Becoming  Your Own Surgeon

Becoming Your Own Surgeon

Benefits of Cleansing Your Cells


When you cleanse your cells and tissues, you become your own surgeon. The removal of the interloping blockages triggers a great re-knitting of the tissues to occur — something science only dreams of as it attempts to mimic such life-generating phenomena. At the very least, science has to go to great lengths to achieve something with entropic tissue that Life achieves with healthy tissue as naturally as breathing. (At worst, science has to apply immoral tactics to do so). So why not just remediate the tissue so Life can work its natural magic? (Ah, because that would entail discipline and lifestyle change).


Life is, by definition, regenerative. Only death/entropy requires questionable, convoluted, complicated apparatus. Again, for what? To mimic what Life does effortlessly on its own under the right conditions! Radiance, strength, purity, clarity, creativity, effortlessness. These are the fruits of your inner surgeon’s discipline & focus. It can take many days and hours in the operating theater. But there is great work being done — divine suturing, transcendent transplants, ineffable transfusions & cosmetic miracles.


Tip: It’s time, once and for all, to get over what the ‘beast’ in you wants to consume. Get over your lower impulses. They will just take you lower and lower. Find a way to love your greens. They are your “soap.”


Overcome Cravings and Impulses


Get over this idea that you are entitled to be satisfied all the time. Instead, try on the power of a bit of sacrifice. It’s healthy and wholesome to rise above knee-jerk desires. Don’t trust all those cravings that you are otherwise encouraged by the carnal, lost-world, to indulge in. They are illusions of satisfaction. Real pleasure and satisfaction will come to you as undeniably as the morning light.


Small but deliberate steps. Every day, a little more. You can be a great surgeon and regenerate your body. But there are no short cuts in the operating theater…no cutting at all in fact, just the release of the impediments to conductivity and then, natural reconnection. Remember that what it actually means to “deny oneself” is to discard the truth of what you are. That is a far cry from the common understanding of the term which is to fail to give yourself the indulgences you desire. In effect when you indulge your lower impulses per the latter directive, you are in fact, actually discarding the truth of what you are.


Be the Flame


You can become the light/the primal fire/the eternal flame or you can get burned by it. The eternal flame will go on either way, incinerating all that is not itself. True to itself, the eternal fire of light will always unapologetically and uncompromisingly flame on.


In loving service,



Be Kind to the Bees

Be Kind to the Bees

Switch from Cow’s Milk to Nut Milks


As many of you have probably heard, the excessive farming of almonds (largely due to to the skyrocketing increase in demand for almond milk) is decimating the honey bee population.


What we must understand is that switching from cow’s milk to almond milk is only good insofar as we come to realize that the intake of milk at-large (cow’s milk for cows, monkey milk for monkeys, human milk for humans) beyond weaning age is not appropriate nor part of the design for our bodies. If we must lean on a temporary milk substitute as we transition away from poor social dietary programming, then sure, nut and seed milks are an excellent choice (ideally prepared homemade – but if purchased, stick to those without additives like the sugars, thickeners and oils added to most package nut milks).


Decrease your Consumption


The deeper cause of the decimation of the bees is over-consumption. We must come to terms with the fact that the fully grown adult needs very little food. Most people resist that fact because they are so used to consuming so much that they fear they will not survive or be happy on less. Our bees are asking us to please stop the demand and consume minimally.


It’s pointless to be vegan and yet still over-consume. That’s actually a kind of hypocrisy.


Americans are used to guzzling milk – by the glass, in their cereal, coffee, etc. Switching to nut milks does not give one carte blanche to drink the stuff by the glass or use it in quantities traditionally associated with cow milk consumption. Switch from cow milk to nut/seed milk, yes! But switch off the regular need for a milk-like substance ultimately. Let nut/seed milks be a treat, not a regular thing.


in loving service,



Socially Conditioned Eating

Socially Conditioned Eating

Socially Conditioned Eating


In order to begin to understand emotional eating, we must discuss social conditioning, which was once a very little-known term but is becoming more widely used among today’s conscious youth.


Social conditioning refers to the norms that we have inherited practically from birth; they are so much a part of the fabric of our culture that it can feel strange to question them. But here’s what we need to understand: these norms are intimately connected with the act of emotional eating.


Social conditioning at large has compromised our sanity, but socially conditioned eating specifically has given rise to all of our eating disorders—from relatively mild expressions to full-blown cases. If it were not for social conditioning, we would not have eating disorders.


Only civilized people have eating disorders. But why is this so?


In the answer to this question lies the solution for emotional eating.


Pondering this question in light of all my personal and professional experience, logic, and intuition has led me to the conclusion that our stresses, anxieties, regrets, primal childhood experiences, repressed emotions, and blocked creativity are all symptoms of our social wiring. Our way of life constricts us, limits us, and emotionally poisons us.


With all due respect to our society’s merits, among them are some devastating drawbacks. I remain hopeful that we may become innovative enough to take the best of civilization and leave behind the rest—that which does not serve our evolving well.


In the meantime, though, the social blueprint that we are asked to accept renders us physically and emotionally handicapped.


– From Emotional Eating SOS by Natalia Rose


The Answers You Seek are Found Within

The Answers You Seek are Found Within

The Answers You Seek are Found Within


At all times, especially now, it is ideal that the answers you seek are found within – in the sovereign, clear counsel of your wise, highly-connected-with-Supreme-Creator-Self.


Clean out Your Kingdom First


But if what if your ‘within’ is all filled up with culturally instilled programming and media scripts along with all the dysfunctional reactions and emotions placed in you by those who raised you? Well, in that case, you’ll want to do a good bit of ‘kingdom cleaning’ before you’d want to go within.


What is your ‘within’ filled with? The adage “go within” is only as sage as your ‘within’ is truly worthy of being a pure, dependable counselor to yourself.




We can be beyond counselors & government and only have leaders in place as general reinforcements. But we have to be clean, clear, connected with the Source of the Forces of Goodness first. We may collectively be a long way from not requiring a structure to enforce a worldly ‘rule of law.’ But you, as an individual, can be very close to self-rulership and self-counsel.


Your Own Best Personal Advisor


Clean out your own Kingdom, become your best personal advisor. While everyone is going mad, seize this opportunity to make your kingdom within one where you can find all the answers you seek and all the direction you could ever need.


Clean Out Every Room in Your Kingdom


Your kingdom’s castle has many rooms that need cleaning: your physical room, your mental room, your emotional room, your sexual room, your energetic room and your spiritual room.


First go within to clean and when that’s done, you can go within to live, navigate & enjoy!


in loving service,



Social Conditioning Overview

Social Conditioning Overview

Cleansing Social Conditioning


Cleansing your being requires cleansing Social Engineering (Conditioning) from your being. This is critical to your success & not easily done. Let’s take a look at why it is so important and why you must put the weight of your focus behind it.


You may not be familiar with the term, so please allow me to define it. Social engineering, not to be confused with “genetic engineering” is an attempt at manipulating people’s thinking and customs in order to regulate and deliberately shape the future development of a society. If it’s done well, the attempt is successful. And unfortunately for us it has been done all too well (more importantly it continues to be done well with more and more dangerous ideologies being added to the formula). We must ask ourselves where these ideologies shaping our society are leading our opinions and beliefs (without our conscious awareness but with our widespread hypnotic acceptance).


The Mechanics of Social Conditioning


Here’s how it works. New ideas are drip fed into entertainment, fashion, news media, etc., shaping public opinion. All of a sudden this drip feed turns into an automatically accepted new norm. The new norms and trends toward future norms are easily identifiable. Here are just a few examples: widespread use of expletives as every day language, extreme violence and extreme explicit sexuality (often violent) throughout all forms of media (film, tv, news, music, video games, written publications), perpetual EMF waves and the constant use of smart phones & wearing of smart devices, rampant physical manipulation through excessive elective plastic surgery and self-focused life (selfie-culture). A few examples of socially engineered trends that are presently lined up to become new popular norms in the very near future: Trans-humanism, transgender children, microchipping and romantic relationships with robots.


Reluctant Submission


Humans haven’t changed and our natural instincts to be repelled by these things has not changed. But social engineering has tampered with our unconscious mind bringing about a kind of reluctant submission to them. In other words, it’s convinced people it is all okay — to just ‘go with it.’ Now, much as I might be inclined to, I’m not making a moral call here. I have a different point I’m trying to make: that true cleansing requires removing the influence of social engineering.


Authenticity Pushed Out


We have been molded and hypnotized, directed and implanted with ideas which are not our own. Our minds, our cells, our neurological pathways and energy fields have been so saturated with the campaigns of Social Engineering that we have no room for authenticity, no room for true humanity. We are filled to the brim with this Social Engineering and all the colonics, green juices, yoga poses, meditation and fasting will not cleanse that until we get serious about removing the influences of social engineering.


We cleanse the body to bring more consciousness in. Higher Consciousness and Social Engineering are incompatible with one another. So that feeling you have that something is missing, that something is wrong is correct! And that something is Social Engineering and the nefarious forces that would like to keep us locked into their plan to dehumanize us, unravel our being until we are entirely dependent slaves.


Once we identify what’s happening, we can stop it & reverse it. Then, Higher Consciousness can resume its rightful place, quickening your body, heart, mind and energy field with the power of Living Spirit.


You see, Social Engineering is ripping apart your life network and trying to replace it with a death network. I am interested in dismantling the death network and restoring your Life network. Like liberated lions, we will emerge and be restored to our true habitat which will in turn restore us.