Adding Seeds Nuts and Grains Again, and Detox Symptoms (November 16, 2009)

Christianne writes, “I have been following the Detox 4 Women approach to cleansing for four weeks. At what point do you recommend adding nuts, seeds, and grains back in to the diet?”

Answer: Let’s look at all the facts about nuts, seeds, and grains before we talk about the best way to incorporate them into the lifestyle.

First, we know that for women (and many men) the starches in grains other than millet, quinoa, and buckwheat are yeast and fungus feeding. And weight loss and true cleansing cannot take place while the yeasts are systemic (throughout the body and not just in the intestines).

We also know that in order to get our bodies clean and joy-filled we have to create conditions where waste can be quickly and easily alkalinized and moved out of the body. Nuts and seeds have a density that blocks or slows such movement.

I would never recommend adding these things back into the diet of a woman who still has significant weight to loose, or who is dealing with illness or extreme fatigue. Basically, if your body is not where you want it to be, why slow down the process?

If, however, you want a once in a while “cheat”, or feel that your body is lean and clean and humming, and you want to add a bit of variety, lets go over the hierarchy. For nuts and seeds, smaller is better. For example, choose sesame over almonds. In fact, a nice sesame tahini dressing over a properly combined salad can be a nice “off-the-wagon” treat.

For grains, we go in order of acidity and starchiness (read; glueyness) so your millet, quinoa, and buckwheat are best, followed by the cereal grains like spelt, kamut and amaranth. Then come the sprouted grains. But watch out for your combination rules with the sprouted grain breads, as many include nuts, seeds, and even soy. Women especially should hold off on the denser and more starchy grains that are lower on the hierarchy, like oatmeal and rice.

For someone who has been working the lifestyle for some time nuts and seeds, and grains, can be used intelligently in a body where the yeasts have less of a hold, on occasion, and properly combined. They should be eaten in the company of a big raw water-rich alkaline salad, and only at the end of the day. I say “in someone working this for some time” because they can also be used as a transitional tool for men and women with a large amount of weight to loose at the beginning of their journey. For someone who has already progressed quite far, they should not be regarded as a bridge to cleaner eating, but instead incorporated seldom and with care. Always notice what is happening in your body, as well. Are you holding weight? Having increased symptoms or cravings? Time to move back into the regime we know and love and treat yourself to a giant avocado salad and buttered yams.

Q: Stephanie writes, “I have been following your program for nearly 1 1/2 yrs. I have lost forty lbs and have recently started having hives, first in one place and then in another, for five days now. I’m assuming it’s a detox symptom. Can you give me any advice on how to help speed up the detox or get rid of the symptoms? They’re driving me crazy! Thanks heaps.”

A: Skin rashes tell us different things depending on where we are in the detoxification cycle, and also where we are in our lives. For a woman beginning her transition, skin issues point straight to yeasts and fungus issues. And even adding too much in the starchy grains and sweet fruits department can strengthen that yeast again, even for someone who’s been doing this a bit longer.

For a woman later in her cleansing, one of two things is happening. Even after a lengthy cleansing period, like your own, there is still quite a bit of toxic matter in the body. Layers upon layers upon layer of toxins, and byproducts like fungus and yeasts, bad bacteria, and carbonic gas. You are most likely doing so well that you’re hitting another layer of the deep stuff. At that point the move is to make sure that you’re able to remove everything you awaken; so keep the detox process nice and steady by making sure to include your cooked dinners, and use colon-hydrotherapy as your most powerful tool for waste removal.

And the last possible culprit is really the first place to look; possible environmental impact. Is there a new air-freshener testing facility in your neighborhood? And is you home and work life painful or especially stressful right now? Keep in mind that a harmful emotional situation can be just as toxic as unfit foods.

To recap; you’re dealing with powerful yeast, new deep layers of cleansing, or an environmental situation that needs to be addressed. Go through your checklist, and if the diet has been done well you haven’t fed yeast and fungus. If you’re getting regular colonics and not detoxing too quickly this new layer will be up and out and over with. And if there’s something in your life that needs attention it’s time to find the courage to look your best friend, or boss, or moldy shower right in the face.