Switch from Cow’s Milk to Nut Milks


As many of you have probably heard, the excessive farming of almonds (largely due to to the skyrocketing increase in demand for almond milk) is decimating the honey bee population.


What we must understand is that switching from cow’s milk to almond milk is only good insofar as we come to realize that the intake of milk at-large (cow’s milk for cows, monkey milk for monkeys, human milk for humans) beyond weaning age is not appropriate nor part of the design for our bodies. If we must lean on a temporary milk substitute as we transition away from poor social dietary programming, then sure, nut and seed milks are an excellent choice (ideally prepared homemade – but if purchased, stick to those without additives like the sugars, thickeners and oils added to most package nut milks).


Decrease your Consumption


The deeper cause of the decimation of the bees is over-consumption. We must come to terms with the fact that the fully grown adult needs very little food. Most people resist that fact because they are so used to consuming so much that they fear they will not survive or be happy on less. Our bees are asking us to please stop the demand and consume minimally.


It’s pointless to be vegan and yet still over-consume. That’s actually a kind of hypocrisy.


Americans are used to guzzling milk – by the glass, in their cereal, coffee, etc. Switching to nut milks does not give one carte blanche to drink the stuff by the glass or use it in quantities traditionally associated with cow milk consumption. Switch from cow milk to nut/seed milk, yes! But switch off the regular need for a milk-like substance ultimately. Let nut/seed milks be a treat, not a regular thing.


in loving service,