Sovereignty Among Chaos

It’s as if there are two worlds vibrating in the same space right now – the world on the brink of war, directed by hypnotic media, government and commercial messages, doomed to incurable diseases and the world on the brink of bursting consciousness, of awakening to the remarkable destiny of the human being, surging with light!

The former is still in a reality we could call the “dark age,” one that leads to self-destruction. The latter is moving into a new reality, “the golden age.” This golden age could also be called a “golden state” because it exists when life (or an individual) is attuned with the pure Source energy – the heart of creation, the original energy (also referred to as “God” or the “Universe) from which life expresses.

Like radio stations, many different “realities” can occur simultaneously offering infinite wavelengths for one to tune into. We have always been able to elevate ourselves to our full human potential, but never before has there been such a strong impetus to do so. The implications of the dark state have reached a critical point that, like an alarm clock, have stirred the hearts of many to take action either personally or communally to find solutions.

In today’s world all free people have a very distinct and final choice to make – to either live in darkness, which basically implies becoming a slave to a sub-human paradigm or to follow a path of “bread crumbs” – of “truth vibrations” and ascend up and out of this common, dark consciousness in order to attune with a frequency that harmonizes with the vibration of Source.

In fact, I think the most important task for us all is to elevate our frequency to harmonize with Source. Doing so will ensure everything else in our lives is protected – a bit like calling “safe” in a game of tag.

There are so many forces vying to vampire our energy, our attention, all of our resources. Many will allow theirs to be leached and thereby lose all their power – these are the ones who will unwittingly subject themselves to big Pharma medicine, who’s minds will grow dim and dull from years of hypnotizing media, who will have non-functioning bladders and cancer-ridden prostates and spend their lives in depressing jobs to pay debts on things they never needed. These are the inevitable effects of submitting to the social norms of our day. The unwitting person is so easy to steal from and the media, government and commercial enterprises take full advantage of this vulnerability as they use everything in their arsenal to keep the masses in the unwitting state.

I don’t say this to be scary or dooming. It’s just that if you are attuned to the common station, this is how it is. Happily, this is not the only choice you have, that frequency is not the only radio station in town! You have always been able to attune to Source. That is your home frequency – what your being resonates with best, and you will know it to be so when you feel it. When you achieve that experience (which, like cell cleansing, is a visceral experience that you will undeniably feel on every level, not some ethereal concept) you will have another choice to make – to create a life in sync with the Source energy that will enable you to remain attuned to it or to attune to your previous frequency or something in between. The greatest beauty and the best choices will come from your most consistent attunement to Source energy. However, as you attune more consistently with this extraordinary sensation, you may go in and out of it for some time. That’s perfectly normal. As you hold these higher, harmonious frequencies longer and longer you will eventually achieve the supreme state of holding it, even as you move through the world with all it’s seeming ups and downs.

All the practices and principles we underscore at DetoxTheWorld are tools for elevating and harmonizing your frequency with Source. The raw green juices and dietetics that magnetize the old waste up and out of the cells, tissues and organs and the colon cleansing protocols help the physical body become less dense so it can vibrate higher and higher with more life force (Source energy) conducting through it. If you’ve experienced it, you know that electromagnetic energy surging through body is sheer bliss! Attuning with Source through meditation, dissolving your cultural programming through recapitulation exercises and increase awareness and then changing everything you are ready, willing and able to change to reflect this awakening work all serve to attune you in this way. Consciously attuning with Source energy is will make and keep us sovereign, enabling us to actualize and maintain our full potential as creative, loving, self-governing humans.

The practices of transitioning into a highly raw food diet, of drinking green juices, of meditating, of raising “life-force” families are far from ends unto themselves – or even from serving the physical body alone. They are all done for the greater interest of this noble attunement.

