You know how a thick, juicy sweat will dry on your body within minutes after a serious workout if you don’t jump in the shower pretty immediately? Well, that is what the waste you awaken, if you’re merely eating a highly raw, green-centric diet without following it up with consistent colon irrigation, will do; it will resettle back into your tissues.
It’s pointless to awaken waste and not release it. It resettles over a few days and then either you bake it back into your tissues or you keep awakening and reabsorbing the same waste if you persist with it.
Smart to awaken! Not smart to fail to release/remove what you’ve awakened.
It so happens, I took this photo (of a photo) at the gym at Le Fontainebleau after a big, sweaty workout.
I would never sweat and not shower nor would I ever awaken and not release/remove.
The water most people think they need to be guzzling needs to be sent in (or rather up!) the other way.
Your face is a mirror of your colon. Pretty much everything in you, on you and flowing through you (emotions and thoughts included) are a mirror of your colon. I hereby invite you to the fine art of un-stuffing yourself! 💩🪄😉