Which foods are most alkaline?


Basically there’s a hierarchy of alkalinity. At the top of the food chart is green juice, the greenest juice being wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass and then medicinal greens such as dandelion, watercress – those are all super alkaline. Then you have your dark leafy greens and then green vegetables like romaine, celery, and cucumber.


Why shouldn’t people just drink a huge glass of medicinal greens like pure kale?


If you were totally clean and it wasn’t going to hit any obstruction, you could do it without throwing up but it would still be like, “Whoa.” If you have obstruction and a pure medicinal green juice hits that obstruction, you will feel terrible. Because it’s just so kinetic and so alkaline and it’s going to have a chemical reaction with whatever is sitting in between. But you want to get the benefits of it. So, it’s no reason not to do it, but it’s about doing it by diluting it with the other stuff too.


What comes after raw vegetables?


If we lived in an indigenous place with wild fruits and vegetables, then fruits – in terms of kinetic energy life force and alkalinity – would fall right after green vegetables. But fruits today are hybridized. There is so much sugar in them, they are picked prematurely, and they are in trucks to get here and they’re full of fungus. As our world becomes more acidic, that which springs from our world is more acidic because it’s saturated in acid rain and acidic earth.


We talk about in Detox for Women how a woman is becoming so much more of a home for yeast and fungus. Well, the same things have happened with the fruits. You’ll notice that with every generation of fruits, every season, you’ll find that they are of a lesser quality. It’s the frog in the simmering pot. You don’t notice it, but if we were to flashback to the early eighties and go to a fruit market and taste that fruit, it would be totally different.


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