Let Your Life Force Energy Flow

What is the detox life all about? Weight loss? Disease prevention? Looking gorgeous? These kinds of goals might have drawn you here initially, but they are only part of a much bigger picture.

Today, as you contemplate a more whole and connected you during this change of seasons, let’s consider detoxification in terms of Life Force Energy. The purpose of cleansing is to remove blockages so that Life Force Energy can flow freely through open pathways in the body (intestines, blood, meridians, brain synapses, etc.), igniting and animating you as nature intended. Here are a few steps you can take to open up your body to this experience:

1) Release tension through awareness. Take a moment to feel your body. Your jaw (is it clenched?), your mind (is it chewing on endless to-do lists and worries?), your chest (is your breathing shallow and truncated?), your neck (is it tight)? Believe it or not, simply holding tension in the body will hinder the flow of Life Force Energy. To alleviate tension, practice raising consciousness of your body. Just focusing on your breathing will release tension. Don’t worry or be disappointed with yourself for holding tension—just acknowledge it. Several times a day, follow a mental course throughout your entire body, watching for tension, releasing it, and opening yourself up to the flow of Life Force Energy.

2) Practice gentle lengthening and “folding.” So many of you either spend hours “working out” in ways that waste energy and increase tension or remain sedentary all day. Your muscle tissue needs to be flexible to let the Life Force Energy flow. Waste cannot be “burned off.” A beautiful body cannot be created by weightlifting. In fact, regular and prolonged aerobic exercise will age you rapidly by overtaxing your adrenals and exhausting you (I will expand on this topic in a future blog). Take time as often as possible to stretch your muscles gently. I recommend “folding,” a term I use for the following exercise:

1. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you.

2. Lift your back, neck, and head up and out of your “seat” from your lowest vertebrae (your root chakra), lengthening through the crown of your head as you stretch your arms and hands forward, parallel with your legs and feet.

3. Stretch as far as is comfortable. (The goal is not to go all the way forward, but to open up the blockages by increasing flexibility. You can also do this while standing).

All forms of yoga will help increase flexibility and open up blockages. Once you have achieved this, you may strengthen your body through anaerobic (preferably not too much aerobic) exercise, such as sprinting and some weight-bearing activities, but do not compromise your form (length, posture, flow) by clenching up or getting too competitive, which will only bring back the tension.

3) Do all that you can to remove the waste that you’re awakening. These cleansing actions, along with a cleansing diet, will activate the colon and fill it with more waste. In addition to colonics, I recommend eating baked beets, which are delicious and brilliant for the bowel. Bake a few whenever you can at 350 degrees for 1 to 3 hours. The longer they stay in the oven, the better they will taste, and they’ll also be delicious served cold the next day! I am also a huge fan of pure, whole leaf, raw aloe, which is terrific for anyone with (or even without) bowel issues. The only brand I have found to be up to scratch is Herbal Answer, which is available in most health food stores. It is expensive (about $26 per bottle) but well worth it. You cannot overdose on aloe and you will see how quickly and effectively it works. This is great for people who are just starting this lifestyle who have lots of animal protein sitting in their intestines. It is a painless way to lubricate and loosen it up for elimination.

4) Once you reach a more advanced level, stick to a maximum of 2 meals a day. If you are truly committed to health and vitality–and have fully transitioned gently away from mainstream eating habits, which can take at least 6 to 12 months, and in some cases years–2 meals a day should be the maximum you consume. More than that is just excessive. Juicing until lunch, having a raw salad with avocado for lunch, and then a properly combined meal at dinner is the optimal routine (again, this is not for beginners, who will hit emotional and physiological pitfalls if they attempt this in the first year). This ensures a mini-fast each day between dinner and lunch, which works wonders for your physical advancement. Systematically eating less ensures that you pass more, so you avoid the sluggishness, putrefaction and proliferation of bacteria caused by over-consumption.

