‘American Yogini’ interview with Natalia

American Yogini talks to Natalia Rose.

My private practice and personal interest has always had a heavy focus on kids and family. Maybe it’s because I have two children myself, but I cannot help but be very passionate about feeding the younger generation and hoping that the ills that plague my generation and my parents generation will, with perseverance and care, be remedied through the enlightenment of my children’s generation. Obviously, there are so many levels at which correcting what I would call the “mutation” in our dietary evolution must be addressed: in the home, in public health, in school cafeterias, in commercial products and in social settings. Even though it sometimes seems an insurmountable task, all it really takes is getting parents and kids motivated and enthusiastic about embracing a natural lifestyle.

Here’s how to start:

• The first thing that we all can do is be an example through our own lifestyles. By truly living this clean, prana-filled life that you are all becoming more and more at home with, you become a beacon to other parents and families, to your children’s teachers, doctors and especially to other parents and parents-to-be. We do not always need to be vocal to be heard. We can simply live this way and raise up our own beaming, light filled, mucus-free little ones with the good sense of natural living and we will inspire others.

• We must practice what we preach to our children (or better yet, practice and don’t preach). If you do not believe in eating meat or donuts and other junk foods, you must stand up for this when you purchase groceries. We cannot feed ourselves one way and then stock the refrigerator and cabinets with junk food that goes against everything we believe in for the others in our home (children, family, extended family, visitors). Our home must be the embodiment of our lifestyle. However, there is a fine line between living what we believe and forcing them to do what we have chosen to do. We don’t want to oppose anything so strongly that we wind up creating an eating disorder in our child or rouse anger and rebellion in the home. We must proceed sensitively. What I have found helpful in this regard is:

• Set the tone in the home: I keep only healthy foods in the house so that if they have the occasional non-ideal item outside the home it is not a big deal because it happens seldom.

• Avoid nagging but do explain to your kids why you make the choices you make in your lifestyle and why you do things differently to what is common.

• Permit exploration: I allow my children to try anything they want when we are in restaurants. They can even order a steak if they want to. Nothing is forbidden but I will not bring animal flesh other than fish into the home. I will not handle these flesh foods as the act of killing and eating animals is not in my truth. My children and husband respect this and know that they are always free to have such foods in any restaurant anytime.

• Prepare as much of your child’s daily food intake as possible: I pack my children’s lunches so that their school day eating is natural.

• Give them a sense of independence around food: I always let them choose what they would like to eat at mealtime. I keep lots of ingredients on hand for sprouted grain French toast or spelt pancakes for breakfast, sunshine burgers or sweet potatoes or their favorite soups for dinner and their lunches are always utterly delicious.

• Make it a sweet thing: I make sure there are fun sweets and desserts in the house so they can always have healthy indulgences whenever they like

• Let freedom ring: my kids never have to eat if they are genuinely not hungry, they can have more of one food than another, they can go into the kitchen at anytime if they would like something; while I do encourage eating at mealtime and refuse to be a short order cook, children need to feel empowered to follow their own palate and desires, particularly to avoid a sense of the parent holding too much sway over their eating. You can wield more power if you can give them more power. It creates a necessary balance that makes them feel free yet keeps them healthy.

• Make healthy snacks accessible: I keep bowls full of delicious apples and bananas around for “fast food” that they will take frequently during the day. My son will reach into the fruit bowl and wind up eating 2 apples and 2 bananas every day like a little monkey. At 4½ it gives him a sense of independence to take it when he likes without having to ask for help.

• We are all well aware of the cancer and weight crises spreading swiftly among our children. Too many children are suffering needlessly from obesity, depression, ADHD, asthma and more easily preventable physical and emotional ailments. The only way to help is to first start with your home and your children, standing up to all that our government, commerce and social conditioning hopes we will ignorantly keep consuming: such as their “square meals,” milk products, meats and packaged, processed foods that are outright killing our children physically and stealing their spirits emotionally.

• Food, however, while a good place to start and surely a necessary thing to get right, is only half of the equation. The other half is healing the emotional scars and societal habits that make us overeat and gravitate toward unfit foods to begin with. Our children are eating out of pain, out of a sense of loneliness brought about by our modern way of living so out of touch with each other. Our primary endeavor as parents must be to stand as a safe haven of unconditional love for our kids. Instead, we typically project our own pain and criticisms onto them. Children today are inundated with parental, societal and peer-projected expectations from academic and athletic competition. They are further over exposed to the constant onslaught of stimulation from the media. The incredible amount of anxiety that comes from this gets channeled into food because food serves as a numbing agent – a place they can go for temporary, albeit false comfort. Once they form this habit in the early years it is very difficult and in some cases impossible to change it sending them into a lifetime food and weight battle that eventually manifests in dire health and psychological consequences.

