On Beauty


O Beauty, art thou authentic or artificial? True beauty is always authentic. True beauty is the physical expression of the Supreme Creator’s vibratory imprint which contains and conducts Its codes of intelligence and love. Beauty is a natural quality of the Divine. It comes from the Supreme Network of Life. But, as we know, the Dark Matrix-mind construct takes everything in the Supreme Network of Life/God/Creator and inverts it for it’s destructive means.


Beauty, for many of you is the portal into one of the biggest holds the Matrix has on you. Therefore, coming to understand the false codes the Matrix used to program you can also be your most valuable ticket out of the Matrix-mind. Wherever we are most ensnared, therein lie our greatest opportunities!




The first thing to know is that that which is artificial is categorically antithetical to life. If something is artificial it is going to oppose, corrupt, unsettle, suppress or otherwise damage life. The two are just not copacetic. Ergo, everything you use to ‘care’ for your body, your skin, your hair, your nails, your teeth and even your clothing and everything tangentially connected to your body that is chemical based or not in sync with natural life – is the Matrix-mind’s brain child and is robbing you of your youth and beauty, even as it promises to restore, enhance and protect it.


When you identify these things and stop using them, you will do two marvelous things:


1) You will be stopping the Matrix-mind from exploiting you, and


2) You will give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with the Supreme Network of Life/God/Creator Power which can then bring you into alignment with its patterns and higher codes so you can be authentically beautiful.


Recognize these False Codes


Remember the mere fact that people see beauty as they do today seeking cartoonish ‘perfection’ is yet another false Matrix-mind code.  You can take so much of your power back and reconnect to the SNL/Source simply by becoming aware that these are false codes programmed into you in order to siphon and exploit your energy.  I know it’s hard to fathom that you can change tracks with regard to your beauty routine and beauty ideals, but you really can! In fact, it’s really the way things are going as people start to wake up.


It’s the Matrix’s destructive codes and programs that drive the modern consumption of food, drink, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs and cause the patterns of stress and over-indulgence that are making everyone so heavy, imbalanced, and riddled with unappealing physical symptoms.


Here’s a starter list of the substances and practices from the artificial Matrix-mind used to hook you into illusory, false beauty. But remember that when you live cleanly and remove the ‘land-fill’ of waste inside your body through clean eating, colon cleansing, sun-bathing, deep sleeps and self care and beauty routines that align with life, you will never look back!


Artificial Matrix-mind construct Beauty Traps:



Plumping injections

All unnatural skin care products, soaps and hair products

Mainstream nail polish

Professional teeth whiteners (weaken the enamel)

Implants to enhance body parts

Contraceptive implants

Mainstream menstruation items

Toxic deodorant

Fluoridated toothpaste and chemical mouthwash

Clue: You should never need to use eye drops to have clear eyes. You’ll know you are restored in large part when your eyes are always naturally clear and shining!


Random beauty tips:


  • Try the company HairPrint for natural coverage of grey hair.
  • Mix some pure raw castor oil into raw, virgin coconut oil for the best ever body and face oil. Rub extra castor oil on your tummy to help with natural eliminations. Use it in your hair with bergamot oil and essential oil of peppermint to help encourage hair growth.
  • Add a few drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide to your natural toothpaste for consistent, non-harmful tooth whitening.
  • Wear clothing that feels really good with soft fabrics. No more constricting the body and being miserable in your clothes and underthings.
  • Be naked as much as possible. it enables your skin to breathe — especially if you can be out doors with your feet in the soil and for goodness sakes, get some sun beams all over your body.


A cleansed body can handle far more sunlight and will turn a lovely shade of caramel instead of lobster pink. You’ll only discover these things when you cleanse deeply and exorcise the Matrix-codes, restoring yourself to the Creator-codes!


You’re beautiful! Truly!


in loving service,