My Big #1 Bedtime Tip


I keep essential oil of cinnamon bark & essential oil of peppermint at my bedside & bathroom so if I wake up in the night I can put a tiny drop on my tongue, thereby enhancing my oral hygiene throughout the night. Also a super trick for having superb breath upon rising! Keep it close by for close encounters.


Cinnamon Bark and Peppermint


These two essential oils are ideal for internal use. The way I use them is- I literally place my tongue to the top of the vial because any more than a tiny bit is toooooo much. Quantity of application is critical. Cinnamon bark is intensely heating, while all the mints are intensely cooling. They are both great all day & anytime (particularly good mid-training too).


The nighttime dosing is a highly sophisticated way of keeping the oral cavity and digestive tract pathogen free, fresh & hygienic over night while most people’s oral cavities are expunging muck with no defense!


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Tomorrow: Bedtime Tip #2!