The only solution

We need to find every way we can to bring them peace. We can do this through sending them the message of unconditional acceptance in every single interchange we have with them each day. We do this by recognizing our own projections and correcting them if they are harmful. We do this by creating a home environment that is soothing, gentle and loving. Switch off the TV, light candles and enjoy dinner together, encourage older children take a relaxing bath and practice deep breathing exercises. Go for long walks together. Children are intuitive and would rather be with you having a gentle time than being over-stimulated by some form of media any day. From this place of peace they will also choose more natural paths, including how they eat.

The only way to bring them the kind of peace they need to have truly productive lives that serve themselves and their community one day is by opening our hearts and giving them what is sometimes difficult to give – attention and dedication to changing deep-seated habits and casting off deeply encoded cultural programmings about what matters, what is healthy and what it really means to be a good parent.

Once you find the bliss of peace that comes after you face up to the truth about how to best serve your families you will unleash a whole new spirit in the home that will shift the whole family unit into harmony and set the stage for health and well being in every area – from the kitchen to the classroom and beyond.

Natural eating, in turn will keep them calm and in sync with their inner selves and ultimately lead to better relationships, more creativity, better choices and a better sense of their place in the world. It is a healthy cycle that once begun feeds and sustains itself effortlessly.”

Ideas for healthy lunch bags

• Sprouted grain sandwiches filled with: Avocado, goat cheese and Dijon mustard Raw nut butter and pure fruit spread or raw honey Organic butter and raw honey Organic butter and pure fruit spread Sprouted grain bagels with organic cream cheese or organic butter Sprouted grain pita bread filled with nut butter and pure fruit spread

• Lara bars or other raw food bars

• Dried strawberries, dried pineapple or dried mangoes (unsulfured, no sugar added)

• Banana slices topped with cocoa powder and agave nectar

• Sliced apples topped with pumpkin pie spice

• To drink: Lemonade water: water with stevia and freshly squeezed lemon or lime

• All Organic Gourmet or Kollar cookies

• Raw brownies or other favorite raw food treat!

I personally keep lunches really simple: one healthy sandwich as above, a whole apple, a whole banana and a bar like a Lara bar or a whole grain cookie. This takes about 5 minutes to put together before school!

When it comes to feeding my family and advising my clients feeding their kids, I firmly believe in keeping it simple. Kids are usually happy with simple, natural foods. Don’t become too obsessed with perfectly combining foods for your kids either. Just make sure they are eating fresh, whole, largely raw foods most of the time and then you won’t have to worry about what they are doing the rest of the time.

I wish you and your family the most vibrant, love-filled lives!

Natalia Rose

Entertaining in the Raw

The Chalkboard Mag: Entertaining in the Raw

WHEN IT COMES TO entertaining friends, we save the soup to nuts dinner parties for the colder months.  Summer is all about lighter fare, freer table settings and a more relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re a raw foodie year-round or just like to dabble when the temperatures rise and appetites shrink, these two recipes from Natalia Rose are perfect for a little light entertaining!</span>

Both recipes, from Natalia’s most popular books Raw Food Life Force Energy, The Raw Food Detox Diet, are perfect as a quick menu for a night in with girlfriends or as dishes to add in to any healthy get-together. Get details below to win a copy of Raw Food Life Force Energy for yourself!



Recipe from Raw Food Life Force Energy. Simple to make, delectable to eat and easy to serve!


1/4 to 1/2 lbs mesclun or baby romaine lettuce

1 cup grape tomatoes, halved

1 medium beet, peeled and finely julienned into spaghetti-like strips

3 oz Alta Dena raw cheddar-style goat cheese, grated

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

NuNaturals stevia to taste

1 Tbsp diced sweet onion, optional

1/4 cup chopped fresh basil, optional

2 Tbsp chopped fresh oregano or chives, optional


Toss all of the ingredients together in a large salad bowl and serve!



Recipe from The Raw Food Detox Diet. Ice cream that isn’t ice cream at all. If you’ve never tried raw, vegan ice cream before, make this the summer you do!


