Beating Your Addictions


Overcoming our addictions is the hardest thing any of us can do, but you have to give it everything and believe in yourself. You also need support from those around you, and you have to do it little by little. It also shouldn’t be a process that sees you exerting a whole lot of effort and not getting results, so don’t fall short by not making the effort to do your colonics as part of the process of overcoming any of your addictions.


Do as many as it takes, because colonics play a key role in removing the waste from your tissues, which is essential for completing the process of beating an addiction. The matter has to leave your system.


It’s basically an exorcism… we’re exorcising all these entities and all this stuff that is growing in your sacred ground. Once you appreciate that this is your sacred ground and you fully undertake to remove that which has desecrated your sacred ground, then you will have results.


in loving service,