Acidic Foods – Why Our Bodies Require Cleansing

Acidic Foods – Why Our Bodies Require Cleansing

What Have You Ingested Your Whole Life?



Processed turkey slices
31 Flavors
Milk shakes
Orange Julious
Milk Dudds
Candy corn
3 Musketeers bars
Milky Way bars
Hershey’s Kisses
Tootsie rolls
Dominos Pizza
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell
Bob’s Big Boy
In & Out Burger
Fruit Loops
Apple Jacks
Capt’n Crunch
Peanut butter
Frozen pancakes & waffles
Move theater popcorn
Diet Coke
Chocolate mouse
Birthday cake
French fries
Hubba Bubba
Dip sticks
Laffy taffy
Sour patch kids
Jelly beans
Public school pizza
Public school burritos (who knows what was in the filling!)
Microwave popcorn
Cheese & blueberry Blintzes
Corned beef hash
Nestle instant hot chocolate
Fat free frozen yogurt
Yoplait sugar-free 70 cal yogurt
Sweet ‘n low
Coffee mate
And so much more!!!
Need for Colonic Cleansing



This is a list of food items and brands that I consumed in the first 25 years of my life (and believe it or not, I grew up in a health minded home eating things like alfalfa sprouts and raw milk & kefir delivered by the local milk man). My mother juiced for us and made our lunches for school which were as basic as an apple and a whole grain cheese sandwich. Nevertheless all this other nonsense got in.
Ponder your intake. Really recapitulate the intake deep in your memory banks and I think you’ll be as shocked as I still am when I think of all that went in for so long.
Acidic Foods




The reason this is so important is because while we may forget the intake, the body can’t forget it. These acidic foods lock into the tissue, smothering our life force.
Now do you see how ludicrous it is to think you can you can do a 3 Day Juice Fast and be clean? Now do you see why so many colon irrigation sessions are necessary?
People often tell me they eat a relatively healthy diet. What does that really mean? Assumptions of what is healthy abound and are mostly totally misguided. I mean most people think peanut butter is healthy but it’s like eating fungus. What went into you in your first 20-30 years.
It’s actually positive to really recount and acknowledge the full weight of it all (allow the pun) because the truth will enable you to see where your symptoms are actually coming from.





Cleansing takes years of consistent right diet and colon irrigation. The more you awaken & release (remove), the more your life force returns and your symptoms are remediated. So you improve dramatically along the way. But when we really take an honest look at the quantity of acidic matter, we see why cleansing must become a wonderfully embraced way of life if we are to truly restore ourselves.
In days, weeks and months you’ll feel hugely relieved, energized, younger, leaner, and the shine & glow will come back to you. But with years of consistency, the tissues and organs will be so much more unburdened and you’ll really know what the human experience was meant to feel like.
Our bodies were never meant to be a burden. We put the burden on our bodies by [largely unwittingly] consuming the items in our culture which were never meant to be food for humans.
Feel free to put the recapitulation of your lifetime’s consumption in the comments.
Keep cleansing!
in loving service,
Natural & Pure

Natural & Pure

Sans Make up

At a time when the world has gone so fake and plastic and image obsessed, I’ve made the conscious decision to go the other way. I’m posting lately without any make up (tho I do love my lashes which are enhanced, full disclosure – but that’s my only enhancement). I’ve never used Botox or any injections and never will. I don’t bleach my teeth. I want the work I do and the principles I live by to speak and hopefully, in my ‘raw state’ to be more impactful. It’s also liberating and empowering to just be natural & pure and not need to be perfect. I realize my recent photos and videos look quite raw when contrasted with the polished professional photo images. Its been big for me to let a lot of my grays grow in without rushing to cover them over. I hope the hyper-fake-image-pendulum soon swings the other way and balances itself over the point of authenticity. It would really help people, I think, to drop all the artificiality. And at the end of the day, I am very proud of the work I do in the healing arts and I believe that speaks for itself. Remember ladies (& gents too): you are not dolls to be objectified and valued by some air-brush standard. Your soul is what needs to be beautiful. One thing I can say about these recent raw shots & videos is that I was extremely happy in the moments when they were captured. That’s what matters. Love your authentic truth!