3 bananas

3 Tbsp pure cocoa powder (I recommend Green & Black and Shiloh Farms)

2 Tbsp organic raw unsalted tahini

NuNaturals stevia to taste

6 organic dates, pitted, optional

3–4 cups ice cubes, about 14 cubes


Place the bananas, cocoa powder, tahini, stevia, dates, and 1/4 of the ice in a K-Tec blender, or other high-powered blender. Slowly add the remaining ice cubes, as long as the mixture is flowing and blending well. You may have to run it two or three times to use up most of the ice. You don’t have to use all the ice, just use enough to make the mixture thick. You may also wish to use a little coconut water to facilitate blending. Makes about 4 cups.

In & Out in NYC with Natalia Rose

The Chalkboard Mag: In & Out in NYC with Natalia Rose

IT’S THE EVER-PRESENT QUESTION OF city living, should we eat in or eat out?”

Either choice comes with its challenges for those of us making an effort to eat healthfully – especially if, like this month’s Guest Editor, you’re living in New York City! No matter where in the world you live, eating in means a whole lot of shopping, prepping, cooking and storing. And eating out means navigating menus, finding healthful choices and trying not to cause a stir!</span>

When it comes to the ever-pressing culinary question of ‘in or out’, we wanted to know: how does one of our healthiest raw role models do it? Natalia Rose is sharing her favorite tips for making either choice a bit easier, from the best items to stash in your purse to the perfect dressing to make at home. Whether you live across town or across the country, there is something useful here for everyone. As for take-out – eating out while in – you’re on your own!



Celebrate salad as a main course! You can add just about anything into a large bowl of greens and have a really enjoyable meal.

Trust yourself to make inspired raw salads without using recipes!


Instead of waiting til the last minute to gather your ingredients, keep all of your favorite pantry staples stocked up at all times.

What are your favorite seasonings, spices and sauces? Keep these ingredients at the ready and get to cooking! If you’re always stocked up on dry goods, you can keep the focus on really high-quality produce as you need it.


Learn what constitutes a good dressing. Always include an acid, a sweet and a fat to balance the palate.

Also, learn when not to dress your food: don’t over-season and keep things simple!




Avoid restaurant oils: ask for everything clean steamed and add your own things to it. Carry an extra lemon for dressing – and dark chocolate in your bag!


Make eye contact and be kind and honest with your waiter about what you are looking for. Don’t be pressured into eating anything you genuinely don’t want to – your body, your choice.

Order a double order of salad or ask for a steamed veggie plate – even if it’s not on the menu, most restaurants can quickly make you one.


Gemma, for the great vibe, Amaranth & Orsay for the Orsay Salad

More from The Chalkboard

New York Times: Rest the Tummy, Restore the Soul

Article from The New York Times


DIANA KOEN had a really bad day on Tuesday. She put in eight hours as a mortgage broker at a Midtown firm before spending an hour and a half stuck on the subway, and by the time she reached home it was dark. The garbage hadn’t been collected in front of her garden-level apartment, leaving a foul smell, and her daughter didn’t feel like taking the dogs for a long walk.

On top of all that, she hadn’t eaten anything solid for five days.

But as she waited for an apple-chard juice at Quintessence, a raw-food restaurant in the East Village, Ms. Koen, a slender blonde in her early 40’s, seemed blissful. The reason for her serenity, she said, was the fast – her first. For the past 48 hours, this former Zone-bar-gobbling carnivore had subsisted on a diet of fruit juice and vegetable juice, and for three days before that had consumed nothing but a mixture of water, squeezed lemons, Celtic Sea salt and honey. ‘’Not eating really hasn’t been a problem,’’ she said. ‘’I haven’t even been hungry. One time I was. But I ate a pinch of bee pollen, and it went away.’’

While millions of high-fat, low-carb devotees are gorging themselves on steak and butter, a small group of the body-conscious have opted to eat nothing at all. In the name of detoxifying their polluted bodies, these new believers – including mortgage brokers like Ms. Koen, fashion designers and Manolo-obsessed socialites – have joined a fasting corps formerly made up of the devoutly religious, raw-foodists and the chronically ill. They say 4 to 30 days or more of a regimen of fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas, blended soups and laxatives can cure what ails them – whether it’s an excess of weight, a pasty complexion or the vague stresses of everyday life.</span>

Stephanie Paradise, an owner of the New Age Health Spa in Neversink, N.Y., has catered to fasters since the 1980’s. ‘’It used to be that people who came in to fast talked about weight loss,’’ she said, ‘’but these days that’s just not said.’’ Now it’s about ‘’detoxing the mind, body and spirit.’’

Ms. Paradise said business in the spa’s fasting program has doubled since 1999. The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Ariz., run by Gabriel Cousens, a fasting guru, has had a similar increase. The We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., frequented by celebrities like Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck and Courtney Love and breathlessly covered in women’s magazines, is booked through October, ‘’something that never happens in the summer in the desert,’’ said Rory Legacy, the manager. The cost can run to $3,484 a week – to not eat.

