How does purification = strength?

How does purification = strength?

So let’s talk about how purification = strength….
Purification and strength, when properly understood go hand-in-hand. Purification is a means for strength. Strength comes as a result of connection; increased connection creates the threads of integrity. Never has there been a time when our personal, physical, mental and emotional strength has been more necessary and yet, never has there been a time when our strength on all these levels has been more threatened.
If 22 years of studying health and practicing regeneration has taught me anything, it is that purification is a prerequisite to real strength…now I’m not talking about illusions and imitations of strength like big beefy muscles and steely buildings or an iron fist. I’m talking about the Force Of Life, the power that comes from the Origin of Creation, that surges with its Infinite Intelligence through life. When this Force is unimpeded it creates the greatest strength we can fathom – the integrity of the atom, the astoundingly dynamic systems of the human body, trees, mountains and rainforests, not to mention the multi-layers of atmosphere protecting our earth and inner-spheres that run right to the core of this extraordinarily strong planet we call home.
1. Where does all this strength come from?
2. How is it diminished and how is it restored? That which is true for our planet is true also for ourselves.
When we understand the answer, we have our answer and our action plan set out for us. So herewith, the answers:
1. This strength comes from the energetic origin point of life which is pure Infinite Intelligence, it is the SOURCE of all LIFE. It expands throughout all creation (if it’s not impeded or suppressed), delivering its self-same energy to every cell and atom of its physical and non-physical expressions, lending strength in countless forms to all that live with its intrinsic integrity building quality. YOU are every bit a central recipient of this magnificent substance and strength is the signature of the Force running through you. Many of you have even restored yourselves back to being a microcosmic Source point all your own!
2. Life in all its natural forms is diminished (made weak) when this Infinite Intelligence stream conducting the Life Force from the Source is suppressed or obstructed. Life is restored to the degree that the suppression and obstruction are uprooted, dissolved, removed and ultimately stop hindering the flow of the Force previously blocked or interfered within themselves.
What I’m calling “purification” is the removal of that which suppresses and obstructs the Force. With that removal, the Force resumes its fast-conducting flow and the substance of it – the Infinite Intelligence — once again surges through the being – whether a person or a tree or a system like a rainforest or marine systems, atmospheric system, even, yes, relationships between people!
Purity is the state of a living thing (micro or macro) that is unobstructed and unsuppressed – uncompromised, unadulterated, untainted by artificial anti-life forces. Purity, by this definition, implies strength because integrity which is the hallmark of true strength exists and increases naturally under these unfettered conditions.
At this time where purity and strength are so compromised, we require conditions for the restoration of our many aspects. We need a state of mind, an energetic place of peace and high-frequency coherent energy to be immersed and surrounded by. Peace and order (defined as harmony, the anti-dote to chaos) are key conditions for most efficiently purifying the body/your being. We need sanctuary.
A ‘sanctuary’ where purification for the sake of restoration to strength can exist will strike the healing chord in you on every level. You must create that sanctuary for yourself by prioritizing peace, purification/cleansing and strengthening.
Purification brings restoration of our body, mind and heart’s blueprint. Beyond this restoration lies the opportunity for regeneration, where aliveness surges through the whole system, bringing about a higher order of your being. And within regeneration is the divine glow of resplendence – literally, the brilliant, splendid, bright, shining light! So when you talk about the light — light is pure and strong and it cannot be one without the other. Let’s light it up with purification and strength by making sanctuaries of our lives: a constant state within all of our days and moments. — NR
Losing Weight, Exercising and Cleansing

Losing Weight, Exercising and Cleansing

Lose the Weight Before You Begin Rigorous Exercise


If you are interested in losing weight and you want to exercise, please understand that it is unwise to do heavy exercise like running or cycling when you are carrying a lot of extra weight. It is SO much smarter to start cleansing and focus on walking, light dancing, light yoga, moving on the gym machines like the elliptical trainer and such until you lose a good deal of your excess weight.


Cleansing Initiates the Weight Loss Process


When you cleanse properly (per my books & courses), the weight practically falls off. Exercise is very important but it will only age and jar the system, creating injury (that’s often unrealized immediately) when it is done when one is carrying excess weight. Lose the weight and then jog, run, cycle, do MMA or whatever you like. Pushing your body to run, jump and exert when you are heavy is not good for you nor will it get you leaner faster. Get the cleansing going, drop the weight with consistent, strain-free movement every day. And then, you will benefit hugely from turning up the dial on your athletic challenges.