Natalia Rose ❤️

Modeling the Matrix: Dispelling The False Light Codes* of the Fashion Industry

Modeling the Matrix: Dispelling The False Light Codes* of the Fashion Industry

The False Light Codes of the Fashion Industry


I was surrounded by fashion-culture from birth. My mother was very much into high-end brands and she loved to acquire beautiful clothes – for both of us. Weekends were almost always spent in Beverly Hills between Neiman Marcus and Rodeo Drive. By age 10, I already revered models and was a regular in the Neiman Marcus Children’s fashion shows.  I absorbed all of this and was given the message in a 101 ways that these clothes and the images of physical ‘perfection’ that modeled them were the absolute ultimate to which one could aspire. That message was a false light code created by the Matrix but instilled/installed by the people around me.


Well, let’s just say that this particular false light Matrix code would seriously warp me in time. I developed eating disorders in the extreme, my bedroom walls were covered in magazine images and I wound up with a shopping addiction later in my life.


Even though I came to terms long ago with how fashion and image idolatry seeded those debilitating conditions in my life, it was only through really waking up to the Matrix that I fully came to grips with what had happened to me and what was happening universally by way of the fashion industry. It was far, far more disturbing than I had realized before I saw it through the eyes of understanding the Matrix.


You see, the Matrix uses the things we are foolish enough to idolize to make us as weak as possible.


The ‘Anti-Energetic Force’ Behind the Matrix


Here’s the truth about what’s behind the fashion industry: it’s aim is to make you weak by celebrating perversions of the physique.  I used to think the reason the models on the catwalk were so thin was simply to best showcase the clothing. No. While that may be one small reason, the real reason is to condition people to become enamored by a sickly form that is unattainable without constraining life in the person and causing sickness. If you really think about how the Matrix operates and why these models are so thin and so young and androgynous its because those are the markers of the perverted Matrix:


  1. emaciated = sick,
  2. very young = they are driven by pedophilia; and
  3. androgynous = the nullification of gender/desecration of the Divine Creator.


These are three key markers of the ‘anti-energetic force’ behind the Matrix. They want you sick and revering sickness. The clothing itself is just a vessel through this end is accomplished.


It’s pure evil designed to make us fight with our bodies and ruin our health by yo-yo dieting and to reject our maturity and gender, both of which support our connection to our true power.


What’s behind the fashion industry is more wretched than you can possibly believe, not to mention the destruction the production of these clothes cost the earth and the workers who are cruelly forced to labor to make them in sub-human conditions. I realize that there are some ethical clothing manufactures in the world. But they are rare exceptions.


The reason I wanted to pull back the veil and single out what’s behind the fashion industry (when every industry is equally culpable in its perversions thanks to the Matrix’s master-plan to exploit and destroy us), is because the perversions have been so well hidden and need to be called out for all to see.


Why does the fashion industry idealize the grotesquely thin, extremely young and androgynous? Because they want to make you weak. You become weak when you revere something weak and perverse. It’s pretty clever but so dark and ugly.


It’s a category that has gone so deep into the grotesque without even really being noticed as such. Can’t let ’em get away with it any longer. See through it. Love your body, be strong and healthy and glow with your maturity.


Those false light codes had me hypnotized and blind to the reality for decades.  But I’m free now. It’s SO good to be free! There is greater beauty and true loveliness that honors the Divine Force of Life beyond those illusions and all the vanity that compels it. Oh Vanity…there’s a major false light code that I’ll try to address soon.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose


False Light Codes


  • False light codes: perversions of information that are programmed into you through brainwave entrainment, repetitive experiences and/or traumatic experiences.