Don’t be afraid to make your mid-day meal a winter-fruit lunch. The low-sugar winter fruits (citrus, pears, and apples) are great and safe for almost everyone except a Candida patient to enjoy. Make them your first solid food of the day to avoid the fermentation that occurs when consumed after a cooked meal.

Keep in mind that this is a way of life, not something you do for a week or a month. You can only live fully—with maximum joy, inspiration, and life-generating experience—in a clear, clean body, flowing with abundant Life Force Energy.

Friends, this is what living the detox lifestyle is all about!

Over-consumption + Under-elimination x Time = Accumulation

What is the real culprit behind aging, weight problems, and illness? Accumulation.</em> Namely, the accumulation of substances, mostly from the foods we ingest.

When you see a wrinkled, heavy, tired-looking 60-year-old person, you should know that he/she do not look this way because he/she has gone around the sun 60 times. Time alone does not age the body. Don’t confuse time with accumulation. The average 60-year-old today reflects 60 years of over-consumption and under-elimination, whereas the average 20-year-old reflects 20 years of the same. Again, accumulation, not time, is the culprit.

Your physical (and mental) signs of age, weight, and illness are all a result of the substances you have taken into your body over your lifetime that have not fully left the body. Over-consumption always leaves a residue (much more than you might think). This is why supplements and so-called “detox” products—even the highest quality ones—cannot remove accumulation and make you well. They only provide the potential to eliminate. Until you have copious bowel eliminations or profound skin eliminations (deep sweats), you have not detoxified.

A 60-year-old can look as young as 20 if he/she has the same degree of accumulation in the body. If a person has spent his/her years eating only what is needed and eliminating fully, using colonics as necessary to support complete elimination and prevent accumulation, he/she will be perfectly youthful inside and out.

Let me explain “the journey of waste accumulation” to help you understand how accumulation takes place and how easy it is to clear…

From the earliest months and years of life, substances begin to enter the body that do not belong there. These sludgy foods (particularly infant formula, cow dairy, and grain) move slowly through the intestines.

At first, the young, able body holds up fairly well against these obstacles, but eventually there is too much mucus and drying waste sitting in the intestines. The child may still be eliminating a bit, but is consuming too much unfit food to overcome the congestion, which gradually gets worse.

When the intestine gets too backed-up, the waste is absorbed into the tissues of the intestinal walls to make space. Where does that absorbed matter go? Into the blood and organs that lie on the other side of the intestinal walls. The matter begins to circulate throughout the body, eventually landing and nesting somewhere. This happens continuously from this moment forward. With every bit of intake, the full intestinal path struggles to keep the pathway clear by absorbing the putrid waste that is obstructing the flow. Some of it passes out the bowel while the rest is absorbed. Thus the assembly line of waste marches on over time, and you’ve got a serious case of accumulation.

Now look at your body: look at your cellulite, your wrinkles, contemplate that lump or other aberration deep inside you. These are symptoms of the accumulated waste that landed where it was never meant to go, clogging pathways that need to be clear to help you stay healthy, youthful and lean.

You were never meant to eat those unfit foods, let alone in those quantities. And now you have diabetes or eczema or asthma or osteoporosis or cancer and there are doctors and researchers scratching their heads over a cure.

The cure is simple: accumulation got you into this mess, and removing that accumulation is the only thing that can get you out.

The modern approach to finding a “cure” for cancer will fail until the true cause is acknowledged: accumulation of physical substances and emotional pain. But the average person would rather seek a cure outside of him/herself than challenge the conventional modes of eating and living—even if it means dying. It’s madness!

I see my beautiful friends aging before my eyes, getting diagnosed with all kinds of sickness. Yet most of them fail to look at the accumulation in their bodies and choose to take the prescribed drugs, which will only make matters worse.

Contemplating the return to physical perfection is not for the faint of heart. It means eating simply and cleansing the bowel for as long as it takes to self-heal, and then making it a permanent lifestyle choice.

