Social Conditioning Overview

Social Conditioning Overview

Cleansing Social Conditioning


Cleansing your being requires cleansing Social Engineering (Conditioning) from your being. This is critical to your success & not easily done. Let’s take a look at why it is so important and why you must put the weight of your focus behind it.


You may not be familiar with the term, so please allow me to define it. Social engineering, not to be confused with “genetic engineering” is an attempt at manipulating people’s thinking and customs in order to regulate and deliberately shape the future development of a society. If it’s done well, the attempt is successful. And unfortunately for us it has been done all too well (more importantly it continues to be done well with more and more dangerous ideologies being added to the formula). We must ask ourselves where these ideologies shaping our society are leading our opinions and beliefs (without our conscious awareness but with our widespread hypnotic acceptance).


The Mechanics of Social Conditioning


Here’s how it works. New ideas are drip fed into entertainment, fashion, news media, etc., shaping public opinion. All of a sudden this drip feed turns into an automatically accepted new norm. The new norms and trends toward future norms are easily identifiable. Here are just a few examples: widespread use of expletives as every day language, extreme violence and extreme explicit sexuality (often violent) throughout all forms of media (film, tv, news, music, video games, written publications), perpetual EMF waves and the constant use of smart phones & wearing of smart devices, rampant physical manipulation through excessive elective plastic surgery and self-focused life (selfie-culture). A few examples of socially engineered trends that are presently lined up to become new popular norms in the very near future: Trans-humanism, transgender children, microchipping and romantic relationships with robots.


Reluctant Submission


Humans haven’t changed and our natural instincts to be repelled by these things has not changed. But social engineering has tampered with our unconscious mind bringing about a kind of reluctant submission to them. In other words, it’s convinced people it is all okay — to just ‘go with it.’ Now, much as I might be inclined to, I’m not making a moral call here. I have a different point I’m trying to make: that true cleansing requires removing the influence of social engineering.


Authenticity Pushed Out


We have been molded and hypnotized, directed and implanted with ideas which are not our own. Our minds, our cells, our neurological pathways and energy fields have been so saturated with the campaigns of Social Engineering that we have no room for authenticity, no room for true humanity. We are filled to the brim with this Social Engineering and all the colonics, green juices, yoga poses, meditation and fasting will not cleanse that until we get serious about removing the influences of social engineering.


We cleanse the body to bring more consciousness in. Higher Consciousness and Social Engineering are incompatible with one another. So that feeling you have that something is missing, that something is wrong is correct! And that something is Social Engineering and the nefarious forces that would like to keep us locked into their plan to dehumanize us, unravel our being until we are entirely dependent slaves.


Once we identify what’s happening, we can stop it & reverse it. Then, Higher Consciousness can resume its rightful place, quickening your body, heart, mind and energy field with the power of Living Spirit.


You see, Social Engineering is ripping apart your life network and trying to replace it with a death network. I am interested in dismantling the death network and restoring your Life network. Like liberated lions, we will emerge and be restored to our true habitat which will in turn restore us.




The Danger of Social Conditioning:  Installment 5

The Danger of Social Conditioning: Installment 5

Social Conditioning: Installment 5


Your next major clue is also by way of an adage you can apply universally: Social Engineering (and any form of imposed manipulation) can only have its way with you if your consciousness is diminished. Why? Diminished consciousness equals diminished life-power. That’s a major insight right there! Those of you who really get that will go far!


Free Will


Consciousness is also linked to Free Will. If our consciousness diminishes, so too does our access to genuine Free Will diminish. The more our Network of Life is compromised, the more we lose consciousness and Free Will and instead become sitting ducks for the directives of another’s will – because we either come to perceive their directive as ‘right’ or as the only option (because we feel powerless to assert our own will in the face of theirs).


Instincts, Intuition and Intelligence


The more we repair our Network of Life, the more the degree of the intelligence flowing through our Network increases (equating to greater consciousness and increased Free Will)! Therefore, awareness of the impact that imbalance plays coupled with the repair work we are doing to restore our being translates immediately and directly into a heightened ability to discern as we were naturally able to – with acute instincts and reliable intuition. From there we reject all imbalanced nonsense and extricate ourselves fully from perverse, imposed external control.