The World of the Matrix


There’s a reason I don’t just talk about clean diet and give beauty & health tips. There’s a reason I harp on about the Matrix. The former would only enable you to be more comfortable in the world of the Matrix. It won’t get you out of the Matrix. And believe me, you definitely want out. You want out even if you don’t grasp it yet.


The reason I take these leaps to explain the Matrix-construct with you is because I want you to be truly free.


Natural Law of Mentalism


Without comprehending the Natural Law of Mentalism and how you’ve grown up in that sticky mind-web and actually con-formed with it, (grew into its shape), you will never know what you truly are any more than that dragonfly can know itself when trapped in the spider web. Hence the Delphic maxim: “First, know thyself.” This aphorism means nothing if you do not know what keeps you from knowing your true nature in the first place.


The Divine Mind


I know that to many of you it may sound like I’ve lost my mind. Yet, what happens when you ‘drop’ the Matrix-mind is you regain the light of mind intended for you – the Divine Mind.


I believe this is what Christ meant by needing to lose one’s life in order to gain it. We have to lose the false in order to regain the real. But it takes shining a great deal of light on the false to see that it is false when the false is instilled and installed in us as the real. The cognitive dissonance can be agonizing as one breaks free. In this way, perhaps think of it as birth pains. The pain, the struggle of restoring one’s mind has a great purpose if it is seen through. But, many who attempt it get sucked back in again.


I am also reminded of the passages in the Gospel where Jesus told his disciples, “I will make you fishers of men.” I believe he may have been referring to ‘fishing’ wo/men out of the Matrix construct, restoring them to their connection to Christ consciousness: the way, the truth and the light.


Some of you are utterly primed for dissolving the Matrix construct, despite the work it requires to bypass the natural cognitive dissonance and restore your natural state consciousness. Some of you cannot presently think beyond the Matrix consciousness. That’s okay. I do believe we will all successfully exit. I think the ones who are actively doing so will make the way clear for the rest. We will lift up and out as a human-unit. No one will be left behind.


Just remember, LIFE from the Creator is perfect and beautiful. It’s the Matrix that is filthy, as I explained in the last installment.


There is *Nature/Earth/Life and there is *the World. They are not the same thing. Let’s never confuse the two. Life is not the world. The world is the Matrix. The ‘Matrix-world’ is the ‘False Mother,’ or “Mother Culture,” as Daniel Quinn explains it in his classic book “Ishmael.” If you haven’t read it, definitely start there. Up & out!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose


Cleansing From The Matrix

Cleansing From The Matrix

Cleansing From the Matrix Construct


“How do we cleanse our minds/bodies/emotions from the Matrix construct?” This is the burning question for this installment.


To understand the Matrix and how to cleanse oneself of It, one first must understand that the Matrix is filth – literal filth. This is not my subjective opinion. This is a literal, objective fact based on Natural Law.


Filth is a factor of the decay cycle which begins with stagnation, progresses into calcification and ultimately descends into putrefaction where decay is bred and proliferates.


Divine Flow


Stay with me now: what is the opposite of stagnation? FLOW! The God-head/Source/Creator must flow through Its creation. But what if something happens and it cannot flow? Say there is a disconnect — a FALL FROM GRACE?! What would happen then?


Well, with no flow from Godhead/Creator to Its creation. the creation would stagnate and begin the decay cycle and NEED a source of ‘food’ or ‘fuel.’


You see, humanity is trapped within a Mind-field from the mind of an Entity that is IN the Decay Cycle because it ‘fell’ from connection with its Source. From this state of decay, this Mental field that emanates from It carries the signature pattern of calcification & decay.


This is the web that we become ensnared in and entrained to. It catches us and attunes us to Itself (it’s the law of resonant frequency). You’d have to be extremely attuned to the Creator Source to stand a chance of negating it.


