Ready to ascend

Ready to ascend

Hey Beautiful Human Family!

We are all eligible for individual ascension and a lot of us are feeling it. How are we feeling it? If we are in flow with life and aware of what growth looks like, we are tingling and quickening more every day. We are softening where we were previously rigid and becoming empowered where we were fragile. We are getting ‘downloads’ of wisdom and intuitive hits are coming in with unmistakable clarity. Perhaps most importantly, we are seeing the value in our bitterest challenges and working with them like a helpful tool for our restructuring to correct our alignment so we can rise up in frequency to be a vibrational match to our incorruptible Oversoul.

Many are resisting the changes we need to make – that our higher mind/Oversoul has put into place in order for us to learn to detach from lower vibration frequencies.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to be transfigured before your very eyes. I’m not criticizing you when I share the following (I’m just offering this to help you get off the hamster wheel and out of the cage, off the metaphorical ‘streets’ of the dark-mother-teacher/matrix (more in that in another installment).

So here’s what I want to bring to your attention:

Misguided conflict is one of the biggest traps that can impede your ascension because these keep you in low/chaotic frequencies. You can either keep getting suckered into these conflicts (which have no noble end but just rev your ‘negativity engine’) or you can start spotting these traps as you might learn to spot speed traps so you don’t get caught by them and get huge fines).

If you want to capitalize on this remarkable, once in maybe many lifetimes opportunity – a soul event that we’ve possibly been waiting on for aeons – you’ve got to clean up your frequency and stop spinning with reactions to things you’ve put on your radar to fight against.

I stopped following and listening to virtually all media having to do with cxxxx and all the politics around it. And guess what… I haven’t missed anything important. I don’t engage with any conflict around it (or any vain conflict period anymore). I’m busy ascending and as I do so I have a higher perspective on foolish mental and emotional engagements.

Misguided conflict is one of the biggest traps that can impede your ascension because these keep you in low/chaotic frequencies.

You can do this too – it’s easy once you figure it out. I will be illuminating this in my next offering but for now, I just want to get you into awareness with this so you can prevent missing out on riding the higher frequencies up to which your Oversoul is pulling you! Of course “up” can only be equal to our depths. Hence embracing and comprehending the meaning of our struggles enables us to ascend (like a tree that ascends in equal measure to the securing of its roots in the ground).

So when I see people quarreling here about cvd (and all its various medical and political tentacles), people who fancy themselves to be politically superior and more consciously aware, they are missing the point, purpose and magic of this part of the world-game and are getting trapped (and will have to pay big ‘soul-fines’ as a result) rather than benefiting from flying above the radar and seeing the opportunity within the game.

Arguing about cvd will hamper your ascension. By all means, stand strong in your sovereignty and don’t compromise your clear truth. Be in your power with whatever you have come to with your keen analysis of the facts. But don’t then miss the point of being in your strength by quarreling and ultimately lose the real opportunity here, which is to transcend the drama playing out in the game. We have to learn to see behind appearances. Everything we do will either contribute to our ascension by aligning us with the frequency of our Oversoul or cause our frequency to ‘miss the mark’ and stay in a scrambled, lower soul-experience.

Take your time and think things through based on this and you’ll get better at deciphering what is the best/right use of your energy. Don’t miss your chance to return to your home frequency simply because something triggers you or because you mistakenly think you need to tell everyone what you know and why you’re right.

There are ways to share highly valuable perspectives that are in alignment with the Oversoul. There is no conflict in these assertions. They are simply clear, empowered assertions. A good example of this is the way David Martin conducts his lectures and shares knowledge. There is no quarreling or anger or pettiness. He makes elegant, intelligent connections and lifts up the minds and hearts of those he reaches.

David is just one example that comes to mind.

Take your time and think things through based on this and you’ll get better at deciphering what is the best/right use of your energy.

Sometimes the need to react and quarrel in this cvd ‘fight club’ is due to a shadow aspect that wants to be seen/heard. We have to seek out our motives for everything we do – when we do that we find our shadows and can integrate them.

This is such a rich playing field for growth if we understand it and appreciate the opportunity of this time, rather than remain blinded by the drama.

Hopefully, this has illuminated things a bit and you can tidy up your alignment and skirt the traps (and eventually transcend it all!).

Pure love from my heart to yours! ❤️❤️

Do What is Right

Do What is Right

The Test


If you are struggling right now, remember it’s a testing. You want a quick tutorial for the test? Here you go: don’t do what’s merely expedient; do what’s right. Don’t do what’s easy; do what protects and honors your Soul (and the Source from which your Soul expresses).


