Acidic Foods – Why Our Bodies Require Cleansing

Acidic Foods – Why Our Bodies Require Cleansing

What Have You Ingested Your Whole Life?



Processed turkey slices
31 Flavors
Milk shakes
Orange Julious
Milk Dudds
Candy corn
3 Musketeers bars
Milky Way bars
Hershey’s Kisses
Tootsie rolls
Dominos Pizza
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell
Bob’s Big Boy
In & Out Burger
Fruit Loops
Apple Jacks
Capt’n Crunch
Peanut butter
Frozen pancakes & waffles
Move theater popcorn
Diet Coke
Chocolate mouse
Birthday cake
French fries
Hubba Bubba
Dip sticks
Laffy taffy
Sour patch kids
Jelly beans
Public school pizza
Public school burritos (who knows what was in the filling!)
Microwave popcorn
Cheese & blueberry Blintzes
Corned beef hash
Nestle instant hot chocolate
Fat free frozen yogurt
Yoplait sugar-free 70 cal yogurt
Sweet ‘n low
Coffee mate
And so much more!!!
Need for Colonic Cleansing



This is a list of food items and brands that I consumed in the first 25 years of my life (and believe it or not, I grew up in a health minded home eating things like alfalfa sprouts and raw milk & kefir delivered by the local milk man). My mother juiced for us and made our lunches for school which were as basic as an apple and a whole grain cheese sandwich. Nevertheless all this other nonsense got in.
Ponder your intake. Really recapitulate the intake deep in your memory banks and I think you’ll be as shocked as I still am when I think of all that went in for so long.
Acidic Foods




The reason this is so important is because while we may forget the intake, the body can’t forget it. These acidic foods lock into the tissue, smothering our life force.
Now do you see how ludicrous it is to think you can you can do a 3 Day Juice Fast and be clean? Now do you see why so many colon irrigation sessions are necessary?
People often tell me they eat a relatively healthy diet. What does that really mean? Assumptions of what is healthy abound and are mostly totally misguided. I mean most people think peanut butter is healthy but it’s like eating fungus. What went into you in your first 20-30 years.
It’s actually positive to really recount and acknowledge the full weight of it all (allow the pun) because the truth will enable you to see where your symptoms are actually coming from.





Cleansing takes years of consistent right diet and colon irrigation. The more you awaken & release (remove), the more your life force returns and your symptoms are remediated. So you improve dramatically along the way. But when we really take an honest look at the quantity of acidic matter, we see why cleansing must become a wonderfully embraced way of life if we are to truly restore ourselves.
In days, weeks and months you’ll feel hugely relieved, energized, younger, leaner, and the shine & glow will come back to you. But with years of consistency, the tissues and organs will be so much more unburdened and you’ll really know what the human experience was meant to feel like.
Our bodies were never meant to be a burden. We put the burden on our bodies by [largely unwittingly] consuming the items in our culture which were never meant to be food for humans.
Feel free to put the recapitulation of your lifetime’s consumption in the comments.
Keep cleansing!
in loving service,

Q&A with Natalia – Dec 2016


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0:29:25 Benefits of living in colder climates
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1:02:45 Digital detox
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0:32:40 Vaccinations
0:34:27 Menopause
0:36:27 Freezing juices
0:37:41 Babies

0:00:06 How to handle new foods like Reishi, TOCOS (Rice Bran Solubles) and Ashitaba
0:04:27 Small nuts
0:04:47 Food choices when out: sugary fruit vs. rice and beans vs. non-organic eggs
0:08:15 EMFs (also look into TRENDnet Powerline Adapters, and the WaveRider)
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0:19:33 Almond milk