But if we are to be told by a foreign Power…what we shall do, and what we shall not do, we have Independence yet to seek, and have contended hitherto for very little.  —George Washington, from a letter to Alexander Hamilton, May 8, 1796

Isn’t Independence Day wonderful? It’s a celebration not only of our freedom from monarchal rule, but also of our free will. Free will is the most precious of our inalienable rights and, despite all the finger-pointing from other countries (and from ourselves), we are free to pursue our own path to happiness in this country.

Here’s the caveat: free will is absolutely useless if you don’t know what your options are. How are you supposed to pursue happiness if you don’t know what happiness even is? How can you cultivate a healthy, radiant body if you don’t know what “healthy” even means? You will not find many good examples in the media or among your peers.

Independence is the opposite of following the herd or letting others dictate your actions. For example, if you are addicted to substances that keep you reaching for the coffee, drugs, flour, sugar, and other unfit food items, you are as independent as a marionette. Independence requires snipping away the puppet strings of addiction and fruitless social expectations so that you can exercise free will. Free will requires access to your whole self.

If years ago I hadn’t decided to ignore all the voices of conformity and reach for full independence based on the highest good that I knew at each turn, I would have rapidly degenerated into a sick, heavy, depressed mother of two most unfortunate kids! Instead, I’ve launched myself up the spiral of cleansing and rejuvenation, taking me well beyond my former limitations—and I invite you to join me.

To help you on your own journey of independence, my colleague and good friend, Gil Jacobs (contact Organic Avenue at 212-334-4593 for information about his future lectures) and I put our heads together to bring to light the most advanced knowledge available on health and human evolution. We’ve outlined for you 14 basic premises that will answer most of your questions when considered within the Major Underlying Context stated below. Remember, each premise must be taken as part of the whole to remain pure. Take time to consider each one to confirm in your soul whether its truth resonates within you. If you feel resistance, that’s okay. I’ve laid out these premises for those of you who are ready for them.


You are one with the Great Power of Creation (God), but you have followed a plan that has blocked your access to this power. This power is manifested in the mind (God Kingdom) as well as in the body (Temple), which conducts the electromagnetic manifestation of the Life Force current (God Power). No matter what your history is, this power is well within your reach if you remove the blockages to it. Recovering the Life Force current in the body enables you to restore power to the kingdom of God within you. This requires overcoming corrupt old orthodoxies and habits, which will sometimes be enjoyable and at other times greatly daunting. Prepare for both experiences. To regenerate yourself and tap your full power, you must adopt some unorthodox methods. Fear not! This is a matter of stepping out of the imprisoning darkness into the liberating light of advanced knowledge.

PREMISE #1: The cause of all illness is waste matter sticking to and poisoning human tissue. The correction of all illness is the removal of this waste matter. The correct approach to this removal, what we call transitioning, is the key to success.

PREMISE #2: Illness and waste come from the consistent intake of unfit foods and substances, which is everything other than raw fruits and vegetables and their juices.

PREMISE #3: We can make the biggest strides toward healing (returning the body—and from there, the world—to its natural clean state of peace and happiness) through deep tissue cleansing. The poisoning of the human body is the cause of anger, violence, crime, war, and other discordant emotional experiences. When stuck in a polluted body, we are compelled to seek satisfaction outside of ourselves—for example, in power, ownership, money, sex, etc. Cleansing awakens us from the madness of conformity and moves us toward peace, love and acceptance. Polluting the Earth (landfills, deforestation, and the general over-consumption and waste of vital resources) is a direct analogy to the human body. To heal the world, we must begin by healing ourselves.

PREMISE #4: The purpose of tissue cleansing through transition diet and elimination is not merely to perfect our diets, live longer, stay out of doctors’ offices, or look beautiful. Rather, it is finally to bring an end to the emotional, psychological, and spiritual suffering that we have inflicted on ourselves and others for far too long.

PREMISE #5: Corruption of the body through the consumption of unfit substances is carried through our lineage in the physical blueprint of the DNA. Each generation of the human family is born more compromised and prone to physical and mental illness than the preceding one. Hence, our children are getting sicker and heavier. Birth defects, emotional/mental imbalances, and cancers are on the rise. The only cure for childhood illness is to clean up the corruption of our DNA through deep tissue cleansing.

PREMISE #6: Allopathic medicine observes only what the population exhibits. If people are asymptomatic (i.e., not complaining of a particular symptom), they are considered “healthy”—despite latent illness proliferating in their bodies. Most of our culture is asymptomatic by conventional standards, but in reality very few people today are healthy. Research is never done on clean-celled individuals. Even the odd study on vegetarians or vegans does not count; as we have seen, merely omitting animal products from the diet does not ensure health. Drugs are tested and deemed “safe” if they do not appear lethal to an organ or individual over the test period, while their long-term use leads to organ damage and birth defects. Rather than treating illness at its source (the waste matter in the tissues), mainstream medicine merely represses symptoms. This perversion of the concept of healthcare is unacceptable.

