The Ideal Vegan Approach vs A Misguided Vegan Ideology:

The Ideal Vegan Approach vs A Misguided Vegan Ideology:

1. The ideal Vegan diet is mostly raw diet peppered with cooked veggies and a very small (if any) amount of grain or starches (some ancient grains if needed and baked winter squashes and yams as desired are okay).

2. The ideal vegan diet includes daily green juices (free of fruit other than lemons).

3. The ideal vegan diet is extremely low in sugar and very careful with fruit. Fruit may be consumed if on an empty stomach and should not be consumed in the absence of regular colon cleansing or if there is any sign of fungal/yeast/parasite (impossible not to have some degree of said pathogens when transitioning from SAD).

4. The ideal vegan diet is approached hand in hand with removing the incomprehensible amount of waste residue in the body through consistent washing of the colon with enemas and colonics – not overlooking that critical Elephant in the room that is the obstruction on the body or the erroneous thinking that this immeasurable waste will be miraculously expelled on its own.

5. The ideal vegan diet does not include fake meat and cheese substitutes but can include fresh nut/seed cheeses & seed/nut milks.

6. The ideal vegan diet goes hand in hand with full scale renovation of the whole being – addressing and releasing one’s toxicity from every area of one’s life. Unblocked emotions and a liberated mind must be the driving factors, not merely dietetic aspirations. The reverse causes suppression and judgment of self and others and ultimately fails in the bigger mission of affirming life to higher degrees.

7. The ideal vegan diet is one that does not over eat or confuse daily nourishment with daily over eating. Intake is tempered with a kind of humble consumption so energy may be high and the individual comes to find its greatest source of nourishment from the Life Force.

8. Finally, the ideal vegan diet does not espouse the idea of the world going vegan only to consume fake meats in place of animal meats. That is NOT a solution for mankind. That is not to say that it is not right for humans to disband with animal flesh consumption (of course that would be wonderful and I believe it will happen) – it is just to say, beware of a NWO/globalist agenda that spotlights such a dystopian dietetic mainstay as vegan meat substitutes looking for applause when that substance is like chewing gum in your system and has nothing to do with your health at all but an agenda of control.

So we must celebrate the trend toward veganism which is happening at warp speeds now and will only continue to accelerate with our children’s generation — but not in a way that controls us or that is misguided in any of the ways I’ve suggested above.

When we require less density and find more of the love-force & life force in ourselves by way of joie de vivre we are truly embodying the light and that is the appropriate application and practice of ideal veganism. 🥕

Here’s to the dawning of that elevated state and the end of a time of unnecessary death and decay for all species on our incomparably beautiful earth-home.

The Real Probiotics

The Real Probiotics

Real Probiotics


Re: kombucha and water kefir, I only recommend them for people who need to wean off of soda, not for anyone else.


Kombucha and kefir are trendy but it’s all marketing hype. I know many people will not like to hear this but they are not life-generators. The bacteria turns rancid both in the container and in your intestine. Real probiotics are real life generators – that which has life force in it and is not inclined to rancidity.


Organic Dark Leafy Greens


The only substances that fit that bill are organic dark leafy greens (juiced or eaten) and fresh sprouts. Remember, theoretical probiotics do not necessarily equate to actually being life supportive in your ‘human Petri dish.’ I’m speaking with the benefit of 20 years of clinical and personal experience.


Bubbles and Dubious Bacteria


Many will punt things that should theoretically ‘work.’ But trust me on this, the circulating enthusiasm around probiotics is misguided. They can work for people early on in cleansing as transition tools but once across the transition bridge in a clean-called body, they won’t be well-received. Kombucha is way, way, way better than a Coke, 7up or Mountain Dew, but probably not better than a sparkling water (which as I’ve said is drinking death b/c you’re drinking carbon dioxide when you drink sparkling water). The intestinal tract needs to be calmed and soothed, not revved up and made more chaotic with bubbles and dubious bacteria.


in loving service,



Why Detox?

Why Detox?



Detoxification is quite possibly the single most important thing we can do to improve our life. When done correctly, it removes all that stands in our way of pure energy, joy, and ideal physical experience.


When we share space in our body with substances that do not belong there (created by an unfit diet-lifestyle), we give away our clarity, authenticity, and inner power.


When we “de-toxify” (meaning we remove these harmful substances), we find ourselves in unfettered wholeness and thrive.


In my experience, the results of the Detox for Women method are powerful and immediate and they last. In fact, healthy and physique consistently improve over the long term.


Here are some of the common reports I receive from my clients who follow this method:


  • Rapid, lasting weight loss
  • Elimination or marked decrease of cellulite
  • Firming and tightening of the facial skin
  • Firming and tightening of other areas on the body
  • Increased circulation contributing to a healthy glow
  • Marked increase in energy throughout the day
  • Feelings of natural euphoria
  • Improvement of sleeping patterns
  • Reduction of wrinkles and under-eye circles
  • Decrease in mood swings
  • More comfortable menstrual cycles


– From Detox 4 Women by Natalia Rose


Three Tips to Keep you on Track with your Detox

Three Tips to Keep you on Track with your Detox



  1. Do the best you can in the situation you are in.


You may have to compromise; just make the highest choice for yourself you can under the circumstances. If you can’t get juice one day, have a salad instead.


