We all Need Oxygen


Something that has been concerning me deeply is how mask-wearing impacts CANCER. Oxygen is cancer’s worst enemy. Not only are cancer patients of all stages losing their greatest healer by suppressing their intake of O2 and increasing their acidic load of C02, but consider the fact that cancer cells are always moving through us and are eradicated thanks to our immune system and the degree to which we are oxygenated.


Just sit with that. Weigh it up.


How is it that nothing else matters now but the Covid narrative? Do we really want to be such mono-dimensional thinkers? Do we really want to go down in history as a group that would blindly accept the propaganda that’s shoved in front of us, always consuming what we’re told to consume on every level even as it wipes out our freedom to breathe.


While I’m on my rant, take those masks off your poor children. They are being suffocated. It’s child abuse.


How will our immune systems work without oxygen? Does Covid really take priority over the whole operating system of the body? Are we conscious & rational or have we lost our minds? Well, a reduction of O2 does equate with a reduction of consciousness!


And what about the whole CO2 greenhouse gas emissions/climate change issue that everyone was SO up-in-arms about? What does mask-wearing simulate if not a microcosm of CO2 greenhouse gas-emissions in the wearer?


Has this been a game to see how stupid we are?! I think so. Wait til they start selling us O2.


… after they get everyone clamoring for their death jab.


It’s not co-morbidity you should worry about but CO[2]-morbidity!


Be informed. Be sovereign!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose