On Dysfunctional Competition


With designs on helping you detox from this pathological artifice, the Dark Matrix-mind construct, and restore you to your beautiful authentic, natural original being, I’d like to shine a light today on competition.


Abundance and Generosity


Life’s very signature is pure abundance and generosity. When kept in balance, the elements and the fruits of the earth and sea overflow. While there may be some evidence of competition in the natural world such as plants competing for sunlight and predatory animals competing for prey, it is not in our nature as humans to compete against one another the way we do. That is an act of dysfunctional competition and it is a distinct code programmed into us by the Dark Matrix-mind construct.


Healthy Competition


A certain kind of competition is healthy; that’s what I call “functional competition.” I’ll explain the difference in a moment. But the impulse to need to be seen as better than someone else in some area is a wholly dysfunctional trait that comes from running a Matrix-mind code in one’s programming and it is antithetical to our higher collective expression as inter-dependent beings. Remember, the Matrix-mind always inverts and perverts life. It directs us to do things that drain our energy and reduce our ability to be in our power. This dysfunctional competition coding is a perfect example of the Matrix-mind at work in us as we unwittingly run its programs to our detriment and great loss.


Fears of Wanting


We are loving beings by nature and the earth has always had more than enough to go around. However, Matrix-mind codes of greed and fear disrupted this balance and drove people away from truth to the convoluted errors of Matrix-mind codings that programmed us with fears of lack and abandonment. Unfortunately, those programs of dysfunctional fear and irrational lack run constantly among our human collective.


Imagine if dysfunctional competition fell away and we genuinely supported the best in one another and felt truly valued at our full worth by our human family? How much could we become then? How we would blossom!


Functional Competition


“Functional competition,” by contrast, helps us become sharper and reach our greater potential. We see functional competition in action when athletes challenge one another in order to make themselves and their teammates better or in debate societies or academic circles where the best work and best ideas are born out of a contrived competitive event. Functional competition recognizes that skills develop when extra effort is exerted. By sparring with one another, for example, martial artists develop skills they could not develop without the benefit of a challenging opponent. Functional competition is the great sportsmanship that enables us to become better, stronger, faster, sharper.


Glory and Vanity


But when people compete for glory and vanity, for ego and to declare themselves the big shot and to feast on the limelight, well we must see that for what it really is: dark matrix-mind codings. As long as one runs those false light matrix codes, they are ensnared deeply in the matrix-construct. It’s epiphanies like this one that will gradually help you take your life back from the artificial Matrix-mind.


Consider how dysfunctional competition, jealousy, fear and anxiety all combine to keep you locked into the Matrix. This is our time to emerge from it.


Embrace Functional Competition


Avoid running those dysfunctional competition codes. Embrace functional competition however so you can develop to your full potential — for the glory of goodness and knowing who and what you really are, not because you need to be better than someone else.


There’s so much to enjoy and share on this rich earth if we recalibrate to nature and see one another as allies and aspects of ourselves.


in loving service,