Be vigilant always. Know that confusion is created to enact chaos and chaos increases entropy. Entropy is the depletion of life force. Follow these bread crumbs home to syntropy and never EVER let your ‘entropy guard’ down. Let nothing prey upon your energy by trying to spin webs of confusion around you. Take whatever time is needed to recapitulate your past and root-out the vulnerable places in your unconscious and subconscious mind where programming was stored long before you were even walking around in a mature alpha brain-wave state (when you could choose your beliefs consciously). Question everything. Question me. Be free – in the fullest sense!




The Danger of Social Conditioning: Installment 4

The Danger of Social Conditioning: Installment 4

Social Conditioning: Installment 4


The Great Shedding!


At long last, how do we shed, remove, exorcise, wake up from, and disband with the Socially Engineered hypnosis that has insidiously managed to convince us to overrule our own nature!? Oh, it requires a Herculean determination and strength because we must override belief systems and patterns that have been deeply rooted in us mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually & energetically. But, it is eminently doable!! So let’s do it, eh?!


Liberty Threatened


Here’s the most important clue – the key to life and the key to this issue – ready?! I’m going to give you an adage you must never EVER forget; it will be your key to positively everything in life. Here it is: Anything that threatens the balance of life threatens liberty. Therefore, we may confidently set about this expunging of Social Engineering journey for ourselves by identifying every cultural norm and directive that supports the imbalance life and pull our support out of it.


Imbalance is Unnatural


If we believe that it is in our nature to support imbalance, it is because we have bought into error. All collusion with the exploitation and degeneration of our land, water, air, earth creatures and our human lives is linked to our loss of liberty. Our loss of liberty is linked to an infiltration of a control agenda that does not come from our nature. Ergo, it’s unnatural and foreign and not for us (it is not ‘pro-us’). Its pro-something else. What else? Who knows – speculation may abound – but that’s not what you should dwell upon now.


Support Balance


What you must focus on now is reestablishing sanity for yourself by only supporting balance. Balance is the essential condition for liberty. It is insanity to imbalance one’s home. Earth is our home. Our well-being depends upon the wellbeing of its elements. It’s elements are our elements. Any belief system that has taken root in us that tells us otherwise is a factor of Social Engineering, or at the very least, an entity that is not pro-us.



The Danger of Social Conditioning: Installment 3

The Danger of Social Conditioning: Installment 3

Social Conditioning: Installment 3


How can we tell the degree to which we are a product of Social Engineering?  There are several very accurate ways.


Judgmental Reactions


One of the easiest ways to test the degree to which you have been successfully social programmed is to watch your judgmental reactions. When a judgment is cast on someone publicly do you rise to echo it (if this were ancient times, would you start throwing stones when everyone else did)? Socially programmed people tend to do what is popular rather than what is right, even when what is popular is obviously wrong. The extent to which you concur with mass opinion will indicate to a very reliable degree, the extent to which you are a product of successful social engineering.


Challenging Widely Held Beliefs


Another way to know is by determining the degree to which you challenge commonly held beliefs. Are you an independent thinker or do you readily accept commonly held beliefs? You may be an academic and consider yourself an independent thinker by rite of your acute intellectual aptitude and years of university investment marked by advanced degrees. Well-educated you may be, but, in reality, are you merely an astute learner but not actually an independent thinker)? A truly independent thinker would not shrink from this raw reflection, nor from the answer. Often the most educated among us are the most programmed. Schooling does not equate to self determinism (nor does lack of it equate to greater independence).


Listening to your Inner Voice


Another way of assessing the extent of your social programming is to consider the degree to which you listen to your own inner voice. Do you have a highly tuned antenna that guides you reliably most of the time or do you instead tend to look to others to guide your decisions and choices? Do you put more stock in those so called ‘authorities’ than they actually deserve. Granted, there is a time and place for leaders and teachers in our lives. But the best leaders and teachers will give you the best information you can come by and still encourage you to develop and use your own discernment always.  The very fact that our culture holds out for research studies in that face of the obvious is quite telling. Sane, clear, intelligent people have an unerring grasp of what is beneficial to life and what is not, without requiring a major research study to corroborate it. Did we need to wait decades to be told that smoking, asbestos and fast food were harmful? Do we need research studies on GMO’s, children’s usage of smart phones and other devices to confirm our intuitive knowing that they are destroying children’s neurological, immunological, emotional, hormonal, and hematological responses? Really? Come on!