Fashionable fasters have inspired a cottage industry in upbeat literature, including reprints of classic tomes like Arnold Ehret’s ‘’Rational Fasting’’ (1914) and ‘’The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fasting,’’ published last year. In one early standard, ‘’The Miracle of Fasting,’’ Paul and Patricia Bragg said ‘’fasting is easier than any diet’’ and called bleached flour the ‘’staff of death.’’

There are also nutritional consultants who coach fasters, appealing to vanity as much as to purity. One of them, Natalia Rose, organizes four-day fasting weekends for women, packing the days with massages and reflexology treatments. For inspiration she might take them to Barneys to remind them what it’s all for. ‘’We’ll create a whole fall wardrobe with them,’’ she said, ‘’so they’re focused on Narciso Rodriguez, not what they’re putting in their stomachs.’’

Stomach Acid and Detox Symptoms, Gaining Weight When Underweight

Stomach Acid and Detox Symptoms, Gaining Weight When Underweight (August 22, 2011)

Hi Ana,

I recently bought The Raw Food Detox Diet and read it with great interest. I have food allergy/sensitivity/intolerance and found that your suggestions of the unique “sequence to eat food” very helpful. It definitely helps me to identify the food that causes gas or diarrhea. Is there a good book to read about the topic above (IBS & sensitive GI system) and for weight gain? We would like to know more about gaining weight, not losing it.

Duyen and Tom

Hi Duyen and Tom,

Thank you for your email. Natalia’s methods of detoxifying the body address both weight loss and weight gain. When the body is clean it will achieve a cellular perfection that is reflected on the outside. This lifestyle balances and harmonizes the systems of the body to bring it to its ideal. If you have always been underweight the cleansing process will help you to achieve this balance, and if you have lost weight during the cleansing process stay patient.

During the process of deep cleansing and detoxification many men and women find that they have become leaner than they would like. This is part of the process for some people, and it doesn’t mean you will always stay so gaunt. When the body is flushing out so much old toxic matter it goes through a transformation. Some people hydrate so much waste that they feel a little bulky temporarily, and some people are able to release so much that they feel too small.

For weight gain you can embrace all of the sprouted grain products like the Ezekiel breads, and the Alvarado Street Bakery breads and tortillas. You can use raw nuts and raw nut butters, and plentiful avocado salads. Lydia’s Grainless Apple Cereal is perfectly combined and is delicious with fresh sliced bananas and coconut water. You could also use almond milk, or even water with stevia.

The following is one of my favorite recipes (taught to me by Natalia):

• 4 tbsp of raw sesame tahini

• 1/4 cup of water

• 2 cloves raw chopped garlic

• 1 small nob of raw peeled and diced ginger root

• dash of nama shoyu soy sauce

• stevia to taste

Blend these ingredients in a high-speed blender until creamy and pour over your favorite green salad. I like to follow this salad with the following desert:

• 2 heaping spoonfuls of raw almond butter

• 2 heaping spoonfuls of carob powder

• 1 bunch of baby spinach

• stevia and nutmeg to taste

Blend these with ice to make your own creamy green slushy.




Natalia, thank you for the books and the advice in them. I started the raw food diet about a week ago. I’m a Level 3 (borderline 4) and have severe stomach issues. Some of the raw fruits are making my acid worse 🙁 but I am keeping my chin up about the others. However, I feel sicker and worn out, no energy and my sinus problems have exacerbated. I am assuming it is part of the detox, but any recommendations for what to do or when it gets better?

Thank you, Joanna

Hi Joanna,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear you are feeling poorly! There may be more than one issue making your detox so intense.

First, I highly recommend that you read Natalia’s Detox4Women. I suspect that you probably have an intestinal yeast overgrowth and eating anything too sweet or starchy will aggravate the problem (even raw fruit and sprouted grain breads can be a problem). Sugars and starches feed yeast growth, and active yeast makes a true detoxification impossible. Detox4Women outlines a very simple approach that will be the most effective for you. Riding your body of yeast and fungal growth is essential.

Overconsumption of fruit is also making things hard on you. It will hydrate and mobilize a lot of old waste that may be too much for your body to move all at once. And then when you have more fruit, it awakens more waste and hits a road block. This creates gas, and the reverse pressure backup you are feeling when your stomach acid comes up.

A good colon-hydrotherapist would be able to move some of the waste that you have already hydrated and mobilized that needs to come out. And then using the Detox4Women approach would be the perfect approach for you.