Consistency is key. If you train excellence in your life everyday, if you practice excellence consistently, you will come to embody excellence.
Let’s talk physical excellence:
Your body is brimming with the potential to embody physical excellence but most people throw all that potential away because, 1) they are not given true examples of physical excellence, and 2) they have poor, utterly misguided information.
Physical excellence is not achieved through calorie counting and burning calories in a gym or any manner of mere dietetics and/or physical training.
Physical excellence cannot be achieved if the body is saturated in waste matter. Period.
This fact is the biggest reason people do not achieve physical excellence. They are ignorant to this so they try to diet and exercise their way to physical improvements.
Degrees of physical excellence of which you cannot even conceive in the common levels of societal consciousness can be yours if you know exactly what to do.
That is the service I provide for those who are ready to shake off the physical shackles, dissolve their addictions and bring their bodies to vibrant, resplendent light.
It is entirely accessible. It is freedom and power untold! Come to know it. Lose the ailments; gain your awaiting strength and resplendence! ☀️