A Call to Humanity

A Call to Humanity

I thought to share a post back from the end of 2016, which seems apropos now as well. 


Still a Human


If you’re still a human at the dawn of 2017

If you’ve not become a zombie or hybridized machine

If you have not relegated your mind to patterned blindness

If no animosity is harbored

And each receives your kindness

If you place no blame and feel no shame

But do hold yourself accountable

For each thought and deed, projection & word

Succumbing to neither vampire nor cannibal

If you’re still human, albeit limping, wounded

If despite disquiet and distraction,

You’re still fully sane and lucid

Please speak a little louder, share a little more

In your own way: sing, write, draw, say

Let not your silence let your fellow man waste away

Our extinction as humans is not as one might think…that we might physically perish and thereby become extinct

No, but by losing our humanity – by this our ship does sink!

By becoming something indistinct

We disintegrate on the brink

A collective resolution in this New Year:

I propose a call to question all

To forget not that we have the wherewithal!

To be humans not zombies, not cannibals

To recognize the honor and responsibility

That we have as humans, as humanity.


In loving service,




On Decadence

On Decadence

Decadence Unveiled:


I know who you are


I know why you came


It’s either out of your vanity or out of your shame


You wish to pose and show all your wares


You, me and ‘the ghost’ know there’s no soul left in there


But, go on inside, after all, you’ve arrived


Like Hotel California, pink champagne is on ice


Do come in, imbibe and consume


The Master’s chambers, you’ll find, are brimming with tunes


As you smile at your host and wish him great cheer


Devil knows what’s really brought you here


I’ve observed and even tried to admire you


But could find nothing but liars in the lot of you


In the end you sided with fear, with vanity, materiality


Wasted the dear, sanity, philanthropy


I don’t, for the record, place myself above you


I do hope somehow you might come to love you


And when you do, you’ll see it all as a sham


And perhaps you’ll understand why I am as I am.



-Natalia Rose


A Poem for Valentine’s Day

A Poem for Valentine’s Day

Spirit of Valentine’s Day


Here is a bit of poetic musing to celebrate a new era of love — the high-romance that we can catch a glimpse of among balanced, sovereign beings:


At the height of the magic, the wings all have sprouted; taking flight right on time, right on key
And yet, while there is bliss and deep peacefulness,
How lovely if you’d fly with me


The heart is a gateway and we are all things
No more cages, no trappings, no masks
What once was all crass, is now clear and so vast
So, it is in this spirit, I ask…


Should the fullness surge through you and wish to be shared
Should it be natural to reach for my hand,
There is no divide – not time, space or land
Should our quickened hearts call to be paired


To know you’ve overcome, over-ruled, over- run
All the shadows, like an obstacle course
There, powerfully, you stand with sweet love in your hand
Rising to expand into Source


But to dance, fly, touch, kiss, joined with this other,
Given all you’ve mutually discovered,
Clear as day, point of fact (or I’ll eat my hat),
Innocence-lost must be finally deemed recovered.


Here we may stand, taking joy in the sight
that we’ve managed to recover our light;
Walked through the valley of the shadow of death —
even in the absence of oxygen, drawn breath!


And yet, while the view is quite fine, finally.
How lovely if you’d fly with me


-Natalia Rose