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Detox-Friendly French Onion Soup

Oh, how I love French onion soup! It is so easy make, and follows a big raw goat cheese salad beautifully.

• First, chop up and sauté 3 large Vidalia or Spanish onions with some diced garlic in a small amount of butter and water until they become clear.

• Add 3 cups of water, rosemary, sea salt to taste, and a splash of red wine.

• Allow this to simmer for as long as you can stand it (30 minutes is perfect).

• Add stevia to taste (traditional French onion soup is quite sweet). Then pour your soup into a small ceramic baking pan, top with grated goat cheese, and pop it into a hot oven (preheated to 450°F) for about 7 minutes.

• Your soup is ready when the cheese is golden and bubbling.