Hear my Keynote Address Today at the Freedom Kitchen Summit!

Hear my Keynote Address Today at the Freedom Kitchen Summit!

The Freedom Kitchen Summit: Are you in?


Hi everyone!


I just wanted to remind you about your invitation to join us today at The Freedom Kitchen Summit!


Click here to sign up


This summit is going to be seriously useful if you’re looking to:


  • Learn how to detox your kitchen and your life
  • Find ways to nourish your body, your mind, and your future
  • Connect with a community that cares about clean and conscious living.


This event is a mastermind of experts coming together with solutions to take back our freedom, throw away the toxins, and help our families thrive. 


Because when we know better, we do better.


And we really need to do better! So if you want to make a change… I really recommend you sign up for this. Because this free event is jam-packed with simple steps that we can ALL take today… for a healthier tomorrow.


Free registration here


And if you’re still undecided, look at it this way: you sign up for free. Plus, upon registration you get access to lots of great free gifts. 🙂 And, you don’t lose anything by checking it out.


In loving service,




PS: I’m keynote speaker at this great event and I know you will love this! Sign up and watch for free right here.


Real Power

Real Power

Real Power Comes From Being Truly Alive


Real power does not come from doing things as per the status quo. That, by contrast, is where power is leaked.


The will of the ‘little programmed self’ is not your best lobbyist. Real power comes from being truly alive, rich with the current of life force flowing through you from the Supreme Network of Life – which can only happen when you are aligned with the Supreme Network of Life.


From The Supreme Universal & Natural Laws


Register for this free knowledge today 🙂


In loving service,



Register Today for the Freedom Kitchen Summit!

Register Today for the Freedom Kitchen Summit!

Hi everyone!


Freedom Kitchen Summit


Don’t miss my keynote address at the Freedom Kitchen Summit on Wednesday August 25!


Ask anyone if they would like to be healthier with their food choices, and the answer is going to be yes. Nobody consciously decides to make a habit out of buying ready-made, packaged meals, but… life happens. And when you’re holding down a job, household, a family….convenience can take precedence over health. 


We don’t even realize that we’re becoming more factory to table than farm to table. We don’t realize the terrifying amount of chemicals packed into these ready meals. And we definitely don’t realize the effects that our choices are having on our future.


But what we buy determines what stores will stock.  If we buy more organic food:


  • Stores will stock more organic food.
  • The fresh food industry will be infused with more financial support,
  • Ethical, family farm businesses will thrive
  • We’ll be feeding our families good clean nutrition
  • The future of the planet will be brighter.


Unfortunately, we don’t buy more organic food. We buy more fake food with toxins. Therefore:


  • The stores stock more fake food.
  • More money is injected into the fake food industry,
  • Factories create more chemicals to put into our products,
  • We continue to (unknowingly) feed our families toxins
  • Those toxins go back into the earth, and the future of our planet? Bleak.


It’s time we all had a conversation about how we can become more conscious consumers, eat healthier, and live better. 


And I’m speaking at an event that is going to do exactly that.


It’s called The Freedom Kitchen, and it’s a 5-day virtual event that’s for everyone who knows there is a problem and wants to work on a solution. 


Health and nutrition experts from all areas of the health food industry are teaming up to talk about how we can turn this mess around. 


We’re bringing you simple, practical, applicable advice on how we can:


  • Keep it clean in a toxic world
  • Eat our way to better mental and physical health
  • Create a conscious, chemical-free future for our children.


Click here to sign up for free.


You’ll also get a ton of easy, healthy, tasty recipes from top healthy eating chefs, plus the event features live cooking demos for ALL the family.


It’s going to be educational, it’s going to be relatable, and it’s going to be life-changing. It is information you need right now. Join me and the rest of the wonderful speakers to get closer to your own soul force.


I really hope I see you there!


Here’s the sign-up link again:


Register NOW!


In loving service,


Natalia Rose

Extreme Green Lemonade

Extreme Green Lemonade



(makes 1-2 servings)




1 head romaine lettuce

1 head celery

1 cucumber

5 to 6 stalks kale (any type)

1-2 whole organic lemons (you don’t have to peel it)

1 to 2 tablespoons fresh ginger (optional)



Process the vegetables through the juicer by admitting one vegetable at a time through the mouth of the juicer.


FROM:  Extremely Green Detox Course

The Enlightener

The Enlightener

Watch this short video to learn about the Enlightener


Release the Waste


This is the work that champions do – we release the waste!


While the rest of the world is putting all of this waste into their body, you’re releasing your garbage!


Even if you follow the perfect diet, if you don’t remove the waste then you’re not solving the problem. It’s like using perfume to cover up an odor – you need to get rid of the cause of the odor!


And this is why regular colonic hydrotherapy sessions are so important.


You can do enemas at home in your own time with the Enlightener, and we’re so happy to announce that Enlighteners are IN-STOCK! They are in New York and ready to ship to you anywhere in the world!




Once you place your order it will ship immediately and I, Natalia Rose, will personally be on-call to help you with any questions you may have getting going with it!


Happy expunging all your old waste and living a beautiful new life in a clean-celled, radiantly healthy & beautiful new body! It’s the greatest health and beauty secret there is!


In loving service,