June was truly a magical month of inspiration–the culmination of which was the launch of my new e-book, The New Energy Body. It all started with a much needed 10-day juice fast to officially transition my body into summer. The amazing thing about fasting is that no matter how good you feel during a fast–how light, clean, and high on life, you will feel even better in the weeks that immediately follow the fast.

Why? The organs–having enjoyed a huge rest from digesting and processing food, and experienced deep elimination of old cellular wastes that had accumulated in their tissues since the last fast–are finally liberated to function again at full tilt. And the skin, well, it just glows! Whenever I want to have a 14-year-old’s complexion, all I need to do is fast for a few days! (Botox is a crude substitute!)

This tells us so much about how the body really functions and its true source of power and health–the natural renewal and unimpeded electromagnetism in our cells! In other words, our glow and perfect health come not from what goes into the body but from what comes out. All you have to do to confirm this for yourself is to undertake a juice fast with colonics or enemas for a few days. You will see that, although you have consumed no solid food, energy flows through the body and radiates in amazing quantities. At an age when common consensus would say I should be losing my glow, my skin tone, and my metabolic function, they are all their best–and yours can be too. And it’s free to boot! So sit back and watch nature give you the most beautiful makeover that money can’t buy as you are healed and transformed from within.

Just to clarify, however, I do not recommend other methods of fasting, such as the Master Cleanse, pure water fasting, or lots of fruit juice fasts, as these all have drawbacks. And fasting without thorough bowel elimination is a huge mistake that I hope you will avoid by arranging for a well-qualified gravity-method colon therapist to treat you every few days. If you are in New York City, I urge you to try to get Gil Jacobs, the master colon therapist himself! You can reach Gil at 212-254-5279.

I wish you all a blissful summer in a body where clean cells, fresh foods, and fresh living are the order of the day. May the green juice flow and your whole world glow!

Your friend in the radiant light,