Losing Weight, Exercising and Cleansing

Losing Weight, Exercising and Cleansing

Lose the Weight Before You Begin Rigorous Exercise


If you are interested in losing weight and you want to exercise, please understand that it is unwise to do heavy exercise like running or cycling when you are carrying a lot of extra weight. It is SO much smarter to start cleansing and focus on walking, light dancing, light yoga, moving on the gym machines like the elliptical trainer and such until you lose a good deal of your excess weight.


Cleansing Initiates the Weight Loss Process


When you cleanse properly (per my books & courses), the weight practically falls off. Exercise is very important but it will only age and jar the system, creating injury (that’s often unrealized immediately) when it is done when one is carrying excess weight. Lose the weight and then jog, run, cycle, do MMA or whatever you like. Pushing your body to run, jump and exert when you are heavy is not good for you nor will it get you leaner faster. Get the cleansing going, drop the weight with consistent, strain-free movement every day. And then, you will benefit hugely from turning up the dial on your athletic challenges.




I see men in their 50’s with guts busting through their bike shorts cycling in packs on a Saturday morning and women carrying 30-50 extra pounds jogging and they are not doing anything positive for their bodies. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse – and the athleticism will be easy eventually. Don’t punish your body further when it’s already in jeopardy. The whole process of physical transformation should be graceful, easy, intelligent, and clearly effective.


Dehydrated Guts


And for goodness sake, leave the water bottles at home. If you cannot go for a jog without a water bottle, you should NOT be jogging. A healthy athlete does not need to have water or a caloric refuel for two hours at least. But most people exercising have dehydrated guts and poor life force flow so they are constantly rendered dehydrated and weak. If you are an athlete and you need water and caloric fuel then your daily intake is not working for you and your colon is blocked. You need to get honest about that and not cling to antiquated ways of eating. A truly strong person (meaning a person with great physical integrity) does not take powders or ‘energy drinks’ or bars or any of that bogus athletic stuff. We eat water-containing plant food – when we eat (which is not that often) – we drink green juice, we have a clear intestinal tract that is richly hydrated because we don’t eat dry, dead food and we thoroughly rinse our colons when needed.


In loving service,



Bionic Muscles! (Part 2)

Bionic Muscles! (Part 2)

As discussed in Bionic Muscles, Part 1, we need to develop our opposing muscles. Now I discuss how to attain those supple opposing muscles!


Supple Muscles


As you develop your clean-celled musculature, make a point of keeping your muscles very, very supple. You don’t want armor, you want strength and true strength is primal fire flowing through your physical form – the primal fire (Qi, life force, force from the Source, as you like) is the big boss.


Your muscles should be developed as part of your body’s endeavor to express each of its systems as the primal fire would have it done. In this light, your lungs are a servant of the primal fire; your kidneys are a servant of the primal fire, as are your bones and muscles. When we invert that truth, we have big problems! Put the primal fire’s requirements first (which are, namely, to conduct, move, express, expand, and experience) and you’ll know how to support your body’s systems on behalf of the primal fire that depends on them. You’ll be living life in your body right side up, instead of upside down.


So, by all means, increase the fortitude of your muscles. But do it by consciously complimenting development with malleability. Note bene: flow is the cousin of malleability; flexibility serves these cousins — flexibility is a tool to increase flow and malleability, not the other way around.


Methods for Attaining Supple Muscles


There are several excellent, easy, free practices you can do daily to make sure you are optimizing your malleability as you train. Daily massage is an obvious first stop (self-massage more than suffices and can be done whenever it suits you). Intuitive dance and intuitive yoga for even a few minutes is a great way to ensure fluidity!


But, this is one area where visualization is highly effective! Take some time once or twice a day to visualize all the condensation of energy, all the stagnation, emotional residue, and mental tension leaving your muscle tissue.


If we want to become living embodiments of the primal fire (which we do, believe me), we have to live the primal fire lifestyle and think like primal fire thinks. We can’t let anti-primal fire stuff set in – not in our organs, not in our connective tissue, our joints, our hearts, our minds nor our muscles. Best of all, you can expect your muscles to be stronger. So, lift your weights, sculpt your yoga muscles, run, cycle, climb, row, whatever suits you best – but remember, for all the development you do, you need to clear, clear, clear stagnation from that muscle tissue.


Malleability is Strength


If you’ve read the Socrates book series by Dan Millman (one of my all-time favorite set of books — I cannot recommend it highly enough), you may remember that the main character, Socrates, explains that our bodies should be so malleable that we should be able to be massaged right to the bone! That’s a good image to keep in mind — to strive for. With muscles, increase and malleability = strength. Those are the complementary forces for bionic muscles.


