Key Tools the False Light Uses: Eating & Sex

Key Tools the False Light Uses: Eating & Sex

Eating and Sex


Eating & sex are the two most misunderstood and erroneously executed practices here on earth.  Thanks to the Matrix, we have been trained to approach both with complete disregard to our sacred nature. As a result, both eating & sex destroy us.


Celibacy is like fasting. It resets your sexual ‘palate.’ It is crucial to revisit the origins of our programming around eating and sex. For as long as we do either (much less both) as our culture models to us, we further defile ourselves.


I challenge you to a period of fasting and/or a period of conscious celibacy as a way to restore the integrity of your physical and sexual fields. The healing required for both fields is extensive, but at least it may begin by these methods, if done properly.


All which we have culturally been directed to consume by mouth and through our sexual energy field is wrong. It is so wrong that it hijacks our innate truth (which largely explains why the world is as lost & depraved as it is today).


The truth about eating & sex has been inverted. The only way back is to set it all straight again. We must be quick to release the erroneous ideologies that have set us on a destructive path.


Contemplate it and trace all disease and the destruction of the family and the soul back to the perversions of food and sex. It is so simple, so obvious.


The more a person craves sexual gratification, the further they have distanced themselves from the Creator. The gratification they seek in the orgasm is the force of life from the Creator. But they instead receive a damaging, acidic, addictive form of that force – call it “false fire” or “false light.” This is the same with the consumption of false-fire foods and too much food.


The nearer you are to the Creator/Creative force, the fewer needs you have and the more clearly you perceive the value and correct engagement with sexuality & food.


These perversions, created from the inverted way the ‘false light’ operates is how we are subtly but systematically entrained to operate in sync with the false light. The false light grooms us from our first breath.


It’s a lot to accept but once you see it, you’ll get it. And once you get it, you can’t be deceived by it anymore (unless you choose to be).


You can be restored to your truth and power. This knowledge is central to true restoration, individually & collectively.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose

Detoxing From the Matrix: False Sexuality Codes

Detoxing From the Matrix: False Sexuality Codes

Sexuality, Sex and Sex Appeal


We are going to have to change everything we think we know about sexuality as we dream in the New Earth. The sexuality programming we were coded with is false, perverse and inverted.


Even putting aside the horrors of what’s being uncovered between Hollywood, the Crowns of Europe, the Vatican and the politicians, we have been infiltrated by a deeply perverted belief system around sex and sex appeal.


Objectification and Matrix Programming


Think about it: the very term “sexy” is utterly ridiculous. Who in their right mind would want random people that they have no sacred bond with to be sexually attracted to them? It’s utterly creepy when you actually think about it!


We were all so deeply conditioned to desecrate the holy union between man & woman and to objectify ourselves and others, making so-called “romantic” engagements transactional.


We have to stop attempting to ‘sell’ others on ourselves and ‘buy’ others based on what they have to offer per the Matrix programming.


False Sexuality Codes


False sexuality codes are a MAJOR way in which the false Mind-matrix undermines our precious lives. We have accepted versions of beauty and allure, designated and aspired to embodying those images just so we wouldn’t be alone or left by the wayside in our culture. Righting this is another huge step that will liberate you from the Matrix.


There is so much pressure from such an early age to validate oneself through sex appeal and sexual relationships. All it does though is discount you & the other through exploitation and objectification.


Time for Celibacy 


I highly recommend a period of celibacy to create space for you to ponder these things and not conform to perverse (albeit common) ideologies around sexuality. As always, the Dark Matrix-mind inverts and perverts every Godly thing. Take time to rethink sexuality and being ‘sexy.” Your Soul actually depends on it.


Restoring sexual purity is also part of the path of incorruptibility. Couples can pause, reflect & discuss this together and those of you looking for Divine partnerships will be sending a far more aligned signal out to the Love-Forces when you shed the false Mind-matrix sex codes. In fact, it’s pointless to pursue Divine union carrying old sex-relationship codes.


Sacred sexuality is an engagement with the purest Creator-Source energy. To defile it is to desecrate Source. That has dire consequences. Those who keep it sacred are rewarded with the gifts of Creation. The power therein should not be underestimated. Better celibate than sorry.


Earth cannot clean up and rebirth if this quintessential truth is not rectified.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose

Why women shouldn’t use vibrators

Why women shouldn’t use vibrators (and why their partners have an equally vested interest in that). And, yes, there is actually a cleansing lesson in this… I promise!

