Matrix Mental-field


It’s a tough pill to swallow but at least it brings with it a strong, clear explanation as to how we are where we are today and why our lives, which should be so beautiful and full of magic, are not: Our deeply sacred, precious human lives have been utterly hijacked and terrorized by this hideous Matrix Mental-field as it has secretly and insidiously harvested our light and twisted our minds to suit its designs.


Become Aware


Unless and until we become aware of this Marix-mind-artifice acting upon our Free Will, we will continue to be its slaves and suffer as it continues to block us from our truth and from our Source-Creator.


Human suffering has reached an unbearable point. This is the moment for us to name the origin, to call out the root cause of all this suffering, instead of remaining stuck in this maniacal matrix-machine’s ‘hall of mirrors.’


An Enslaved Life


Let us name it: it is a sick Mind-Field Entity created by an inverted, perverted impulse to harness and harvest our life force. It is able to do so because it has grown to such a size that it entrains all minds that are exposed to it. Life in this dissonant field is not real life, it is enslaved life. If we wish for the suffering to end, the control this mind-field has on us must come to an end.


Human Pain


I know you are hurting. We are one human family. We all feel it, even those who put up walls to try to prevent the painful feelings.  Some try to hide behind their coping devices, their addictions, illusions or material comforts. But the pain is all still there, it’s just in an unconscious form.


Fierce Love


People need to be held, heard, truly comforted, protected, cared for. How is this going to happen? Only by looking at the giant Mind-Field cage that has infected humanity and applying the antidotes: massively mind-opening awareness and the purest, fiercest Love.


Caged Minds


We must look directly at the big, ugly cause. The symptoms, be they rage, fear, hatred, confusion, despair, anxiety, reactivity, false programming, erroneous conditioning, etc., will only be cured when the root cause is removed. We must be the ‘great physician’ and see what is at the core of this rabid human disintegration. It is the Matrix Mind-Field, an unfathomably sick, artificially-imposed cage that entrains the individual mind, locking it in. This mind-cage makes the body & the heart sick as a natural result.


To name it, identify it and understand its origin and purpose is to achieve a great state of awareness. With this awareness, it rapidly loses its power over you.


All the fears and dictates of the last 4 months, all the news-hypes and calls to action are deliberately crafted by that sick Mind-matrix. Its aim is to keep us spinning in our fear, pain & anger, because that is how it is fed. And like all things, as it is fed, it grows.


We have to become aware of this life sucking Entity that’s had humanity so confidently in its grasp, and decide what we will to do about it.


Human suffering, the suffering of all sentient life is unacceptable. Our souls are so precious and each one deserves to be tenderly guarded and supported so it can live in joy and blessed free expression.  One thing stands in the way of that: the artificial, perverted Matrix-Mind-Cage. It is anti-life, anti-energetic. And yet it is the construct we have allowed to grow around us to frame our world. If this stands in the way, causing all the trouble, would it not make sense for us to take it out of the way rather than ineffectually trying to fight the endless symptoms caused by it?


Your Inner Tyrant


The Matrix is inside of each of us as much as it is in the human earth-field. We have to remove it carefully, gracefully, but determinedly and deliberately from within and without simultaneously.  Where is your inner tyrant, where are there aspects of you that mirror the matrix-design and impulse? This is where the work needs to be done. It’s hard, especially when you’re suffering already.  But we can all get on the same page, help each other, hold, hear and care for each other as this deep work takes place.


Awareness and Love


There is no other work to do than removing the artificial, deranged Matrix-mind-entity-tentacles on all levels. It can be done. Awareness and love will do it. Big, mind-expanding awareness and fierce, courageous love. Real love, which is not to be confused with niceness or politeness but is the distinct frequency of the Creator, the power of life. It is there, at your fingertips, for your wielding. Our human power is immense but it’s been locked up by this matrix-artifice. It’s time for it to LEAVE US. We gave it the power to grow and now we need to tell it to leave. It has no power but that which we collectively and individually give it.


Are we ready to be done with it? All we have to do is see it, name it, remove the cords it has plugged into us through our consciousness and our appetites so it can no longer draw on our energy.


We can end this pain and suffering now. May it be removed, dissolved, may the chains and cages upon the earth be broken & dissolved. May We be victorious!


Please let me know how I can help you better understand this Matrix-Entity.


in loving service,