Sunday Soup & Salad Prep

Sunday afternoon is the only time I spend at any length in the kitchen. Prepping for the week helps you stay on track, and keeps meals easy and low-pressure. You can even make and freeze your juice for the week if it’s your best option! My clients who juggle three kids, a hubby, and a full-time job use this tool. Here’s what I like to prepare:

•Slow-roasted beets (at 325°F for 2 hours) in their skins for goat cheese salads

•Small containers of diced veggies (like a shredded carrot-cabbage medley) with lemon juice and sea salt to fill out salads throughout the week

•A big pot of neutral-veggie soup (like onion, garlic, cayenne, basil, carrot, beet, and zucchini stock) to top with goat cheese or have with a sweet potato

•Doris’s Sweet Potato Ice Cream, a simple puree of baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon and stevia to taste (freeze, and then pull out 15 minutes before you want it for perfect scooping consistency)

This way you can open a box of greens, cover it with goat cheese, chopped veggies, and roasted beets, and follow with a warm bowl of soup. Or you can use avocado instead of goat cheese, and follow your soup with delicious homemade ice cream. All in under 5 minutes!

Ana Ladd-Griffin is our Natalia Rose Institute Senior Counselor. Her one-on-one consultations provide her private clients with a personalized nutrition regime to achieve optimal health and weight.