Exiting the Matrix


So here’s where the plot gets thick and you are offered your keys out of the Matrix: everything in the Matrix is designed to cut you off from the Divine Creator/Grace/Source too. Everything that cuts you off from the “Source of the Force” (as I sometimes like to call the Divine Creator), takes your power. Your power is the quantum of ‘Force from the Source.’


Here’s the Master Matrix Exit Key: You can determine what you need to be cleansed of by identifying all those things that cut you off from your ability to receive the current of Divine flow from Source. That is true “currency.” Money and material exchanges are false light currency.  But I digress!


The quickest way to understand what programs, beliefs, activities, aims, etc. need to be released in order to be cleansed at-large and cleansed specifically of the Matrix is to realize that anything and everything that is marked by stagnation or calcification needs to fall away from your thinking, your actions and your feelings.


What are these things? Everything you’ve been programmed to believe! As you go through this list (and eventually commit it to memory) think about how each one arrests flow and causes stagnation, calcification and decay within you, cutting you off from your connection to your Divine Creator.


I’m sharing all of this freely because it must be public domain.  But it does no one any good just to intellectualize it. The chains of this false light must be dislodged by you so they eventually crumble and fall away (a chunk or so of chains falling away every day is good). You must do the work. It’s hard work! The adjustments to your being will be made while you sleep so get lots of sleep as you do this noble work!


Ready? Here we go. Pick it up, look at it as the filth it is –how it cuts you off from Source flow (flow=grow=glow) and causes stagnation, calcification and decay in you instead:


  1. False-light-Feelings are a major category of false light code programming that must be cleansed. These feelings/reactions are pure filth (cause stagnation/decay):


fear (the root cause of all the below)

self pity
















self-indulgence (laziness/lack of discipline/sloth)


(note the deadly sins listed here – they are deadly because they are literally the death/decay harbingers). The virtues that restore them should be studied equally (chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility).


  1. Values and Industries: Culture trains the above emotions into us through television and social mores but it also trains into us values from its various industries which are all sordid with the decay cycle. These inverted/perverted false-light industries are as follows:






Health care










There is nothing innocuous about any of these industries or their values. They each prey on our truth and cut us off from Divine Source. They each pervert a holy truth with a false light code. Think about it.


Now, for the most primal one:


  1. The Love Delusion: Discover how the Matrix has inverted our thinking around sexuality and love and in so doing destroyed family, divine sexual union and created imitations of love. It is heart breaking but everything we know about love, sexuality and family is inverted/perverted. Because of this we are brought into the world under sub-human conditions and subjected to unthinkable pain as children, despite how well-meaning our parents may have been. Under Matrix programming they simply passed the lies onto us. The perversions of love and sexuality, which have ruined the family, is the core way the Matrix keeps us locked in.


We cannot be free if we are under illusions of love and sexuality, if we are misappropriating them ourselves. We seal our doom through misguided sexuality and Matrix directed relationships which are based on objectification and exploitation.


Indeed, the world is awaiting a great sexual awakening but it is not the kind of sexual awakening people think of when they hear that term. The sexual revolution was just another descent into the grip of the Matrix. The Great Sexual Awakening is one that will grip each person with the reality of the effects of exploitation and objectification and sensory gratification. It will clarify the meaning of sacred union and require long periods of abstinence for healing and resetting.


So what has to happen is the tracking of what I have listed above. You have to reflect on every item I mentioned and see what cuts off your connection with Source and makes you think and express instead like the Entity emitting the Matrix-web that has caught you in It grip, choked of your power-Source.


The only way to cleanse this is to first understand that it is filth and why it is filth (literally) and that collusion with it will seal your doom to be like It and meet the same fate It will soon meet — death.


If you want out, you cannot merely intellectualize it and grasp it academically. You must stop colluding with the feelings, values, industries and misguided/inverted/perverted directives around love and sexuality. You must catch yourself mid-feeling, mid thought, mid action and stop it. Otherwise you will be sealed off from the Godhead/Divine Creator’s Flow.


Until you are out, you are a sitting duck, a fish out of water.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose