What is Physical Excellence?

What is Physical Excellence?

What is Physical Excellence? It’s far more than athletic prowess (tho that is certainly a natural benefit of it). It is waaaay more than superficial, cosmetic appeal (however, that too is another pleasant benefit thereof!).
Physical Excellence is the state of the body operating in perfect & exalted flow: cells, tissues, organs, systems all conducting the Infinite Intelligence, the Force from the Source, the substance of Primal Power.
Physical Excellence is the state in which sensations of enormous clarity run through the body in a visceral, undeniable connection with Divine power. You feel like you are soaring!
The idea of a single unpleasant symptom, let alone a disease is too remote a concept for such a person embodying Physical Excellence to ever expect in him/herself.
Everyone can live like that – in ultimate Physical Excellence. It is only the exception (it we see it at all) because the culture we were raised up in taught us to stuff ourselves up with garbage which would unwittingly remain inside of us causing us to rot so we would be weak.
Come, let’s reverse the error & radiate Physical Excellence instead! It’s closer at hand than you might think. ❤️Natalia Rose
Consistency is key

Consistency is key

Consistency is key. If you train excellence in your life everyday, if you practice excellence consistently, you will come to embody excellence.
Let’s talk physical excellence:
Your body is brimming with the potential to embody physical excellence but most people throw all that potential away because, 1) they are not given true examples of physical excellence, and 2) they have poor, utterly misguided information.
Physical excellence is not achieved through calorie counting and burning calories in a gym or any manner of mere dietetics and/or physical training.
Physical excellence cannot be achieved if the body is saturated in waste matter. Period.
This fact is the biggest reason people do not achieve physical excellence. They are ignorant to this so they try to diet and exercise their way to physical improvements.
Degrees of physical excellence of which you cannot even conceive in the common levels of societal consciousness can be yours if you know exactly what to do.
That is the service I provide for those who are ready to shake off the physical shackles, dissolve their addictions and bring their bodies to vibrant, resplendent light.
It is entirely accessible. It is freedom and power untold! Come to know it. Lose the ailments; gain your awaiting strength and resplendence! ☀️
Beets: ‘the other red meat’

Beets: ‘the other red meat’

Whenever you need to sink your teeth into something hearty and meaty, just bake these babies whole for several hours at 290 degrees Fahrenheit.
Chefs become incredulous at the mere suggestion of such a culinary aberration. But, believe me, this is the move. Their delicate skins become soft and the ‘meat’ matures to be so sweet.
Pair with an arugula or tender baby romaine salad and you’ve got yourself a dinner winner! Aren’t ya glad I didn’t say lamb chop!?
Ya know how I like my lamb? That’s right, frolicking freely in the meadow.
Save a lamb – have a leg of beet. Oy, that sounds rather barbaric too. Maybe we should be wholly breatharian after all? 🤷🏻‍♀️ ☀️
Happy, Purely & Simply Put

Happy, Purely & Simply Put

The happy life is always going to be the simple life — the life attained when all the non-essential, inauthentic, artificiality is dropped, released, falls away.
I have ‘had it all’ by any measure: personal success, the finest material luxuries, a glamorous lifestyle and all the countless things most people dream of and yet, I can say, without the slightest reservation or hesitation that my revised life today, which I’ve pared down to 1. pure love for those in it and 2. choosing to consume and possess as little as possible on every level has given me the most exquisite life experience so far.
‘Simple’ brings peace and in peace you can hear & feel the Divine and embody the power of the Divine that longs to flow through you.
That is heaven. Add loving relationships to that and it’s 7th heaven & beyond. ❤️
Coming Clean: My Sunday Morning Sermon

Coming Clean: My Sunday Morning Sermon

If you think it’s hard cleaning the grout in your shower (where soap and water flow no less), imagine what’s in your intestine and saturated throughout your organs & tissues organism-wide.
Like all of its owners, I echo, we would not want to live without an Enlightener!
When you clean your home and know what it takes to keep life clean, you learn profound truths about the body and what accrues over decades of consumption.
Everything needs cleaning & washing. Your body is more your home than is your external dwelling place!
See how your life & life experience transform when you cleanse deeply & consistently.
It’s only as intimidating as cleaning your own home. I get it, that can be saying a lot for some of you, I know, lol! But let’s get started together. I’ll put my gloves on with you and scrub by your side giving you all my 22 years of tips, tricks & support!
Get ready to ring with life force, strength, beauty & inexplicable bliss! Let’s clean ‘house!’ 👊🌟🧼❤️
A Sweaty Analogy

A Sweaty Analogy

You know how a thick, juicy sweat will dry on your body within minutes after a serious workout if you don’t jump in the shower pretty immediately? Well, that is what the waste you awaken, if you’re merely eating a highly raw, green-centric diet without following it up with consistent colon irrigation, will do; it will resettle back into your tissues.
It’s pointless to awaken waste and not release it. It resettles over a few days and then either you bake it back into your tissues or you keep awakening and reabsorbing the same waste if you persist with it.
Smart to awaken! Not smart to fail to release/remove what you’ve awakened.
It so happens, I took this photo (of a photo) at the gym at Le Fontainebleau after a big, sweaty workout.
I would never sweat and not shower nor would I ever awaken and not release/remove.
The water most people think they need to be guzzling needs to be sent in (or rather up!) the other way.
Your face is a mirror of your colon. Pretty much everything in you, on you and flowing through you (emotions and thoughts included) are a mirror of your colon. I hereby invite you to the fine art of un-stuffing yourself! 💩🪄😉