If you can’t get a good salad, eat the cleanest cooked vegetables you can get. If the choice is white rice or fish, have the fish. If the choice is steak or a baked potato, have the potato (even topped with a little butter).


Eat mindfully, even if it’s not perfect, and resist the urge to overeat and throw all your hard work away. One “off” meal here and there, surrounded by deep greens juiced and chewed, will still bring tremendous results.


  1. As soon as you are able, douse your systems with wheatgrass juice and sprouts and you will neutralize your compromises.


Keep moving forward. Don’t look back and dwell in any way on the adjustments you had to make.


Be proud of yourself for navigating it as well as you did under the circumstances.


  1. Travel with as much as you can to ensure you won’t have too many of these compromised days.


Take frozen wheatgrass, frozen juices and dehydrated seaweed salads you can reconstitute.

Do some recon work beforehand to find organic markets for produce once you get where you are going.


I always ask hotels to put a refrigerator in my room so I can fill it with my produce goodies!


FROM: The Packaged Extremely Green Detox, Course from the Natalia Rose Institute


Detox Your Bathroom

Detox Your Bathroom



You might not think your toiletries are sabotaging your health and beauty, but consider this: everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. That includes soap, shaving cream, body lotion, deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste, makeup, and any other products you may be using.


No, I’m not suggesting that you grow your leg hair, stop using deodorant, or go to work without wearing any makeup. However, it’s high time we took a look at the hazardous ingredients in mainstream bathroom products.


Just as it’s your decision to make certain dietary changes, it’s up to you to decide whether to switch one or two natural alternatives or to throw out all your drugstore products at once and adopt a whole new, natural arsenal. Any small change in this department will be significantly beneficial.




  • Remove all your bathroom products – from the medicine cabinet to the bathtub to that scary place under the sink!


  • Thoroughly clean (or hire someone to clean) the bathroom.


  • Throw away any products that you simply don’t use, including old bottles of prescription medication, old mini hotel shampoos, old make-up that’s been outdated in more ways than one, and anything that you have trouble identifying.


  • Arrange like products together (i.e., hair products with hair products, makeup with makeup).


  • Now look at the ingredients in your products. Does your soap contain lye? Does your toothpaste or mouthwash contain ethanol sodium fluoride, sodium saccharin, or yellow dye #5? If you use an antiperspirant or deodorant, does it contain ammonia, formaldehyde, phenol (known carcinogens), or triclocarban (a suspected cancer-causing agent with daily use)? Does your shampoo or conditioner contain cocamide DEA or methylisothiaolinone (other carcinogens and mutagens)? Does your shaving cream contain a-pinene? Other suspects to look out for include talc, mineral oil, aluminum, polyvinylpyrrolidine (typically found in hairspray), phenol carbolic acid, PEG-40, padimate 0, and the preservative BNPD (typically found in sunscreen).


  • Determine which of these products you think you could live without and then select natural alternatives to them from brands like Avalon Organics, Jason’s, Young Living, and many others that are available at natural markets like Whole Foods.


  • Clean the items you decide to keep before restoring them to their rightful place.


  • Gradually replace carcinogenic toiletries with the natural ones that you like. You may be surprised by how much you prefer the natural products. (I don’t miss the drugstore items at all.)


Also keep in mind that, as you begin to apply your new dietary principles, you simply won’t need to use so many beauty products. You will naturally begin to have better breath (eliminating the need for mouthwash), your skin will become even more even-toned and radiant, and your body odor will become less offensive.


You may decide that there are one or two things that you want to keep. In my case, I decided to be relaxed about makeup. First of all, I don’t need to wear it every day. Second, I’ve removed so many hazards from my diet and the bathroom that my body can deal with just one or two synthetic beauty products (remember the “triage” system). So while I held onto my makeup, I got rid of every other offender. You see, the point is not to become a hippie and stop shaving your legs and armpits or dress exclusively in organic cotton and Birkenstocks. The point is to lift the burden of hazardous materials off your body so that it can fight all the other pollutants that you cannot (in most cases) control or even see.


Extract from Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose


Detoxification Only Occurs When the Waste Leaves

Detoxification Only Occurs When the Waste Leaves

Detoxification Only Occurs When the Waste Leaves


Overcleansing means more matter is awakened and loosened from the cells and tissues than the body’s eliminative organs can manage to eliminate. When this happens symp­toms like headaches, skin breakouts, excessive mucus, and even fever can result.


The goal is to find a level of cleansing that is just right – where awakening is taking place but not so intensely that the awakened waste overwhelms the eliminative organs. This is why it is not wise to go headfirst into an all-raw diet or fasting program. If the waste is awakened but not released, it just makes you feel miserable, and then resettles in the tissue anyway, rendering the whole attempt relatively futile.


This is also why so many people have emotional upheavals when they eat lots of raw food. All the old waste being awakened hits the nervous system, which runs through the middle of the colon. Then, it starts to go back into the body because the body wants to keep its center clear.


This is not cleansing; this is self-poisoning. I’ll say it again, “Detoxifica­tion only occurs when the waste leaves!!”


When waste is awakened and does not leave, it is a much worse scenario than if you had not roused the waste at all. In short, don’t get caught up in the zeal of detox so much that you overcleanse. Pace yourself so that you consistently awaken and release.


Extract from Detox 4 Women by Natalia Rose