All Hail the Cheese Grater!

The cheese grater is an amazing and versatile tool. There are so many delicious dishes you can prepare in no time using a cheese grater and a little elbow grease. (And don’t be afraid to put those kids, hubbies, or hot dates to work!)

First, I always grate my Alta Dena raw goat cheddar for salad. And I often prefer zucchini “elbows” to spiralized “spaghetti” when making a pasta dish. You can just coarsely grate fresh zucchini or summer squash and make either raw or lightly steamed “pasta” to top with pesto, marinara sauce, or just a little butter and sea salt. And don’t forget the grated raw goat cheese.

Doris also showed me that grated cauliflower and jicama are fantastic raw grain stand-ins. Bring on the cauliflower tabouleh and jicama sushi rice!

And grated veggies add a density to salads that will really help you to savor those big, raw piles of greens. Grate carrots and beets to make a lemon-stevia slaw, or cucumbers as a perfect accompaniment to a juicy salad.