I see men in their 50’s with guts busting through their bike shorts cycling in packs on a Saturday morning and women carrying 30-50 extra pounds jogging and they are not doing anything positive for their bodies. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse – and the athleticism will be easy eventually. Don’t punish your body further when it’s already in jeopardy. The whole process of physical transformation should be graceful, easy, intelligent, and clearly effective.


Dehydrated Guts


And for goodness sake, leave the water bottles at home. If you cannot go for a jog without a water bottle, you should NOT be jogging. A healthy athlete does not need to have water or a caloric refuel for two hours at least. But most people exercising have dehydrated guts and poor life force flow so they are constantly rendered dehydrated and weak. If you are an athlete and you need water and caloric fuel then your daily intake is not working for you and your colon is blocked. You need to get honest about that and not cling to antiquated ways of eating. A truly strong person (meaning a person with great physical integrity) does not take powders or ‘energy drinks’ or bars or any of that bogus athletic stuff. We eat water-containing plant food – when we eat (which is not that often) – we drink green juice, we have a clear intestinal tract that is richly hydrated because we don’t eat dry, dead food and we thoroughly rinse our colons when needed.


In loving service,



How Much Sleep?

How Much Sleep?

Is it true that when you eat mostly raw food you don’t need as much sleep?

This question comes up a lot and I’d like to take the opportunity to set the record straight on sleep.

Here’s what cleansers need to know about sleep…don’t doze off now…


Purpose of Sleep


Let’s look at the purpose of sleep: the purpose of sleep is restoration and growth of the physical body and of the energy network of the body. This means that the extent to which new growth and regeneration are required is the extent to which sleep will be required.




Regeneration, a return to a life-generating state for all tissues and organs, including the brain, will be directly related to the extent at which the life-generating state of the body and energy field has been compromised. Compromise comes in many forms – but essentially it constitutes exposure internally, externally, energetically, mentally, and emotionally that takes one out of harmony (or acts upon us centrifugally). All disharmony (centrifugal influences) must be remediated in order for balance and harmony to be restored. This means all compromises must be PROCESSED. Sleep is where the necessary processing can happen. Therefore, the amount of exposure one has to centrifugal influences will be directly related to the amount of sleep one will require.




Now, you can imagine, that after a lifetime of centrifugal, compromising habits and engagements your sleep cycles should be very long and indulgent. When you start cleansing you will need a great deal of extra sleep. Post-successful deep tissue cleansing, you will require less sleep SO LONG AS you engage almost entirely in harmonious, centripetal activities: eating simply and minimally and remaining in a generally peaceful state. But maintaining such a high level of harmony in the modern world is very rare. Even those fully committed to the cleansing lifestyle are most likely interfacing with a world of catastrophic energetic patterns in the form of technological radiation, pollution and emotional stress.

Unless you’re living in your own little paradise without any of the drama of everyday life and relationships, work demands and myriad daily challenges that most people face, you will still need a good deal of sleep each night to remediate that gnarled up energy that has to be reordered overnight for you to be strong the next day, not to mention the restoration needed to regenerate your organs and clean your blood.

If you drink alcohol or smoke or consume starches, meats, nuts, oils or over-eat or if you have a particularly high stress load, you will need even more sleep! The more acidic the compromises, the more sleep required to neutralize it all.

The more often you can sleep for long 7-8 hour stretches at night the better (even as an advanced cleanser). And if you need 9-10 hours, don’t question it — your body is likely processing something important so go with it. You’ve got decades of compromises to process and when you’re beyond that, you’ve got your lineage’s compromises to process.


We Heal When We Sleep


Sleep is a treasure trove of healing. ‘Beauty sleep’ implies a particularly long sleep stretch which means that all the necessary remediation and processing can take place and then leave ample sleep healing time for the extras like added tissue regeneration, eye brightening, increased cellular elasticity, younger-acting blood, hair and nail growth, etc.

Your sleep patterns will likely vary along your cleansing path. Those who are not sleeping much are not to be envied over those who are sleeping seemingly excessively. If you are genuinely sleeping soundly and at appropriate hours of the night (cat naps may also apply for some of you at times when required or enjoyed) then chalk it up to deep healing requirements and partake!