Of course, the joys and rewards are indescribable. It is sheer liberation if you can be brave enough to face the issue of over-accumulation and correct it. Clean the colon and large intestine through enemas/colonics and Quick Exit eating (which I describe at length in my books) so the emptied intestine can pull back all the other waste from throughout the body for elimination.

Day after day, you will remove more of all that accumulated waste as it makes its way from the nesting grounds in the cells and tissues back into the colon and out of your body. Your body is always seeking to do this. You need only give it the chance through Quick Exit eating and a clear, receptive colon.

Then, just kick back and observe how every elimination leaves you younger looking, slimmer, and less symptomatic of your ailments until you are perfectly functioning and beautiful at last!

Rejoice, my friends, for we have finally debunked the myth of aging!

Just Say No to Laxatives!

Hello Angels!

I have received so many emails from you who, in your keenness to cleanse your intestines (which is great), are getting suckered into buying one of the myriad “cleansing” products on the market today (not so great).

There are innumerable different brands, but they are all similar in concept and ingredients. I know how seductive these products’ claims can be and how tempting it can be to try a short-cut method instead of undertaking colon hydrotherapy. These products are cheaper and promise to do the same thing. But please do not be deceived by this! Herbal and chemical laxatives only irritate the intestine, and the fiber products only fill the body with matter (psyllium collects ten times its weight in waste, which cannot be passed without a colonic).

Here is what you need to know: herbal laxatives (cascara sagrada, senna, etc.) and chemical laxatives (such as magnesium sulfate used to prep for colonoscopies) can only clear a minutely small, narrow pathway in the intestine. They do not clean the colon—they just help to release a significant amount of matter, which fools people into thinking they are clean when, in reality, so much more matter is still caked in the intestine.

It’s a bit like a really messy room. You need to walk through that room, so you clear a pathway—this is all the magnesium sulfate (or senna, to a lesser degree) does: clears a narrow pathway. You cannot compare this in any way to the deep hydration and full release of waste matter from the intestinal walls that occurs with a series of good colon hydrotherapy sessions.

Now, don’t be fooled by a pink, “in the clear” colonoscopy. This does not mean you’re not deeply impacted. The colon is made up of layers upon layers of tissue, like a sponge. Just because the visible layer is clear due to the laxative effect of the magnesium sulfate, it does not mean that the intestine is clean. The waste is stored in the layers—and once the layers of tissue fill up, the waste ventures into the body at large. In an effort to maintain equanimity in the organs, the body keeps pushing the accumulated waste into tissues that can manage it—those become your cellulite, your asthma, your eczema, your pimples.

If you have physical imbalances of any kind, you are holding waste in your cells and tissues. The deep impaction is there—even if it doesn’t show up in a colonoscopy. Yes, waste settles in the intestines, but it’s everywhere else too by the time you have a colonoscopy. You must awaken the waste through a cleansing diet and eliminate it through gravity method colon hydrotherapy.

Colonics and home enemas (though the latter is far less effective, as it only clears the lower bowel) are the only viable alternatives to professional gravity colonics. Laxatives are not an alternative at all. In the case of serious constipation, you might use a product called Natural Calm to help loosen some of the matter, but that is the only product that I’d recommend as safe, and only for the short term.

The best thing you can ingest to support your bowel is pure Aloe Vera juice, but unfortunately, most of the Aloe juices on the market are ineffective. The only one I recommend is Herbal Answer, which comes in a white bottle and costs about $26. It’s worth it! I recommend mixing in a little stevia to make it palatable. You’ll love the results and should see improvement as soon as the next day.

The only way to cleanse your body is to cleanse every cell in your body. The cells throughout your body can only release waste matter for elimination if the intestines are able to receive them. For this, we first need a clean, clear, receptive large intestine/colon. So we must clean the colon first, then we can have a chance at the rest of the body. Every time the colon empties, more waste from throughout the body—from the cellulite in your thighs to the corrosion in your arterial walls—can be released.

Here’s to life in a body flowing with pure Life Force Energy! I love and bless you all!