We feed the fire, we increase the fire when we bring in extra prime oxygen – the more oxygen, the more the fire will flame and the bigger our primal power breath will be.

This is an extract from my course, A Life of Power.

In this intensive training with me I will:


  • Teach you all about POWER and ENERGY and how to recover, harness, conduct and increase IT, transforming every aspect of your life.
  • You will literally become a cauldron of the most benevolent, life-generating power. This is not power to shy away from – it heals, it feeds, it inspires, it creates. It is the food of our being and a life without it has undermined the human experience for thousands of years.
  • The time has come for those who are ready to live fully to connect with as it will change everything for you!
  • Dispel the falsehoods around modern illness: acute, chronic and degenerative disease and provide a clear pathway with tools and directions for correcting physical imbalances for you and your loved ones.
  • Teach you the laws of relationships so you can have the most outstanding relationship experiences in your life – with yourself, friends, work associates, family, romantic love and sexuality.
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