Remember, anything you put into your body or into your energy field will need to be processed. That can be a lot of processing if you add it all up. We live in a very stressful world with much to process and neutralize.

Some of you may be thinking about your animals as well. Why then do your cats and dogs seem to sleep all the time? Remember domesticated animals will need far more sleep than wild animals. Their diets are unnatural, largely starchy and dehydrated, and they are also having to neutralize the energetic fields and stresses that their owners are internalizing.

Now you can doze off!


In loving service,



Becoming  Your Own Surgeon

Becoming Your Own Surgeon

Benefits of Cleansing Your Cells


When you cleanse your cells and tissues, you become your own surgeon. The removal of the interloping blockages triggers a great re-knitting of the tissues to occur — something science only dreams of as it attempts to mimic such life-generating phenomena. At the very least, science has to go to great lengths to achieve something with entropic tissue that Life achieves with healthy tissue as naturally as breathing. (At worst, science has to apply immoral tactics to do so). So why not just remediate the tissue so Life can work its natural magic? (Ah, because that would entail discipline and lifestyle change).


Life is, by definition, regenerative. Only death/entropy requires questionable, convoluted, complicated apparatus. Again, for what? To mimic what Life does effortlessly on its own under the right conditions! Radiance, strength, purity, clarity, creativity, effortlessness. These are the fruits of your inner surgeon’s discipline & focus. It can take many days and hours in the operating theater. But there is great work being done — divine suturing, transcendent transplants, ineffable transfusions & cosmetic miracles.


Tip: It’s time, once and for all, to get over what the ‘beast’ in you wants to consume. Get over your lower impulses. They will just take you lower and lower. Find a way to love your greens. They are your “soap.”


Overcome Cravings and Impulses


Get over this idea that you are entitled to be satisfied all the time. Instead, try on the power of a bit of sacrifice. It’s healthy and wholesome to rise above knee-jerk desires. Don’t trust all those cravings that you are otherwise encouraged by the carnal, lost-world, to indulge in. They are illusions of satisfaction. Real pleasure and satisfaction will come to you as undeniably as the morning light.


Small but deliberate steps. Every day, a little more. You can be a great surgeon and regenerate your body. But there are no short cuts in the operating theater…no cutting at all in fact, just the release of the impediments to conductivity and then, natural reconnection. Remember that what it actually means to “deny oneself” is to discard the truth of what you are. That is a far cry from the common understanding of the term which is to fail to give yourself the indulgences you desire. In effect when you indulge your lower impulses per the latter directive, you are in fact, actually discarding the truth of what you are.


Be the Flame


You can become the light/the primal fire/the eternal flame or you can get burned by it. The eternal flame will go on either way, incinerating all that is not itself. True to itself, the eternal fire of light will always unapologetically and uncompromisingly flame on.


In loving service,



Life Force Energy

Life Force Energy

Power Foods and Their False Charges


Culturally, we have been trained to believe that we can fuel our bodies with “power foods” as we would fuel a car with gasoline or charge a battery with electricity. However, this is not how the body works. While some foods—like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, animal fleshes (with their hormones, adrenaline, and food additives)—have highly stimulating effects on the body, they only provide a false charge that leaves the body depleted and craving more. Then there are the heavily marketed “health” offerings and “power-foods”—such as fish oils, algae, vitamin supplements and drinks—that offer the hope of a natural energy boost. These, too, are misleading. Here’s why…


Maintain Open, Clear Pathways


To heal and energize the body, we must remove the obstructions that are blocking our natural energy flow. In other words, to “rev our engines,” we must remove the waste that’s baked into our cells and blocking up our systems—not fill ourselves with more substances.


Our bodies are perfectly made. When we ask them to share real estate with the unfit foods and environmental wastes that do not fully leave the body and accumulate over time, our bodies fall apart. The secret is having open, clear pathways for free-flowing Life Force Energy. Remove the obstructions—and voila!—no “power-foods” necessary.


Real Energy, Real Charges


So, the next time you think about putting something into your body to energize it, think again. Eat in order to remove the inner blockages—simple combinations of quick exit foods for minimal digestive effort, with lots of veggie juices to support elimination through hydration and enzymatic activity—and you will feel your engine rev like you never imagined it could. You will also save yourself the headache and expense of trying to keep up with all the new “power-foods” and supplements that deceive most health seekers.