If you’ve studied with me, you would have learned right from the start that the toxicity quotient of a substance is determined by the degree to which that substance stimulates your body and energy field. Stimulants are always toxic (think about everything that has a stimulating effect – sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, flashing images, etc.). All toxins (all stimulants) also have a de-sensitizing effect. They decrease your natural sensitivity to the world around you – they decrease instinct, they decrease the ‘signal’ of the little antennas of your cells (and of your intuition or ‘sixth sense’).

You would have also learned that stimulation is synonymous with a term I call ‘false-fire’ (false fire gives a bolt of stimulative energy but it is not true energy and as such is highly addictive and requires an increased amount of that bolt to provide the same result the next time (just like street drugs and sugar do). False fire stimulates, providing the experience that is confused with energy, but it is not real energy – it is artificial, acidic, addictive, de-sensitising and temporary.

Real fire by contrast is a totally different force from an entirely different source! Real fire (real energy) comes from the network of life through which life force energy is conducted. Real energy – true primal fire (or Qi or Prana as it is also known) is the force from The Source. That’s right, it’s is from the great centripetal spin of cosmic Qi!

Anytime we introduce stimulation we create need; need creates external attachment. Add to that the fact that all stimulating substances are addictive and acidic and you can see what a danger stimulative substances (and gadgets) are. Vibrators are quite an obvious stimulator (so are our smartphones, seeing as we’re on the subject).

As with stimulative substances like unnatural foods and drinks, what really makes vibrators damaging is that their use reduces the sensation of the (by comparison) understated, nuanced human touch and ‘er pulsations. Such stimulation ruins the sexual palate for real eros-energy because it has been triggered or re-wired for false fire.

This is not healthy or desirable for either partner. The woman stops feeling the unique nuances of her partner’s body, energy and touch and the man misses out on the gratification of her natural responsiveness to all that he’s bringing her way. The intercept of real fire, the conductivity which makes lovemaking great, is lost.

It’s like someone who has over-stimulated their palate with sugary, salty, starchy foods. They don’t appreciate the flavor of an organic carrot out of the garden or the nuance of a plain baked sweet potato or fresh tomato. Meanwhile, someone who has never had artificial food will find the pleasure of those vegetables unsurpassed and even ecstatic.

The analogies are endless as we are a frighteningly over-stimulated society. When we re-sensitize ourselves we can start to experience the ecstatic life we were born to live, rather than some artificial imitation of life.

I’m presently writing a book on love and relationships…so perhaps I’ll share more along these lines if there’s interest.

A poem for Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here is a bit of poetic musing to celebrate a new era of love – the high-romance that we can catch a glimpse of among balanced, sovereign beings:

At the height of the magic, the wings all have sprouted; taking flight right on time, right on key

And yet, while there is bliss and deep peacefulness,

How lovely if you’d fly with me

The heart is a gateway and we are all things

No more cages, no trappings, no masks

What once was all crass, is now clear and so vast

So, it is in this spirit, I ask…

Should the fullness surge through you and wish to be shared

Should it be natural to reach for my hand,

There is no divide – not time, space or land

Should our quickened hearts call to be paired

To know you’ve overcome, over-ruled, over-run

All the shadows, like an obstacle course

There, powerfully, you stand with sweet love in your hand

Rising to expand into Source

But to dance, fly, touch, kiss, joined with this other,

Given all you’ve mutually discovered,

Clear as day, point of fact (or I’ll eat my hat),

Innocence-lost must be finally deemed recovered.

Here we may stand, taking joy in the sight

that we’ve managed to recover our light;

Walked through the valley of the shadow of death —

even in the absence of oxygen, drawn breath!

And yet, while the view is quite fine, finally.

How lovely if you’d fly with me

– Natalia Rose

Valentine’s Day Sex Ed 101: Romance and Reproductive Health

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day—a time to celebrate romantic love. But who are we kidding? We cannot have a healthy, fun romantic life when our sexual organs are dysfunctional. The rates of cervical, ovarian and prostate cancer diagnoses are growing every day (to say nothing of breast cancer). HPV, ovarian cysts, erectile dysfunction, yeast infections, and the common over-the-counter complaints about the nether regions are simply <em>not</em> sexy!! Yet nearly everyone walking around today has something to complain about.

We must admit to the following truths:

1) “Normal” living is not clean living.

2) Unclean bodies produce compromised offspring.

3) There is far more to sexual responsibility than wearing a condom.