It’s also important to appreciate that if one wishes to be healthy, it is not enough to eat raw food, drink green juice and have a clean colon if one is otherwise attuned to the dark culture. That is why some people struggle with their lives even when they do these things to the letter. More and more, as the world dives deeper into chaos, those who wish to have full sovereignty (health, mind, spirit, relationships, creativity, etc.) must attune with Source. The downward pull has never been greater and without the frequency around and within you to prevent it, it’s inevitable that you will be pulled down with it.

The attuning of our being (with it’s multiple fields – physical, emotional, mental, etc.) is our greatest protection from the downward spiral that would make us slaves to commercial and political enterprise at the cost of our health, power, fertility and mental sovereignty.

When you undertake the practices that develop this harmony in place of the dissonance, you will own this sovereignty and appreciate that there is nothing more important you could own. And yes, you will also see that your body has been transformed, that your illnesses are no longer a part of you, nor are your old inclinations toward jealousy, greed, self-absorption. They will merely serve as memories of what a low, inharmonious vibration creates.

Rather than harboring fear and/or anger over the world’s descent into chaos, keep your eyes and heart on Truth and move toward it until you are fully immersed in it. There in you will find nothing but beauty, protection, inspiration, life and love. Enjoy the journey there – every green juice, every mediation that brings the bliss into your cells, every ring of truth through your body and every time you recognize the higher choice and make it!

All Love,


DetoxTheWorld exists to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to become harmonized with the Source energy and enjoy the fullest expression of your beautiful life!

It’s as if there are two worlds vibrating in the same space right now – the world on the brink of war, directed by hypnotic media, government and commercial messages, doomed to incurable diseases and the world on the brink of bursting consciousness, of awakening to the remarkable destiny of the human being, surging with light!…

After the Transfiguration

In the last installment of our transfiguration discussion, I described how any living being is one great interconnected organism, conducting life-generating force through its every cell–be it a microbe, a plant, an animal, an insect, a human, or a planet. This interconnected network is conducting living-light energy and promoting the evolution of every single living organism within its larger context, whether we are conscious of it or not.

But our level of consciousness does determine how much of the generous flow of life force we actually receive from this energy network. If we’re not consciously connected with it, we are doomed, like fish out of water, to struggle for basic sustenance. To exacerbate matters, when we cut ourselves off from the conducting network, we consequently also harm all the organisms and living systems that we interact with. Our lack of support triggers the demise of our fellow organisms, and that negative ripple effect triggers a continuous downward spiral into collective non-viability.

We are all dependent upon each other to maintain life-generating conductivity. Our failure to participate, to help conduct positive energy, causes all living things around us to degenerate. For example, when we cut down trees, we receive less oxygen, robbing ourselves and other oxygen-dependent organisms of our most basic sustenance. When we pollute the air, we breathe in unnatural amounts of carbon monoxide, which causes system-wide disease. When we spray methane gas on the plants we eat, we feed ourselves the very toxicity we have introduced to the earth, creating cancers instead of bringing nourishment.

The result leaves humankind gasping for life. However, our culture is so far removed from unity consciousness, from honoring the true source of our health and happiness, that we are like fish out of water, flapping and struggling and gasping for air, feeling that something is missing but not sure what. What is missing, of course, is the ocean.

How do you show someone who is hypnotized that he is hypnotized? You can’t. You can only present information and exercises that may help to dissolve the mental lull. Just as some are more easily hypnotized than others, some are more receptive to coming out of it than others. This is what the art of transfiguration offers – an opportunity to awaken from the hypnosis!

The process is purifying. It lifts the veils of misperception, clearing the way for true perception and self-actualization. When the hypnosis is broken, you can see for yourself what life is made of, you can recognize that you are designed to be a vital part of a much larger network, and you can start to reconnect with it. Seeing is the biggest leap, because with sight comes understanding, with understanding comes resolve, and with resolve comes the courage to defy the herd mentality that has led us astray and journey back to the Source.

So the goal is reconnection. Reconnection brings deep healing and, ultimately, full self-actualization: full awareness of what’s real, of what we are made of and capable of, and the ability to act accordingly. There is nothing more life-affirming than to awaken to the beauty and power of this living-light network. It’s like flipping a switch and awakening from a nightmare of doom and gloom to a whole world of possibility. This is the purpose of the art of transfiguration. Transfiguration is not an end unto itself. It is a pathway out of hypnosis to clarity.