Don’t do what the majority does because the majority chooses from fear, programming & conditioning. Don’t continue to make excuses or allowances for people’s patterns of abuse. Don’t be docile when you’re dealing with dangerous, hurtful, harmful people. You will continue to be drained and left to rebuild again & again.


Do what is right, even if it is the harder choice, even if it means having to galvanize courage you don’t access regularly. Do what ennobles your Soul; your Soul is the only true thing of value despite illusions otherwise.


Keep your boundaries solid. You know what is unworthy of entry in your life – often this means cutting ties with those closest to you if they cannot behave and be kind. That is not your fault so stop carrying the shame and responsibility for them. Be bold and unapologetic with what keeps your body, mind & heart intact.


It’s Always a Choice


You’re given choices every second: it comes down to the choice that depletes/drains you and the choice that empowers/energizes you. Anyone who would wish you to lower your boundaries or your standards so they can get in and destroy you (per their historic patterns) needs to be cut out – period.


Your Time to be Fierce is NOW


Time to be tough if you’ve been too allowing and constantly disrespected. Time to be fierce and in your ferocity enjoy all the happiness you deserve. This goes for anything & everything!


In loving service,






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Just to add…if you have few/no plans and no family or friends at this time, likewise, try not to lose your peace by drowning in your hurt and negative feelings. I know that’s easier said than done but it is still true & essential to protect your energy field from vulnerability and despair at this time of year.


It’s as dangerous to lose yourself and deplete your peace in the sorrow that being alone over Christmas can evoke as it is to lose yourself/your peace to an intense schedule of events, surrounded by loads of people. Peace can be lost at both extremes.


If you’re alone, do things to strengthen yourself and remember it really is just another day — what matters is that you are living an authentic life which honors your soul and that you surround yourself with the best thoughts and feelings despite your circumstances on these emotionally charged days. The important takeaway is to prepare & protect your sacred, precious energy. This energy is your life force. We must become more aware and connected with this life force quantum within us than we are with all the worldly things we attribute value to and give our attention to.


In loving service,





As someone who trains hard athletically on nothing but Prana (Qi, Primal Fire, as you like) and who has clients who sit down and immediately tell me they need to eat flesh or nuts or some kind of concentrated protein to perform (or even to function), know this: if you think you need chicken, you will need chicken; if you think you need oats, you will need oats; if you think you need green juice, you will need green juice. If you think you channel Qi, Prana, Life Force, etc., likewise, you will.


As the great James Allen wrote, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” That’s not to say that the mechanics of tissue cleansing do not call for some heavier, less ideal foods. Let us not confuse the tools needed to clean the accumulated matter out of our cells and tissues with the elevated thinking necessary to free our minds of our limitations.

in loving service,


Love, NOW!

Love, NOW!

It’s Time!


Let us, at long last, use this vast, global network of connected human hearts for something of unprecedented proportions. I propose we stage the biggest coup in human history to instantly and irrevocably thwart/dissolve war, greed, and perversion in a single day (possibly in less time).


Here’s how: We, the Beautiful, Loving humans that We Truly Are, radiate a state of fully conscious-love so overflowing from our omnipotent, co-resonant hearts that the collective power of our Love-Force eviscerates the vile, controlling forces (we have been enslaved by for so long) to the dust bins of history.


The Window is Now!


The power of love in us is SO strong and WE are SO MANY. If we all unite with one heart in the deepest compassion and unifying love, the dark forces will have to disintegrate.


It’s our choice. It’s been our choice all along! While we still have some threads of Free Will left and this narrowing window of opportunity, before we are irretrievably enslaved, our brains fried by 5-G, our innocence lost by compliance with insanity, while we still have this historic opportunity in our grasp, let us focus with all our might on the most vital properties of love: compassion, understanding & forgiveness. This love is not personal. We must release the tendencies toward the personal. We must collectively sync up with the highest expression of love we can muster up to melt the steel bars of our hellish prisons. The group power creates exponential effects. We Are Powerful Together In Love!


Only Love, No Matter What! Nothing Could Be More Important!


Let’s do this right now! Let us move as ONE human Family Unit with One Emotion this week… Love!


Let us set our hearts on pure compassionate love for one full week – one moment, one hour, one day at a time. If we don’t, we may not recover. Starting Right Now! Who’s In?!


In loving service,