Direct Sunlight


Bougainvillea need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight everyday to flourish like this. I love this sight. I lay beneath it each morning when I take my direct sunlight. It’s a feast for the eyes.


Leave the Artificial World


We can re-sync with the natural world, set aside our worthless, artificial constructs and all the false Matrix ideologies that convince us to buy into them. A better life lies beyond the world. The world is the Matrix. Life is the living Earth. We can choose. But we may not always be able to choose. The world’s ‘walls’ are closing in…those are the walls of false authority, dogma, perversions and inversions of both self-care and self-awareness. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of walking away from the artificial world. It’s like returning to your true, loving mother after being raised by Medusa.




This is a moment of great opportunity. Don’t buckle under fear and stress. Live a life of dignity. You are not a slave, a subservient underling, an obedient robot; though the false authorities parading around have done well to try to convince you that you are.


No, you are a dignified human- with a strong immune system – and the most incredible innate technology within you of any being known to this solar system. You are perfectly made in the image of the Supreme Creator, the embodiment of that perfect, pure intelligence.


Light and Space


You are like this flower, exquisite & extraordinary in every way. Be wild. Be free. Flourish. Humanity must not be oppressed, suppressed and kept in the dark. Flowers of this caliber need loads of light & space. Imagine, then, how much light & space you must need?!


in loving service,