Knowing your Worth

Knowing your Worth

Know Your Worth


I wish we didn’t live in such a cruel world where value is measured erroneously by one’s material portfolio, but most are deeply entrenched in that paradigm. Ignorance of the workings of the world cause one to be swallowed up by the ill-placed values of the world. This impacts ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ alike.


I wish to shine the spotlight on your intrinsic value: what you are is pure SOUL-GOLD, the most valuable substance there could possibly be.


Imagine a pile of gold going around looking to earn a fiat dollar or a euro or maybe a few bitcoin? How ridiculous?! Don’t get caught up in that! You are worth incalculably more than any currency and yet you likely feel you are worthless and/or you possibly even fear destitution (or what may become of you if you slow down your productivity or if the stock market crashes).


You are the Gold


It’s hard to remember this if you do not make it the center of your belief system. Your sense of security determines your ability to get beyond your foundational sense of safety in your life, to be creative, to engage with life more expansively. So this foundational sense of self-worth is critical for your human expression.


You are the gold standard. The world is the paper currency. Get that right. You are of the greatest value. The things the world holds up as valuable are all distractions to make you undervalue yourself.


It’s hard to untrain that but it’s a crying shame if you don’t! You are IT. You could never be sketched in a design studio or coded by computer programmers. You are above all of this by a million miles. Please remember this and never let go of your incomparable value. You are the GOLD! You are the GOLD! You are the GOLD!!


In loving service,






We are Here to Grow our Soul-Force



At a certain point each one of us will come to discover that we are here in human form to grow our Soul-Force. When we reach this crystal clear realization, suddenly we are so easily able to walk away from a culture of folly. When we experience this flash of truth, all that is inferior to this mission to grow our souls becomes obviously silly, such as the goal to make lots of money, to achieve status, to claim an enviable place among the social hierarchy, etc.


When we come to value our Soul-Force above all, we confidently walk away from culture and all that goes with it and we truly don’t care what the outcome may be because nothing is sweeter or more valuable to us than having our Soul-Force intact.


When we prioritize the integrity of our Soul-Force, we are in flow with life and have tasted a little known (but far greater) kind of success.


We have triumphed over the forces of error, of disease, of pettiness & drama, greed and unquenchable appetites. We have transcended the cult of culture and discovered the incalculable wealth that we truly are. Soul-Force is the most prized currency in the Multi-verses. If your Soul-Force has been co-opted away in large part, as is the case for most people, it’s time to retrieve it whilst cleansing and strengthening your being. Times are changing for the better for those who are well-prepared, well-rested and ready for battle.



In loving service,



Remain Intact

Remain Intact

Self Care


Try not to do much aside from your self-care and tending gently to others as required. Schedule as little as possible.


Prioritize deep breathing, long hot baths, long sleeps, walks in nature or fresh water swims as suits your nature.


Deep peace, lucidity and remaining intact is as good as gold right now (and possibly more rare).


The things that seemed to matter before (like material success, vanity, external achievements, the rat race, etc.) don’t matter anymore.


It’s not easy to stay sane with so much incoherence vibrating around your aethers. But that is what is being asked of us and what will forge us, by fire and pressure like swords & diamonds into a Great, Blazing Golden Soul!


There is more going on than we know right now in the realm of Soul-Force. We are being forged into greater beings if we do not melt or buckle under the heat & pressure.


Take great care of your integrity (on all levels) and stay in the incorruptible Light. Nothing else matters.


If we survive this intact, we will level up.


in loving service,




The Battlefield

The Battlefield

From The Battlefield:


I stand here on the battlefield

Having slain my inner fools

I scrutinize the landscape

And burn all life-defeating rules


I log the land traversed

The mountain-faces scaled

Death-defying inclines

And yet it’s clear I have not failed


My feet are still beneath me

Five and a half feet below my gaze

And my eyes are still cast upwards

With gratitude for days


My mind is clear and steady

My heart is pure and light

Tho the arrows fly incessantly

I dodge them left and right


I’ve withstood here on the battlefield

What no one ever should

Yet I know I’m not the only one

Who warriors through this ‘hood


If you find yourself, one day or night

On dangerous terrain

Galvanize your righteousness

Place virtue where there’s pain


Don’t let self-pity swallow you

Don’t go down that doomed, weak path

Defy the pull to sulk and fear

And rise with strength to act!


Yes, it’s hard! You’re fighting!

But look how you’re fielding swords

This is not the time for comfort and ease

Leave the world to its foolhardy rewards


Who said this was meant to be glamorous?!

What warped illusion promised ease?!

The biggest mistake you can make in a fight

Is believing the enemy can be appeased


My message is simple: be grateful!

You are on your feet and surveying the land

Your fast-twitch responses are working

And your radiant heart beams God-force with command!


The battlefield eventually calls each of us

It’s a privilege, so best not to flee

Rather gird up your forces of discipline

So that despite the assault, you may succeed!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose

Three Key Essentials

Three Key Essentials

Where the Focus Should Be


Three things I would not want to be without:

  1. My discipline
  2. My tools
  3. My knowledge


This time on earth is testing each of us. We will either rise up with strength or be crushed. This time on earth is no joke.


The focus needs to be on strengthening yourself: spiritually, physically & mentally.


Every day is a day of strengthening and growing closer to our Creator-Source. This requires great mental, physical and spiritual effort. This requires over-coming all lower tendencies & discarding all folly & illusions.




Discipline is my friend, virtue is my steadfast companion. Yes, I get tired and I fail to rise to my highest possible expression at times but I would not trade the daily discipline and focused Exalted Life-path for anything.


Discipline is developed over time – it’s not something one is born with, it’s a strength one must develop through perseverance and with determination!


The tools I refer to are those tangible items and intangible approaches that enable us to remediate and improve anything inferior in and/or around ourselves.




The knowledge is the golden Intel that directs our actions, thoughts, creative pursuits & choices (informing our discipline & tools). If we are focused on the right things and learn to see life clearly, we find this knowledge.


This is not a time for lollygagging, daydreaming, escapism and mindlessly passing your life away. This is a time when each moment/hour/day should be spent in some way overcoming your weaknesses.


We have so many weaknesses that need strengthening – so take your pick – but don’t take a day off … there is a battle on for your soul and the dial has been turned up. The stronger your resolve and the bigger your reserves – built by the sweat of your righteous efforts – the more likely you will be to come out intact.


An Intact Soul


An intact soul is the name of the game! But make no mistake, that intact soul depends upon the strength, power & health of its body, mind & emotions!


Have you trained your body for strength today?


Have you checked the influences upon your mind and emotions?


Have you had a look at the battlefield?


I have. I see it every day and it’s not looking good for those without great discipline, tools & knowledge. Discipline is the new indulgence. Let’s get serious about fighting for our Souls & remaining intact during this increasingly challenging time on earth.


In loving service,



Soul Growth

Soul Growth

“It is better to fail in a cause that would ultimately win than win in a cause that must ultimately fail.” – Woodrow Wilson


There are so many of you doing what is life-generating in the face of a world wired for what is life-deteriorating. And then, there are so many anti-energetic, siphoning, vampirical forces that will never learn how to access power any other way than to take it by insidious, sneaky means.


The world will soon understand the difference between what is life-generating vs. life-deteriorating and reject all connections with the latter. You might feel a bit lonely now if you’re aligning with the former. But if your soul is growing, then your real gold is growing & your incorruptibility will be growing – so you’ll ultimately win.


To win is for your soul to grow, not to reap a material trophy in any of its forms. Yours is not a trite life. Yours is an alchemical opportunity seized. Keep doing the life-generating thing. 2021 is insisting upon it.


In loving service,