Don’t be an Airhead (part 4 of 4)

Don’t be an Airhead (part 4 of 4)

Don’t be an Airhead


The Hot Condition of the Human Body


The hot, non-aerated environment is the condition of our body. We cannot change that, nor would we want to as it works very nicely so long as sugars, starches, fleshes, oils, chemicals, radiation and heavy metals don’t vie for that same space that is not designed for such things.




You would not want your food to sit in a hot, wet, unventilated room all day long in a zip lock bag, would you? If you were to undertake an experiment as such, would you be surprised to come back several days later to open that zip lock bag and recoil from the stench therein and multiple forms of bacteria and parasites growing out of the food? The stench in the noxious gasses and the pathogens themselves growing in the putrefactive waste are releasing yet another generation of noxious gases to boot.


Human Body


Why is it that we think this somehow doesn’t occur in exactly the same way inside the even warmer, unventilated, more moist internal conditions of the miraculous human body. There is nothing wrong with the way our bodies are designed; we are, though, much misguided with regard to what we think should be copacetic with those conditions (but simply are not). And yet, it remains taboo to talk too much about it, as if it is somehow better to pretend that the putrefaction isn’t really actually occurring. It is happening alright and, I’m sorry to say, it is going to your head (it’s a law of gas and heat). Don’t believe me? Just take a look around.


Choose a Gas Free Existence


I’ve always loved the Biblical admonition, “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” I would say likewise, “Be ye mature as the great elders and noxious-gas-free as the rejoicing, agile child.” This is possible and you have the power to turn the dial up on your ability to access this state at any time.


In loving service,


Don’t be an Airhead (part 3 of 4)

Don’t be an Airhead (part 3 of 4)

Don’t be an Airhead


Kid Head, the pre-gassed-up-skull


Gil had a term for the pre-gassed-up-skull (the a.k.a. the ‘before’). He called it, ‘kid head.’ Kid head is that tight, cute round head that kids have before they saturate their tissues in waste that ferments and putrefies releasing copious quantities of noxious carbon, methane and nitrogen into the bones/skull. The same could be said of ‘kid skin’ and ‘kid frame’ – it’s not a lack of maturity or retarding of natural growth I’m suggesting — not remotely, please don’t misunderstand me. Rather, it’s an absence of the accumulation and byproducts of accumulation from misguided consumption perpetuated over years and decades. Look at the Bushmen, the Hunzas, the Native Americans and so many other original peoples and you will find ‘kid head,’ ‘kid skin,’ and ‘kid frames’ in the elders of untold age.


Native Diet


Why? Because, so long as they were not eating too many animal products (which will cause a great deal of fermentation in an intestine as long as the human one), these ‘original people’ did not eat sugars and starches and hybridized fruits that turn the otherwise calm, tight, high-integrity human body into a chaos of putrefactive disorder. Wild foods have a far lesser inclination to have this effect, particularly when consumed as part of lifestyle rooted in the network of living energy.


Lack of Corruption


When you see an example of pristine, healthy youth (this becoming rarer every day), you are looking at a being that has not yet corrupted his or her body with so much retained waste matter. Remember that corrupt is synonymous with rot and the noxious gasses are part of the rotting process.


To rediscover your youth, you need only remove that accumulation and its associated gas pressure (or at the very least, you need only begin the process and watch yourself morph pleasantly in that direction both inside and out as you go deeper, dredging up that which is better off out).


The Honest, Simple Route


People have been conditioned to focus on weight loss and to apply the ‘latest, greatest’ cosmetic tools to create the illusion of restored youth; meanwhile, it can be so much more honest and simpler than that. It simply comes down to removing the retained waste and the gas pressure developing from it. The gas makes you far larger than you are (oh, this by the way goes for guys who are consuming all the “gym food” substances designed to help them bulk up and ‘get big,’ namely, the soy protein isolate and whey protein-based foods and shakes.). No one will argue that it makes them larger, but gas pressure is a big part of that increased size, which also, by the way, makes them feel more aggressive and less at ease which can be a great big detour for a man who is otherwise seeking a strong sense of balance, happiness and inspired, creative direction in life.


Tomorrow: Don’t be an Airhead, part 4 – The Hot Condition of the Human Body


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Don’t be an Airhead (part 2 of 4)

Don’t be an Airhead (part 2 of 4)

Don’t be an Airhead


But Gas is Invisible and Harmless…Isn’t it?


While it may be invisible, noxious gas takes up an enormous amount of space. When it permeates human tissue it creates a lot of expansion (undermining the vacuum/empty space condition you want to have in the body). This becomes unquestionably evident in the wake of successful tissue cleansing. Here’s how you can tell: when tons of this carbonic gas is released, one of the most common responses come from women who formerly believed they were designed to have wide hips and/or shoulders. “I always just thought I was big boned,” they proclaim, “But I’m not really!” The big bones and the expanded girth was largely due to ‘invisible’ (and virtually weightless, might I add) gas pressure. Not so invisible after all, ’eh?


Less Expansion, Lower Dress Size


A successful deep-tissue-cleanser can drop many sizes just due just to releasing a great deal of the trapped gas in the skeletal/muscular system alone! Furthermore, you can shrink significantly (horizontally, not vertically!) and yet not always see a huge difference in your weight on the scale. Now you know why.


Bone Renaissance


More importantly, the integrity that is restored to the bone when the noxious gas exits results in a kind of bone renaissance! This integrity is restored throughout the body as well. Skin tightens up like a teenager’s and becomes enviably toned. Your internal organs will let you know that their faculties are re-invigorated as well!


Stress Free


I can assure you, the dedicated tissue cleanser doesn’t lose a single moment fretting over the possibility of osteoporosis, organ weakness or droopy skin setting in with age. They know it is only by way of the entropic harbingers that the fortitude of their cells and tissues can be diminished (and they know how to keep those entropic interlopers at bay). As I always say, “It’s not the number of times we go around the sun that ages us but rather what we accumulate as we go around the sun.”


Compare Head Shapes


Try the skull expansion observation exercise yourself: just look at the difference between anyone you know (yes, you are also fair game ;)) and compare the head shape of their youth to its current shape. Why has the skull shape morphed so dramatically (again, including the jaw, cheek bones and forehead which also disintegrate within from the noxious gas eating away at it)? It’s simply the hot, noxious gas from the intestine rising and expanding into the porous material that is causing this. Now that you know, you’re empowered to prevent it (should you desire to).


When Brain Tissue is Permeated with Noxious Gases


So you see, noxious gases are not just a cosmetic inconvenience – carbon, nitrogen, methane and volatile sulfur permeate the brain tissue matter and we all know what happens when integrity is lost in the brain matter – the heartbreaking symptoms of senility, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease result. Granted, gas pressure is only one contributing factor to these illnesses; however, it is a significant one. Other major contributing factors are heavy metal accumulation in the body absorbing in the brain matter, radiation exposure and, naturally the ramifications of a lifetime of stress and disconnection with the network of life (but N.B. these factors also cause noxious gas to proliferate because the noxious gas is a byproduct of the entropy cycle that is caused by those factors listed above). Typically, these cofactors all operate in concert given the modern way of life. Where you find one, you’ll typically find them all.


Tomorrow: Don’t be an Airhead, part 3 – Kid Head, the Pre-gassed-up-skull


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Don’t Be An Airhead (Part 1 of 4)

Don’t Be An Airhead (Part 1 of 4)

Don’t be an Airhead


This is one of the most important bits of health information you will ever come across (though I can’t promise it won’t make you giggle).


Conversation during Colonic Action


It was one of those great learning moments — circa 2002 with my beloved mentor, Gil Jacobs. He had me, forgive the pun, LMAO while we were otherwise engaged in what he spunkily coined ‘the colonic action’ (an entirely wholesome pursuit, despite what it might conjure up for some of you with your minds in the gutter!).


Skull Size


Gil was pointing out to me how dramatically the shape & size of a handful of the the most famous male actors’ skulls morphed (ballooned actually), between their early 20’s (when their skulls were still relatively small and round like a child’s) and their late 30’s-40s, at which point their skulls seemed to swell close to twice the original size, (meanwhile also losing their original, strong head shape and facial features).


Noxious Gases


Naturally, these observations were strictly academic, not at all mean-spirited (and I certainly won’t name names here). It was all in the honorable name of cleansing-teacher illustrating to cleansing-student how the mass quantities of noxious gases, produced by waste accumulation in the gut, permeate the porous material of the skeleton and rise into the equally porous bone of the skull.


Most people don’t think of the bones and skull (and teeth for that matter) as highly-porous recipients of retained waste matter and the byproducts that develop from that retained waste, but they absolutely are.


Gas Expansion into the Bones


The copious quantities of gas produced in the gut expand into the bones, causing the bone-matter to expand. As an added insult, the infiltrated bone matter becomes steadily weakened as the acidic gas eats away at it. The acidic noxious gasses displace the tightly, evenly-knitted ‘fabric’ of the healthy bone leading to weak bones (osteoporosis). This by the way is what happens to the body’s tissues at-large as retained waste is constantly permeating the extremely porous tissues of the body (making the tissues weak and slack). This is a major source of the rapid cosmetic deterioration that most people think is simply inevitable (it’s not merely inevitable at all).


Hot Air Rises


It was by way of Gil’s powerful illustration of the ‘befores’ and ‘afters’ of these well-known modern day male actors which he identified as classic examples of this cause-and-effect scenario that enabled me to firmly and forever grasp one of the most essential understandings at the heart of tissue cleansing: warm gas rises in the body just as it does outside the body. The gas from the gut, in an attempt to find an exit by moving upward, becomes trapped in the skull, making for a real and literal ‘airhead’ situation. The retained waste matter is only half of it. It’s the retained waste AND the byproducts (noxious gases, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc.) that cause the trouble and must be shown the way out.


Tomorrow: Don’t be an Airhead, part 2 – But Gas is Invisible and Harmless…Isn’t it?


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We all Need Oxygen


Something that has been concerning me deeply is how mask-wearing impacts CANCER. Oxygen is cancer’s worst enemy. Not only are cancer patients of all stages losing their greatest healer by suppressing their intake of O2 and increasing their acidic load of C02, but consider the fact that cancer cells are always moving through us and are eradicated thanks to our immune system and the degree to which we are oxygenated.


Just sit with that. Weigh it up.


How is it that nothing else matters now but the Covid narrative? Do we really want to be such mono-dimensional thinkers? Do we really want to go down in history as a group that would blindly accept the propaganda that’s shoved in front of us, always consuming what we’re told to consume on every level even as it wipes out our freedom to breathe.


While I’m on my rant, take those masks off your poor children. They are being suffocated. It’s child abuse.


How will our immune systems work without oxygen? Does Covid really take priority over the whole operating system of the body? Are we conscious & rational or have we lost our minds? Well, a reduction of O2 does equate with a reduction of consciousness!


And what about the whole CO2 greenhouse gas emissions/climate change issue that everyone was SO up-in-arms about? What does mask-wearing simulate if not a microcosm of CO2 greenhouse gas-emissions in the wearer?


Has this been a game to see how stupid we are?! I think so. Wait til they start selling us O2.


… after they get everyone clamoring for their death jab.


It’s not co-morbidity you should worry about but CO[2]-morbidity!


Be informed. Be sovereign!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose