Jennifer writes, “I know that IUDs are not ok, along with the pill.  I currently have an IUD, and am wondering what a good alternative method of birth control is.  Also, my husband is not into the raw food thing.  He’s eating healthier along with me, but I don’t expect it to go very far.  Do I need to protect myself against his toxins during sex?”

Birth Control is a hard issue. For myself, I choose not to put hormones into my body. They have interfered with my weight, skin, mood, and almost every aspect of my mental and physical health. But this is a very personal decision, and I can never make it for another person. If you choose to use oral contraceptives, IUDs, or Depo-Provera shot just please carefully understand what you are putting into your body.

If, like me, these options will not work for you there are several alternatives, and none of them are perfect.

Pull-Out Method

This is where a man disengages in intercourse right before he ejaculates.

Benefits: no harsh chemicals are involved, and if perfectly timed this can help prevent pregnancy.

Risks: pre-ejaculatory fluid does contain some sperm so there is a risk pf pregnancy. This method does not protect against STDs, and it interrupts a very powerful intimate moment.


Benefits: a range of pregnancy and STD protection in the 90%s (depending on the brand, just carefully read the label) and orgasm can still be achieved during intercourse with no interruption. A clean/detoxing partner will also be protected from a more toxic partner’s ejaculation.

Risks: there is always a small percentage risk for both pregnancy and STDs, and latex, lubricant, and spermicide and act as irritants. And lets face it, it just doesn’t feel the same!

Rhythm Method

This is where a woman times her cycle by taking her temperature to determine when she is ovulating and can more easily become pregnant.

Benefits: when done perfectly, women can understand their body’s natural cycle to the point where they know which days are safe for intercourse, and which will result in pregnancy.

Risks: this method is very tricky to master on one’s own, despite numerous guide books and websites. And it is not effective in preventing the spread of STDs.


There is a cool new product for helping you to get in touch with your Month. I’ve been using it for some time now, and really liking the results. It’s called the Lady-Comp, and was actually recommended to me by a community member! It is a German engineered devise with a smart-chip that is programmed with over 20,000 cycles. It acts as an alarm clock, to take your base temperature before you start to move around and really wake up. It then gets to know your cycle, and is able to indicate green days (safe for sex without pregnancy), yellow days (it cannot be sure, proceed at your own risk) and red days (ovulation days). As it gets to know you there are only 4 red days a Month, and the manufacturers claim it is 99% effective if used correctly.

Risks: you will misuse or misread the lady-comp, and it also does not protect against STDs.

Benefits: It will adjust for time zone changes, altitude, ambient temperature, and really does get to know you quickly! It has a 15 year warranty, and can last on battery alone for up to 30 days. Also, it can be taken as carry-on on a plane (it’s quite small).

For me, the best way to go is a combination of my Lady-Comp ( for more info) and condoms for those red light days. But again, this is a personal decision for you and your partner that should be well researched and agreed upon. It is true that some clean eaters can be irritated by the fluids of less clean folks, but condoms can sometimes produce the same effect. It’s a matter of choosing the highest comfort level for you and your partner.

Andy asks, “How does popcorn combine, and is it part of the Detox4Women program?”

Popcorn combines as a starch. I do not recommend it too often for women who have weight to loose, or who are already eating cleanly. It is not one of the foods listed in Detox4Women for several reasons, but there are plenty of other movie-going snacks that you can enjoy. And occasionally satisfying that popcorn hankering won’t get you into trouble if you do it right.

The issue with popcorn (and any other dry starchy snack like potato chips) is that it is yeast and fungus feeding so it will not allow a yeasted woman to progress as quickly as she’d like. It is also extremely constipating, and so not really a quick-exit food. If you would like to have it once in a while just make sure it is in company of a big raw salad. And a wonderful clean alternative is puffed kamut, which has a similar texture and crunch.

For the movies, my favorite thing to do is to stop at the grocery store on my way and sneak in my own snacks. I like to get crudités (like carrots, celery, and bell peppers) and guacamole for dipping (sometimes these are too crunchy for a quiet movie!). Or I will make cabbage leaf rollups with raw goat cheese and Dijon mustard. Olives and cherry tomatoes are also wonderful, especially during a pre-dinner movie.

These foods will pass through the body quickly and cleanly, as much more alkaline, high-vibration, water-rich options. And I find them to be much more satisfyingly crunchy and delicious!