rise and emit its powerful energy all around you. Open up to its fullness. This is your natural alignment and your indwelling power.

Remember this as often as you can as you walk to work, shop for groceries, type emails. Notice how much clearer and how much more heart-centered your communications and emotions are when you hold and embody your flame.

The way to fully activate your Life Force Energy is to fully activate the pranic tube (“sahsumna” in Sanskrit). It is said that through this power you can overcome aging and even death. Such an empowering concept, yet so few people are aware of it.

In loving service,


Your Body Is a Living Community of Cells

“Matter is like a small ripple on this tremendous ocean of energy, having some relative stability and being manifest…And in fact beyond that ocean may be still a bigger ocean…the ultimate source is immeasurable and cannot be captured within our knowledge.” —David Bohm

Our body is a living community of cells. Each cell within our body contains all the systems and characteristics of the whole: a digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, and so forth. We can conceive of our cells as a microcosmic reflection of ourselves. We can look at a single cell and better understand ourselves, just as we have better understood our world by looking deeply into its subatomic structures. The most microcosmic structures hold the imprint of the macrocosm.

How we treat one cell is how we treat every cell. If we feed our bodies unnatural, toxic substances, it will affect our moods, our work, and our daily existence in general. Likewise, in the reverse, if we invite stress and violence in our lives, it will affect our perception, our sleep, our digestion, and our physical state.

When we dismiss people, judge them harshly or act in hurtful ways, we suffer in our inner life, develop cancers or fail to achieve our dreams. Every little thing we do affects our whole being. When we eat poorly, it will manifest in our inner and outer lives. When we ingest fresh vegetable juice, reflect on nature, speak kindly and cherish the divinity in ourselves and our fellow man, every aspect of our lives will reflect that. I call this “the ripple effect.”

Thus, your body, which is a community of cells, naturally reflects the state of those cells. If there is harmony or disruption in the smaller community, there will be harmony or disruption throughout the whole. Like a rock tossed onto a body of water, everything that enters their body ripples through it, affecting every system, organ, and ultimately every cell. We are, after all, made mostly of water, and as bodies of water we conduct everything that enters our system.

Everything runs along the rippling stream of light energy. Our lives operate within it and it operates with in us. May you contemplate how every choice you make ripples throughout your whole body and your whole life. May you ripple with joy!

The New Beauty

Cleanse the heart and the body will follow. Cleanse the body and the heart will follow.

As an avid observer and anticipator of trends, I have noted a significant shift in what we find beautiful in our culture. Instead of continuing to value youth for the sake of youth and flawlessness for the sake of flawlessness, I find that as people “awaken” to the higher truths, they are starting to let go of commonly held ideals of external beauty in favor of (a) beauty that shines from within, emitting a fresh, natural glow, and (b) personal authenticity.

Any good art designer or plastic surgeon can produce a “perfect” image, based on the current trends. The new beauty, however, makes us feel good through and through. The hallmarks of the new beauty are clarity and love and light. With our New Energy Bodies, we will naturally blossom into enhanced beauties—both spiritually and physically!

I see my contemporaries preferring the company of those who are pure of purpose and of spirit. The people I think of as leaders are those who think for themselves and choose friends, dates and mates who embody this inner beauty first.

It may be hard to imagine this shift taking place as the world now stands. But I am certain that this is where beauty-consciousness is going. Being fake and made-up is about as attractive to others as a microwave dinner—it might photograph well on the package, but offers nothing life-generating or satisfying. An authentic glow, on the other hand, comes from releasing old patterns, aggressions, and fears and truly being yourself. This is the new “hot.” It’s up to you. Are you ready to sizzle?

Frequently Asked Question of the Week:

What are the “power foods” that will really rev up the body?

Culturally, we have been trained to believe that we can fuel our bodies with “power foods” as we would fuel a car with gasoline or charge a battery with electricity. However, this is not how the body works. While some foods—like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, animal fleshes (with their hormones, adrenaline, and food additives)—have highly stimulating effects on the body, they only provide a false charge that leaves the body depleted and craving more. Then there are the heavily marketed “health” offerings and “power-foods”—such as fish oils, algae, vitamin supplements and drinks—that offer the hope of a natural energy boost. These, too, are misleading. Here’s why…

To heal and energize the body, we must remove the obstructions that are blocking our natural energy flow. In other words, to “rev our engines,” we must remove the waste that’s baked into our cells and blocking up our systems—not fill ourselves with more substances.

Our bodies are perfectly made. When we ask them to share real estate with the unfit foods and environmental wastes that do not fully leave the body and accumulate over time, our bodies fall apart. The secret is having open, clear pathways for free-flowing Life Force Energy. Remove the obstructions—and voila!—no “power-foods” necessary.

So, the next time you think about putting something into your body to energize it, think again. Eat in order to remove the inner blockages—simple combinations of quick exit foods for minimal digestive effort, with lots of veggie juices to support elimination through hydration and enzymatic activity—and you will feel your engine rev like you never imagined it could. You will also save yourself the headache and expense of trying to keep up with all the new “power-foods” and supplements that deceive most health seekers.

Highest harmonious vibes to you,