On Despair & Fear & The Consumption Codes


Do not despair. Do not fear. Those are Matrix-mind construct-codes. You were not built for despair and fear.  That is an implant, programs imposed upon you through manipulating your DNA and due to your receptivity as a baby/child.


You Have All the Power


It’s because of your power, it’s because your Source-code humanness is at once so intimidating and so appealing to lesser forces that they surreptitiously strategize to harness it. Remember, they have no power of their own. Meanwhile you are made of power! You hold all the cards. You are the kings and queens of this planet. Someone/something doesn’t want you to know this. But you are coming to realize it.


Stop poisoning yourself with the substances the Matrix tempts you with. It doesn’t serve you. It only serves Matrix appetites which are insatiable and born of artificiality.


The Duplicitous Web


Meanwhile, you are made of light and nourished by light. Don’t confuse that truth with the Matrix codes that attempt to convince you that you need meats, starches, sugars, endless indulgences and crutches so that you become inured to your power and addicted to these chemicals…so you trade in your innate health for disease: to become diabetic, chronically fatigued, suffer from lack of concentration, lack of sleep, autoimmune disorders and so on. It’s all a trap – a web to ensnare you as prey.  This is also why we must not exploit other creatures. What we do to other living things will be done to us. It’s time to end the false cycle of consumption that was developed by the predatorial, exploitative, vampirical Matrix-mind construct.


Consume carefully. It is an intimate act. Do not support engaging in immoral consumption. That alone will dissolve a great deal of the Matrix’s hold on you.


-in loving service,