Great Body


So you want a great body? A truly great body begins with internally powerful, clear COMMUNICATION! Communication is dependent upon biological INTEGRITY.


Unfortunately, the norms we are directed to live by cause massive, constant interference in our internal communication networks. This results in our bodily integrity deteriorating day by day! Not a great body.


The only way to have a great body (which is firstly a body whose functionality is great – and then the cosmetic appeal will come) is to restore brilliant internal communication processes.


Restoring Communication to the Body


How do you restore communication to the body? You remove that which disrupts the communication of the body. You remove the radiation, mold, parasites, heavy metals, chemical poisons, environmental estrogens which are all stored in the waste matter that you can readily access via the large intestine through correctly administered colonics and enemas (where a clean, largely green vegetable diet is also applied).


From there, greatly reduce any continued intake that would either reintroduce those crass substances listed above to the body or any substances that might be mis-named “food” which only act as food for rogue microbes.


Increase your rest, deep sleep, oxygen intake and peace and you will naturally and effortlessly rise in consciousness as an added benefit to this truly great body you will have!


A truly great body starts with cleansing and comes online when communication and integrity throughout are restored.


1. Start with a daily fresh, raw cold-pressed green vegetable juice (free of fruit-sugar – for example, ask for “no apple”)!


2. Regular monthly colon cleansing (or more frequent intervals, as you progress & experience the results) by a skilled, reputable colon hydrotherapist.


In loving service,