There you have three big insights you can use to help you measure your own unwitting acceptance of social programming. From this point you can go about the noble process of removing it.


The Danger of Social Conditioning: Installment 2

The Danger of Social Conditioning: Installment 2

In Installment 1 of the Dangers of Social Conditioning, we discussed how humans are programmable and largely directed by social conditioning. We discussed why it is critical to stop feeding the group consciousness that is endangering us, and how to link up with a higher consciousness for life-generating results.


Social Conditioning and DNA


Now, I would like to discuss the effects of socially conditioned behavior on the programming of our genetic material—specifically, how socially conditioned consumption of unfit substances (mainstream food, drink, drugs, medications, etc.) affects our DNA. Our life experiences are determined by two critical elements: (1) the focus of our consciousness and (2) our DNA coding based on what we consume.


Shift the Genetic Imprint


Human DNA is programmable, like a computer system. But the programs are ever-changing based on the messages our DNA receives from our experiences, thoughts, and the substances we consume. If we commit ourselves to certain life-generating disciplines, we can become more powerful, leading us up the evolutionary spiral. We can shift the genetic imprint we were given from an unfavorable trajectory onto a much more favorable one. (We can also program ourselves to do the opposite—to degenerate our mental and emotional balance and physicality). A few disciplines that can enable us to remove blockages and begin to evolve: Deep Tissue Cleansing through a highly alkaline diet and regular gravity colonics; connecting to our Higher Self; and shedding patterns and canceling programs that don’t serve the Highest Good.

We can evolve your own being tremendously—in this body, in this lifetime. When our hearts are aligned with the Highest Good, when our emotional, physical, and mental bodies are clear, there are no limits to our powers of creation.


Affect on our Offspring


Now, let’s start from the beginning and discuss the impact of social conditioning on our DNA and how it affects our offspring. The “programming feature” of our DNA can be our best ally or our worst enemy. It can lift us up to untold greatness, but steeped as it is in the conditioned values of our current diet-lifestyle, it is leading our race and our planet to sure ruin.

Every single one of us is a product not only of what we have programmed into our DNA, but of what our entire lineage has programmed into us throughout the generations. We receive it all. This means that each new generation that springs forth will be weaker than the one that gave birth to it because with each generation the offenses made against the body have become exponentially greater.


Passing Inherited Energy Along Generation after Generation


For example: Bob was born of Irish-German descent. For generations, his family consumed large quantities of alcohol, flesh products, white bread, and flour. This steady diet of acidic, unfit substances saturated the cells and tissues of his predecessors, degenerating their health, and was passed along in the seed of Bob’s father to Bob himself. Bob’s health is now more compromised than that of his parents when they were born because he has received the accumulated energetic makeup of 20 to 30 years of unfit living. Bob and his wife will continue their social customs with 20 to 30 years of even more unfit consumption, and then will pass along their DNA to their children, who will be the most compromised of all three of these generations. It’s a continuous downward spiral of Inherited Energy.

Inherited Energy determines the constitution of our offspring and is often the origin of birth defects and other infant/childhood imbalances. Emotional and mental disorders are also carried in Inherited Energy like a blueprint of our ancestors’ physical, emotional, and mental lives in the DNA.


The Degeneration of Inherited Energy


The degeneration of Inherited Energy has become exponentially more dramatic in the last 50 years. Prior to that, unfit substances were not nearly as damaging or over-consumed. Meat, raw dairy, potatoes, beer, and sugar are the “Pollyannas” of food compared to the chemically laden, highly refined, ultra-pasteurized packaged goods we started to consume in the last couple generations. These substances cause hormones to misfire and the body’s entire communication network to go haywire. The organs become damaged, the blood filthy, the life force energy blocked—and the DNA reads all of this into the blueprint of the body and its reproductive organs.

Have you noticed that children are becoming sicker and more overweight at a much younger age than ever before? Children are suffering from the socially accepted consumption of their lineage and are manifesting the degeneration of the DNA in their physical, emotional, and mental fields. In other words, unfit consumption is degenerating our species!

We all love our children, but how many of us will make the changes necessary to stop their pain? Children are more overweight today not only because they eat more junk, but because they were born with compromised bodies and are unable to process and metabolize these heinous substances. It’s like sending the weakest warriors into the biggest battle of the war. Babies bear the brunt of the damage their parents have done to their bodies, their organs, and blood chemistry. This is why social conditioning is so dangerous.

We have become a society that expects our government organizations, medical associations, and other authority figures to look out for our health and safety. When we blindly follow convention, gorging on Big Macs, sodas, and other junk foods, we give our power away. As a result, our kids today have to work harder than ever to stay well.




Now, at the risk of offending a lot of people, I will speak the un-PC truth: The many men and women today who are struggling to reproduce are bio-chemically unfit to bear children. Natural selection has determined that it is not in the best interest of the species to reproduce from these couples at this time. Yes, it is painful. But remember, pain is a call for change. Infertility is an alarm bell that society is not heeding, but rather ignoring and suppressing with invasive treatments that defy the body’s wisdom. Infertility is nature’s last call before a complete degeneration of the species. We cannot say we haven’t been duly warned.


Overcoming Infertility


My friends, I am not trying to offend you, but I am not here to protect your feelings. My role is to help you to protect your power, your truth, your offspring—in sum, our humanity. If you are struggling to reproduce, try Deep Tissue Cleansing to help make your body a hospitable environment for a baby and to offer your baby cleaner genetic material. Now, you may not be able to clean up entire generations of damage, but in time, if you approach cleansing intelligently by awakening the old waste through alkaline foods and fresh vegetable juices, and release the waste with regular bowel cleansing, you and your future offspring will be much better off. (For more detailed guidance on pregnancy and preparing for pregnancy, listen to my audio release: “Guidance for Mothers”)

If you still do not get pregnant after Deep Tissue Cleansing, at least you will have dramatically improved the quality of your cells and tissues, and you will be in a better position to weigh your options.


Long term Affects


The worst thing we can do is to continue on this trajectory of degenerating genetic material. Birth defects, childhood illnesses, mental illness, and increasing numbers of “normal” illnesses like asthma, learning disabilities, ear infections, and depression are not merely random occurrences, but a reflection of our society’s ills. When we look at our suffering children, let us be honest with ourselves and say, “Here is the mirror of our socially acceptable lifestyle.”


The Gift of Elevated Health


Cleansing is not just about fitting into a size 2 or feeling virile at age 80. We must stand up for truth and step out of the clutches of the conditioned mass consciousness. Sure, we can be peaceful warriors—but warriors we must be! It is time to ruffle some feathers and shake up the status quo. Either we wake up or become extinct.

Our future depends on the DNA we pass along to our offspring. We honor our family line when we care for our DNA. There is no greater homage we can pay to those who came before us and no greater gift we can give to those who will follow than to protect and elevate the health of our genetic material. As our DNA gets the message that more and more of the muck and mire has left our cells, tissues, organs, and blood, it will move us right up along the evolutionary spiral toward the limitless powers that can be ours and our children’s.

I’ll see you on the upward spiral!


The Danger of Social Conditioning: Installment 1

The Danger of Social Conditioning: Installment 1

You are what you eat

Are we the rulers of our own destinies or mere products of social conditioning (social engineering)? This age-old question takes on new meaning when directed at our dietary lifestyles—and in light of the adage that “you are what you eat.”




From infancy, we are trained by our parents, our peers, the media, and other authorities in widely accepted eating habits and behaviors. For better or worse, right or wrong, we blindly absorb these habits (and literally absorb the very substances that we consume) deep in the fabric of our beings. The road to health, weight loss, and enlightenment begins with an awareness of our social conditioning—or our social programming.