Photographic illusions of alluring models may sell products, but “normal” Americans with their distended body parts, bad breath and unhealthy sexual organs are anything but sexy. When you think about love this Valentine’s Day, pull back the veil of plastic illusions and discover the truth: sexy, loving relationships occur between men and women with clean-celled bodies living for the highest good of our micro- and macrocosmic communities. We must take responsibility for the health of our sexual and reproductive organs.

Just about every product that average Americans use on a daily basis negatively impacts sexual health. For example, it’s widely known that underarm deodorants deliver chemicals and heavy metals into the lymph and breast tissue. It’s also generally known that perfumes, dyes and preservatives in mainstream toiletries are carcinogenic and highly acidic to the body. But one particularly toxic product is often overlooked: the tampon.

We never want to jam things into organs that require a flow in the opposite direction. Mothers, tell your daughters: tampons fight the natural flow, creating reverse pressure and leading to ovarian cysts that then lead to bigger issues. Further, all tampons, even the ones at the health food stores, are loaded with highly carcinogenic chemicals that leach into the body—skyrocketing the potential for bladder and cervical cancer and cervical issues! Records show a dramatic discrepancy between the frequency of female cancers before and after the invention of the tampon.

Now, if you need to use a tampon now and then, it should not cause great harm, but use them sparingly! If you are having heavy, uncomfortable periods, it is a sign that you are out of balance. Once your body regains its balance, your periods will be shorter and lighter. The pill and IUDs are also extremely damaging with repercussions that are so far-reaching that they will need to be addressed separately. The bottom line is this: Women are poisoning themselves in the name of sex and do not know how to care for their sexual and reproductive health.

Men’s biggest sexual organ issues are prostate trouble and erectile dysfunction. The first is largely caused by the secum and sigmoid in the colon overfilling with waste, which presses into the groin, creating prostatitis. More than 90% of American men over the age of fifty have a prostate issue. The biggest factor that affects the prostate is a high-protein diet. And get this: excessive masturbation also leads to prostate issues, not to mention severely drains a man’s chi. However, when a man is with a woman, her pulsations give him energy, making up for some of his loss. And when real love is actually present in lovemaking, there can be no loss of chi drain since love and chi are the same thing.

According to the <em>I Ching, The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity</em> and Mantak Chia’s works (which are too extensive to list here), men are really only meant to ejaculate ten to thirty-five times a year and ideally no more than once a week for optimal physical health. (Keep in mind that this is just what the ancients recommend for optimal health, so find the balance that is right for you and your relationship.)

Also, the semen of an unclean body carries a lot of microtoxins, which are not good for a man’s partner. This results in a lot of unpleasant reactions in women. The cleaner a woman is internally, the more extreme her reaction will be to the toxic semen. (Again, not sexy!) In fact, there is so much toxicity released in the average man’s semen that he can easily wind up with prostate problems if he doesn’t regularly release some of that built-up toxicity. This is why abstinence in modern men can also lead to prostate trouble.

Finally, we cannot ignore the most obvious part of romance: procreation. Our children are sick, sad and angry. Why? Because people who are internally unclean (their cells are carrying excessive waste matter) are having children, severely compromising the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of these offspring. Children born to parents who eat and live “normally” take on all their parents’ internal problems in their DNA. Before you get too hard on yourself, it’s the build-up of generations and generations unfit consumption and degenerating health. This is how we’ve arrived at a state of widespread illness that has turned us into a pill-popping Prozac Nation.

However, there is a way to turn it all around. The more people cleanse internally through diet and clean living, the better for the future of our kids. <strong>Two clean, emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy people who feel deeply attracted to each other and share the vision of a clean, joyful world for their children—now that is sexy! </strong>

This is not a moral or religious conviction. It’s just nature. We are destroying nature with our illusions of what is sexy, romantic and desirable.

If you are trying to get pregnant or wish to have a child sometime in the future, you must understand that generations of poor diets and damaging lifestyles created the childhood diseases that now haunt our culture. A child’s health stems from the parents’ seed (semen) and soil (womb). In fact, the seed is much more of a determining factor in the health of the child than the soil, which means the father’s health is critical for the creation of a healthy child.

Everything we do to our bodies has a direct effect on us and a parallel effect on the future of our world. When we use products or ingest substances that offend the laws of nature, we not only create immediate imbalances in our being, but we pass those imbalances into other realms and stages of our lives, into the next generation, and ultimately to the future of our whole world. <em>How you treat your body and yourself matters—it matters to you, to your partner, to your children, and to your community at large. </em>

Fall in love with the truth this Valentine’s Day and see how sexy and beautiful life can be when it springs from the highest good!