In loving service,




What Else is Needed Aside from a Plant-based Diet?

What Else is Needed Aside from a Plant-based Diet?

Eating Your Veggies Isn’t Enough


I hear people all the time saying they wish they could eat a 100% plant-based diet but struggle. Yes, plant-based sounds good, doesn’t it (and the alternatives being animal-based or SAD or paleo or some other water-devoid consumption like Banting) are not in harmony with maintaining both 1. the very high water-content and 2. the alkaline force-field of the body.


Cleansing your Colon


BUUUUUUT…. simply eating a plant-based diet is not going to make you healthy. Being plant-based per se is not going to cure you of your fatigue, excess weight, auto-immune diseases, and countless other mounting fragilities. Only getting the WASTE OUT will do that. You don’t rehabilitate a landfill by putting some flowers on it or planting a few trees in the radioactive, septic soil. The only hope of restoring health to toxic soil is by removing the septic, radioactive matter from the land.


Too Many Nuts and Grains


Also, plant-based means little if it is in the form of substances that constipate your system. Large quantities of nuts and grain (which is how modern people tend to consume these – as in by the fist-full and in bowls-full) is not going to solve anything in your body. Unless you take these in very small portions, it just adds to the already problematic density & inflammation.


If you block a pathway in nature, the requisite flowing elements like water and oxygen will not be received. Don’t beat yourself up over a 100% plant-based diet and better yet, don’t fall into the trap that it will fix you by itself. What will fix you is using dark green plants to awaken deep waste from your cells and tissues and then using colon irrigation to remove that which the plants awakened! Focus on what you’re able to remove from your body as the primary method of regenerating yourself!


Awaken and Release


We do this by the tried-and-true method of awaken + release. Electron rich/highly oxygenating substance (greens primarily) reconstitute and magnetize the waste up and out of the cells and tissues, to exit the colon through enemas and colonics. It’s a two-pronged effort – both legs of this are needed if you want to truly walk & run through life!


There is no such thing as a cleanse that doesn’t result in the copious release of deeply drawn up matter. Do you cleanse your house without removing copious rubbish? Do you sprinkle supplements and leaves and consider it cleaned? Of course not! So have your green juice and raw salads and if you need to, and have a few eggs or a piece of fish or a Bison burger if need be (I don’t like the idea of exploiting animals for food, for the record, but once enough cleansing has occurred, this person will become such a force for good in the world that it will more than compensate and the animal eating will stop – once s/he realizes where his/her energy & strength actually comes from – the life-force current from the removal of obstruction – s/he will immediately stop consuming the flesh of animals and eat a true plant-based diet as intended – simple, sparse & clean). That’s what we need to get to fully experience our human design. But it comes in stages, a transition is required.


Plant food, unless you’re growing it yourself very carefully according to the methods of Rudolf Steiner or as depicted in the “Anastasia” series by Vladimir Megre, is still a part of the massively destructive agriculture industry that is in no way ‘vegan’ in practice, as a central harbinger of the extermination of whole eco-systems. The best book I know of on this subject is Lierre Keith’s “The Vegan Myth.” Yes, “eat a carrot and save a cow,” I say – absolutely! That’s how I live (though my taste for goat cheese begs redemption despite my best attempts at contrition).


Bottom line: get the waste out of your cells and tissues. That’s your redemption & regeneration solution! If you eat a few eggs in the process don’t beat yourself up IF you’re using those eggs to upgrade your tissues and organs by cleansing. Plant-based is great if we’re talkin’ leafies and veggies, but not if it’s an excuse to stuff up on nuts and grains, soy and raw-vegan cheesecake day and night.


Cleanse for Success


Think about what you’re aiming for. There’s gunk to get out. All the plant-based initiatives in the world will not do that without the awaken + release formula for success! If you’re full of waste, you’re wasted and wasting away. Please do the truly effective work: cleanse and don’t get sucked up by labels like “vegan” or “raw.” What is your goal? Define it. If it is cleansing, CLEANSE. If it is to be merely plant-based, okay, just know your vibratory result will most likely be underwhelming. Clean-celled is not a theory – it is an experiential fact for those who put the awaken + release formula to task. The evidence is visceral & tangible as so many of you know!


Power forward!


In loving service,