When we act without consciousness, without asking why or discerning between truths and illusions of truth, we are no better than programmed computers. The fact is, we humans are highly programmable, which is good to a degree. We can retain a lot of information and our bodies are governed by certain important codes—such as the consistent rates at which our hearts beat, how we metabolize food, and how our bones grow. Beyond basic involuntary functions, however, we must remember to exercise free will, imagination, and consciousness whenever possible.


Predictable Behavior Patterns


Here’s the problem: The modern breed of human, programmed by social behaviors and chemical stimulants (such as processed sugars, flour, caffeine, and countless prescription and over-the-counter drugs), generally runs on autopilot. Even highly creative and innovative people who work outside the mainstream still fall prey to dangerous habits and food addictions. Modern people have become terribly predictable in patterns of social interaction, consumption, and physical degeneration, whereby every action becomes simply a reaction to a programmed (albeit socially accepted) behavior. It takes much vision, courage, and determination to get out from under the years of social conditioning to discover our true, healthy selves.


Conventional Wisdom


Along the way, at least for a time, most of us fall for the conventional wisdom that the key to health is to be found in the almighty calorie, fat gram, and grueling gym workout. Consider the common daily practice of eating large, fibrous breakfasts, snacking on low-calorie processed foods, consuming cooked animal flesh, and logging countless miles on the treadmill. Now consider the common sense of detoxifying and nourishing every cell of the body through juicing, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables in simple, digestible combinations, and using gentle cleansing methods—which are at the heart of my diet philosophy.


Conventional Health Foods


In my years of practice as a nutritionist, I’ve seen the painful effects of the conventional “healthy” diet on countless individuals and families. People today are riddled with symptoms and have little understanding of the root causes. For example, many a client struggling with their weight will be surprised to learn that skim milk, chicken breasts, and diet bars are only going to make them age faster and accumulate more unwanted weight due to the biochemistry of those foods (despite the ads and articles to the contrary). Clients who struggle with constipation are amazed when, after I adjust their diets and take them off of their fiber and flax supplements, they start eliminating on their own like never before. Parents are shocked when I point out the connection between their child’s chronic ear infections and the child’s consumption of milk or soy products—which are deemed “health foods” by conventional authorities.


Preventative Measures


We are told that while scientists are hard at work finding a cure for cancer, regular mammograms, colonoscopies, and check-ups are the best preventative measures. Nowhere is it explained that the organs will protect themselves from the onslaught of toxicity that saturates the tissues from decades of harmful consumption by creating tumors (little houses of toxicity to keep the poison out of the organ) as a last resort! Cancer can also be passed along through the DNA from generations of unfit living (which corrupt healthy DNA codes), and can become manifest in the body from repressed, intense emotional pain.


Real Change


Who among the programmed masses will recognize such truths and change their lives accordingly? This blog is for those among you with the ears to hear and the eyes to see that we must rethink our whole approach to health. Remember, real change begins in the mind, our creative source, which has the power to conceive new ideas and birth them into reality.


Are you ready to liberate yourself from the programmed masses, to lift yourself up and out of conventional consciousness and open your eyes to greater self-realization? Are you ready to shed away the years of marketing and cynicism, the pounds of junk food and junk ideals that have preyed on your worst fears? Are you ready to release yourself from the grip of fear and self-loathing to achieve your goals?


True Meaning of Nourishment


When you are ready—whether it is now, or in a week, or a month from now—you will know it. You will know because it’s an amazing feeling suddenly to look upon your old belief systems and watch them fall away from you, one by one, as a liberating consciousness rises in their place. You might even worry that no one in the world will understand you anymore, but I assure you that every day more and more people are awakening to the possibilities of this new way of living.


When you realize how the body was intended to eat, how it struggles to function under the onslaught of unfit substances that are the social norm, you will start to see how many other aspects of social conditioning you have blindly accepted that do not serve your wholeness. As you discover the true meaning of nourishment, you will look and feel better than you ever thought possible!


Next time, we’ll cover Installment 2 of “The Danger of Social Conditioning”—about the effect of unfit consumption on DNA and the future of our offspring.


Your friend and fellow weaver of heaven on earth,