Are you leaking your voltage?


Acidic substances rob healthy electrons from the healthy atoms when they enter your body. It’s the diminishing of your alkaline reserve.


You need a certain level of voltage in the human body to maintain a healthy state of being… if you don’t maintain that level of voltage then we weaken. So it stands to reason that as we leak our primal power, we are leaking our voltage and so we weaken.


If you can start to think about how acidic substances come in and leak your primal power, and how alkaline substances come in to donate primal power, you will start to find a connection there.


-Extract from my Course, A Life of Power.


In this intensive training I will:


  • Teach you all about POWER and ENERGY and how to recover, harness, conduct and increase IT, transforming every aspect of your life.
  • You will literally become a cauldron of the most benevolent, life-generating power. This is not power to shy away from – it heals, it feeds, it inspires, it creates. It is the food of our being and a life without it has undermined the human experience for thousands of years.
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  • Dispel the falsehoods around modern illness: acute, chronic and degenerative disease and provide a clear pathway with tools and directions for correcting physical imbalances for you and your loved ones.
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