PREMISE #7: If your body is significantly corrupted with modern ailments, allopathic medicine will work for you insofar as it will make you more comfortable for the time being. If you are dependent on modern medicine, you cannot expect alternative healing modalities (acupuncture, chiropractics, faith healing, etc.) to offer real solutions. Antibiotics, for example, are necessary for the average polluted body suffering from bronchitis. A body must undergo deep tissue cleansing over a sufficient period of time to be free of its illnesses and dependence on allopathic medicines. It will generally take more than just a few weeks or months of cleansing to remove the depth of poisoning and free the body from this false health paradigm. Most alternative healing methods (such as Chinese and Aruyvedic) are rooted in subtle ancient traditions to heal subtle illnesses—and are not designed for the dramatic modern illnesses that are so common today.

PREMISE #8: Vitamins, minerals and “super-foods” are a waste and a distraction. Indications of malnutrition in blood, hair or urine analysis occurs when food is sticking like glue to the tissues, creating noxious gasses that eat up the minerals and vitamins. Vitamin-pushers work off the premise that imbalances can be corrected by replacing substances that the body is lacking—essentially reducing health to what we put into the body. This backward thinking makes naturopathic healing no better than allopathic medicine, treating the symptom instead of the cause. There is only one cause of nutrient deficiencies in our culture today: the clogging of the body from permeated waste. Where and the extent to which it accumulates determines the nature of the imbalance. When we understand that health is having a clean-celled body that will naturally regenerate itself, we will stop asking “Where do I get my protein, XYZ vitamin, trace minerals, etc.?” An alkalinized, cleansed body never has to worry about the minutiae of nutrients.

PREMISE #9: The great silent addiction is to mainstream foods that are unfit for human consumption. You know you’re an addict when you function better with your poison than without it. Coffee addicts function best when they drink coffee; coke addicts function best when they snort; the average American functions best on a heavy diet of poisonous food. Don’t mistake fake energy for Life Force Energy.

PREMISE #10: Detoxification is a visible physical process, not an ethereal concept. It only occurs when you see the waste matter leave the body. Any “cleansing” product only provides the potential to cleanse. Cleansing does not occur until copious amounts of matter leave the body. Some of these products contain irritants, as found in laxatives (senna, cascara segrada, etc.), which only shake loose some matter and make you think you have cleansed but push matter deeper into the tissues. Others are “awakeners,” which is quite different. The awakeners simply draw up the waste by resting the body from digestion (as in the case of fasting and cleansing diets) or absorb waste (as in the case of psyllium, which absorbs ten times its weight in waste, and bentonite, which is earth/clay that absorbs acid waste). To experience true detoxification, we must awake and release! Bowel cleansing is not only advisable, but imperative.

PREMISE #11: Clinging to a dietary label such as “raw” or “vegan” or “macro” with religious fervor is not healthy. The need to label is a need to define or feel superior—evidence that cleansing is not taking place. Tissue cleansing helps dissolve the ego. Be wary of events organized around so-called health-generating dogma (such as support groups for raw or vegan dieters) or gimmicky foods (such as events for chocolate-lovers). Support groups are for those who are grieving or suffering, not for those who are transitioning and cleansing their cells.

PREMISE #12: Colonic irrigation must be done correctly and in tandem with a cleansing transition diet for it to be of use. One of these elements without the other is largely ineffective. Colonic irrigation that uses pressure rather than natural gravity can push the waste back up the intestines, making matters worse.

PREMISE #13: A transition diet should match your body’s degree of poisoning, not your zeal to cleanse. Just as you learned to crawl before you learned to walk, you must climb up the health ladder at the speed and intensity appropriate for your body. Look for progress, not perfection.

PREMISE # 14: Not everyone is ready to live as we do. We must never be egotistical, dogmatic, judgmental, pushy or superior. Let us take care to respect all views as we move forward. Let us guide ourselves and those who are truly interested. This cleansing work is not for everyone. Not everyone cares or wants to change. It’s okay to be one of few. This is for the few who will, in time, become the many.

This Independence Day, when you look around at all the flags flying and burgers flipping (do I need to point out the irony?), remember what this holiday is really about. Remember what freedom is really about. And when you see all the bright-eyed American kids at you parties, consider that they are watching and learning from you. Will you teach them to follow the herd? Or will you reach for the next rung on the evolutionary spiral of human life and show them that there’s more to freedom than social status and material gain?

Happy Fourth! May you celebrate the highest good of human independence with fireworks in your heart!