I love my bionic muscles. They make me feel almost other-worldly, like I’ve got a secret in them, like they can do things that I’m not even fully aware of yet. Ah the ever-unfolding mysteries of the inspired, syntropic, ecstatic life!


-in loving service,



Bionic Muscles! (Part 1)

Bionic Muscles! (Part 1)

Life Balance


Balance is the quest to bring together forces that both oppose and complement one another. In our world of form, we live in and among countless opposing factors – the yin/yang forces you’re familiar with: light/dark, contracting/expanding, levity/gravity, inward/outward, male/female, and so on.


When these forces are not balanced (complemented by their polarity-partner, where they can triumph in balanced unity), stagnation and the decay cycle set in. Over-polarization of one of the forces undermines life.


So we must be vigilant not to over-polarize toward one force, forsaking its counterbalancing mate. This much you know. Moving along…


When the counter balancing mates are used consciously, something amazing happens: we can actually grow dynamically and exponentially when we stretch one force along with its complementary force equally! For example, if you take a long stride with your right leg and then an equally long stride with your left leg, what happens? Well, you get farther, your limbs realize a greater potential than when you were taking smaller steps and, from there, you can continue to challenge yourself and reach greater potential! Again, you know this…


But now, I want to invite you to look at how this applies to muscle development in the fitness category.


Balance in Opposing Muscles


Good exercise physiologists and trainers will guide their clients to “opposing muscle development” which creates a supportive network for the musculature, preventing injury and many other problems. Opposing muscle development is what is what is done when one strengthens the abdominals along with the lower back, the hamstrings with the quadriceps, the biceps with the triceps – you get the idea.


But there is an aspect to muscular development that is still missing and because it is missing, fitness enthusiasts are actually fast tracking their own decay by the very way they are aiming to strengthen themselves and attempt to increase their longevity.


The missing element is applying the complementary, counter-polarity-partner of absolute malleability with muscular increase/development. Muscles must only be increased with absolute malleability, which requires an absence of obstruction in the muscle tissue. When you combine development/increase with absolute malleability (which at the outset may sound like a totally incompatible concept) you will have a truly enviable muscular system both cosmetically and mechanically. I like to call it a bionic muscular system (even though “bionic” connotes something artificial, I still like the ring of it and the image of a dynamically powerful muscle it conjures up for me).


A life-generating musculature has nothing in common with the traditional, modern muscle building approach which breeds stagnation with every lift and crunch and is rather a menace to the conductivity and flow in your body which give you your youth juice.


Granted, most body builders and gym-goers are consuming highly toxic shakes, bars and meals designed to encourage muscle development, so they are already doomed as these ingredients will destroy healthy tissue and are the harbingers of rapid aging. But for you, who are not mismatching strength training with toxicity, you could be getting so much more bionic power circulating in your body!


More on how to attain those supple muscles tomorrow!


-in loving service,




Tomorrow: Bionic Muscles, Installment 2

Functional Expression

Functional Expression

Suppression of your authentic functional expression is defiance of life. Period. You suppress = you are nailing up your own coffin – whether you are suppressing symptoms of illness, suppressing your heart song, or pushing down your feelings.

Let me explain…

I define “functional expression” as those feelings and articulations of the spirit, mind, body & heart that continue to speak once the dysfunctional emotions and attitudes that come from self-indulgence have (at least for the most part) been addressed and released. These are the ones that are valid and life-generating and therefore lend you your most important insights/directions.

Be ever so careful not to confuse functional expressions with dysfunctional expressions. The former are life-generating whereas the latter are the product of undisciplined, self-indulgent, destructive emotions and habits (I.e., self-pity, rage, unwarranted fear, vampirical impulses, etc. to name a few) and are therefore by definition life-deteriorating (chaos supporting, entropic).

Discerning between functional and dysfunctional expressions requires a certain level of maturity, attention and intention – such a one genuinely desires to tap his/her authentic expression by recognizing and dissolving deeply ingrained dysfunctional emotions and attitudes that have long been a part of their way of life. It’s not a small undertaking, nor for the faint of heart but the reward is power over chaotic lower inclinations and the ability to be guided by a higher order of expression.

What is the alternative after all? Defying life?!?! It certainly gives one a sense of why death seems to win out over life.

If only we would defy death instead by putting our authentic expression first! Suppression of functional expression is the highway to death. Don’t suppress – just don’t. It’s not worth it for the illusion of things being what they are not. What is the opposite of suppression? Freedom. Defy life and be death’s captive. Embrace life by connecting with your authentic feelings and expressions and have your cup of life runneth over!