Detoxification Only Occurs When the Waste Leaves


Overcleansing means more matter is awakened and loosened from the cells and tissues than the body’s eliminative organs can manage to eliminate. When this happens symp­toms like headaches, skin breakouts, excessive mucus, and even fever can result.


The goal is to find a level of cleansing that is just right – where awakening is taking place but not so intensely that the awakened waste overwhelms the eliminative organs. This is why it is not wise to go headfirst into an all-raw diet or fasting program. If the waste is awakened but not released, it just makes you feel miserable, and then resettles in the tissue anyway, rendering the whole attempt relatively futile.


This is also why so many people have emotional upheavals when they eat lots of raw food. All the old waste being awakened hits the nervous system, which runs through the middle of the colon. Then, it starts to go back into the body because the body wants to keep its center clear.


This is not cleansing; this is self-poisoning. I’ll say it again, “Detoxifica­tion only occurs when the waste leaves!!”


When waste is awakened and does not leave, it is a much worse scenario than if you had not roused the waste at all. In short, don’t get caught up in the zeal of detox so much that you overcleanse. Pace yourself so that you consistently awaken and release.


Extract from Detox 4 Women by Natalia Rose