I rarely feature a full-out endorsement for a book in this blog space, but I’ve just read and digested what may just be the clearest, most revelatory, and most helpful books on modern relationships for our time. The book is called Grant Me A Higher Love. It’s written by gifted mystic and counselor Cindi Sanasone-Braff, whom I’ve had the great pleasure of communicating with over the phone and hope to meet in person as soon as she is nearby on Long Island. I was moved to call her immediately to thank her for this great contribution that will no doubt bring about greater states of relationships for all who open their hearts to her teachings.

This is one of those very special books that you will not be able to put down and that will forever change how you view relationships. It removes old lenses and enables you to see relationship dynamics with radical clarity. This is a book that anyone at any stage of relationship–romantic, platonic, or familial–should read. I cannot recomend it enough. I know you will enjoy and benefit!

Here’s to higher love,