This is why I have been like a dog with a bone on this topic. I feel this awakening from the nightmare is the most essential undertaking for us all now. If we don’t wake up, we’ll spend the rest of our lives in a losing battle with disease, weight gain, mental illness, and countless other modern ailments. We’ll forever be like fish out of water, gasping and flailing about on the floor of a boat, when all we ever needed to do is jump back into the water, which is all around us!

Transfiguration is not about becoming someone else or turning into something else. Rather, it’s a way to return to our natural element, to reconnect with the Source, to tap into its healing energy and wisdom. The goal of transfiguration is to awaken from hypnosis, to begin to feel whole again, and ultimately blossom into a full human being.

From this perspective, you can see yourself more clearly; the impulse to judge and blame falls away; forgiveness of others and of yourself comes more easily; and you calmly see the difference between the way you used to perceive the world and how you see it all now. You become, in a word, sane.

Declare Your Interdependence!

Now that we’ve celebrated Independence Day, I’d like to suggest a greater event to celebrate – our INTER-dependence. But not as a day – as a way of life. Humans go through several stages of relationship on their course of development. First comes dependence – which we experience as baby and child when we depend on our parents and our community to keep us safe as we grow and teach us “the ropes.” Then comes independence, when we can care for ourselves and even teach the younger generation. Then, there’s this backward dysfunctional stage called “co-dependency” that unenlightened civilizations detour into called “co-dependency.”

Suckled on a worldview of self-focus or what I call “separation consciousness,” a civilization emerges that does not know how to truly love or contribute harmony. For them power through possessing is their primary lens through which they understand the world. They grow up self-focused, fearful and emotionally imbalanced. From this imbalanced emotional state they try to connect with others. But because of a misguided understanding of how relationship with others should work, they wind up offering the other something in an unspoken exchange for something in return. In this way, the relationship is not based on pure sharing but on condition: “I love you because….” or “As long as you (fill in the blank), I will love you.” (Or rather I will give you my time, attention and approval and my body).

Sadly, far from being a short detour, co-dependency is the typical state of relationship in our culture. This is true not only in romantic relationships but in friendships, family and business relationships. There is a great, empowering leap to be made across the chasm between co-dependence and interdependence. If this leap is made successfully, we find out true freedom. Whereas co-dependency is the downward, relationship-deteriorating spiral, interdependence is the way to life-generating relationships, the upward spinning spiral that elevates man on every level.

How do we make this leap successfully? First we must understand that the interdependent model is the model that all life thrives within. It is the model of the universe: unity among diversity. This means that each individuated being from the smallest microbe to the largest planet moves synergistically with one another. This means we embrace one another’s differences because the differences support the whole. It requires that we strive to be authentic and protect life so life can thrive. It promises that we are great in the truest sense when others are great in the truest sense; we are healthy when the least of us is healthy and if there is pain or suffering in some area of life, it will reach us in some way. It also means that where we have an unhealthy world-view or harmful attitude or take more than we need, we will suffer personally for that imbalance we have contributed. Simply put, all of life is interconnected. We can resist this truth and die from the consequences or we can embrace this truth and thrive!

How will we gain our true sovereignty as individuals and as a planetary community? When we celebrate interdependence and revere it every day of the year. This, my friends is the new frontier, the destiny we are divinely ordained to manifest, the call for today’s pioneers – pioneers who know that there is a greater gold rush to tap than the one in the mid-1800’s. The gold of the life-force gushing from the opening hearts of enlightened humans. Here’s to making that “Westward Ho” over the mountains of our misguided cultural programs and social conditioning and through the rivers of our emotional imbalances that have led us into co-dependence. Let’s shed those uncomfortable uniforms and have a new revolution for the kind of freedom that truly puts an end to the tyranny of our lives. Let’s declare our INTER-dependence!