Your True Self


In order to be Yourself – your True Self, not your Matrix self – SO much must be cleared away. All that you absorbed from the Matrix-mind has to be shown the exit.


Yes, be yourself! But in so affirming that expression, be sure you first know the difference between who YOU are and what you’ve accepted as ‘you’ (the big, real YOU vs the programmed, Matrix created distortion little you).


Authenticity comes only after knowing the Matrix-mind & and the insidious false coding it inserts into us and clearing all that falsity away.


Authenticity is just like true cleansing – it only happens when the obstruction leaves the body. It is not hypothetical. It is actual.


May we all get to our authentic truth and relish in the fullness of that divine Spirit. Let us gain the sight we need to bring ourselves back from the Matrix-mind so we may truly be Ourselves!


in loving service,