Salad to Go!

For a refreshing salad to take to work, to school, or to smuggle into a movie theater, look no farther than the produce section at your local supermarket. And I don’t mean piles of vegetables that take time to chop, peel, and grate (although we do love to prep with passion when we have the time). Most markets now carry fresh and delicious guacamole, pico de gallo, or salsa, and Belgian endive. Simply pile these dips onto organic greens, soak with fresh lemon juice (and a couple drops of Stevia, which you have stashed away in your purse or glove compartment) and scoop it all up with endive leaves for my favorite version of a taco salad.

Ana’s Sass

I am always happy to see women starting the journey of detoxification. Whatever gets your foot in the door, you can be thankful that it has brought you here. Let’s face it, most of us arrived at this point because other methods of weight loss have just not worked, and we want to look and feel our very best. We use skinny jeans, scales, mirrors, and comparisons to decide whether or not we’ve arrived, but those standards of measurement fail us again and again. It’s time to take a look at ourselves in a new light. Our bodies are not accessories. They are not symbols of wealth, status, personal power, or self-control. Being thin is not the new black.

Here’s what I’ve noticed: women throwing their bodies in front of each other like they’re the season’s hottest and most expensive handbag, or feeling inferior because their friend has a newer or better model. I’ve found myself thinking, Why can’t I have that slim-hipped, long-limbed shape that is so much more classic?! As if a body type indicates someone’s refinement or tastes.

For so long we have protested the objectification of the female body. But change starts with you and me! I will not treat my body as a status symbol or let it make me feel inferior as a person. I will not let it put me into competition with other women. My body simply moves me around the physical world in an unencumbered and joyful way. If we take the pressure off of ourselves by no longer treating the body as material possession, but instead an integral part of us, we can move forward.