There are two things in life that bring me pure bliss: creation and love.
This is one of many distinct areas where I feel that we can all agree across the board, as humans. I mean, really, who can argue with that?! Creation and love?!?!
Is there anything better? Name me one external event or material thing that is as fulfilling, that can fill us with exuberant joy more than when we are in the zone of creating as we were when we were children drawing or painting or delighting in our sport? Or than when love fills our hearts? We seem to dip out of ‘the world’ and into ‘life.’ That is a very important distinction.
That feeling where everything is in such alignment that you seem to leave the weight of worries and the world behind and just float on the clouds of what you are deeply involved with in pure enjoyment.
When was the last time you felt that way? It cannot happen when you force a creative pursuit – like if you’re trying to write a book or trying to come up with a business idea or trying to think of what to do with your life. It is those sacred magical moments when life imbues you with the spirit of a concept or vision that you know that you, and only you, can carry out.
This vision that life inspires in you needs/requires your signature energy and this signature calls you, pulls you toward it. I am in this state now – of creation. What I am creating is running always a step ahead of me, egging me to keep up because its crafting, building, developing, brick-laying. In this case it is the long-awaited Mastery course!
I’m so grateful for the creative expression of writing. I had a rather traumatic childhood (as have many of you) and I always found I could experience joy if I was writing a song or a poem or a story – as early as six years old I have a distinct recollection of this. In fact, if love was not present, I could depend on creation. When we have love, however, we need nothing else and yet everything comes flooding to us! To have and feel both love & creation is to be magnificently alive! How often does one of these two appear – let alone both?
The only way to have this confluence of goodness is to step away from the confluences of non-goodness. It is in our most courageous moments where we discard the lies of non-goodness (or to use another term, “life-destructiveness”) in the awareness of our election of that which is life-generating!
The ways of the world (the ‘whirled’) take us out of creation and love and into lives of pressure and dysfunctional relating – two things antithetical to our human nature and opposed to human nurturing.
By removing the blockages in and around our bodies, minds and hearts we open ‘the taps’ of creativity and resound with love.
So create & love. Remove the blockages wherever they may be. Discern whom you can trust and who needs very strict boundaries.
I am having the most wonderful time creating the new Mastery Course – to be announced soon. Love is rich too – family, friends and at the soul-mate level. I am beside myself – precious love abounds on all fronts. When you make way for life, you make way for love. ❤️❤️