Don’t be an Airhead


This is one of the most important bits of health information you will ever come across (though I can’t promise it won’t make you giggle).


Conversation during Colonic Action


It was one of those great learning moments — circa 2002 with my beloved mentor, Gil Jacobs. He had me, forgive the pun, LMAO while we were otherwise engaged in what he spunkily coined ‘the colonic action’ (an entirely wholesome pursuit, despite what it might conjure up for some of you with your minds in the gutter!).


Skull Size


Gil was pointing out to me how dramatically the shape & size of a handful of the the most famous male actors’ skulls morphed (ballooned actually), between their early 20’s (when their skulls were still relatively small and round like a child’s) and their late 30’s-40s, at which point their skulls seemed to swell close to twice the original size, (meanwhile also losing their original, strong head shape and facial features).


Noxious Gases


Naturally, these observations were strictly academic, not at all mean-spirited (and I certainly won’t name names here). It was all in the honorable name of cleansing-teacher illustrating to cleansing-student how the mass quantities of noxious gases, produced by waste accumulation in the gut, permeate the porous material of the skeleton and rise into the equally porous bone of the skull.


Most people don’t think of the bones and skull (and teeth for that matter) as highly-porous recipients of retained waste matter and the byproducts that develop from that retained waste, but they absolutely are.


Gas Expansion into the Bones


The copious quantities of gas produced in the gut expand into the bones, causing the bone-matter to expand. As an added insult, the infiltrated bone matter becomes steadily weakened as the acidic gas eats away at it. The acidic noxious gasses displace the tightly, evenly-knitted ‘fabric’ of the healthy bone leading to weak bones (osteoporosis). This by the way is what happens to the body’s tissues at-large as retained waste is constantly permeating the extremely porous tissues of the body (making the tissues weak and slack). This is a major source of the rapid cosmetic deterioration that most people think is simply inevitable (it’s not merely inevitable at all).


Hot Air Rises


It was by way of Gil’s powerful illustration of the ‘befores’ and ‘afters’ of these well-known modern day male actors which he identified as classic examples of this cause-and-effect scenario that enabled me to firmly and forever grasp one of the most essential understandings at the heart of tissue cleansing: warm gas rises in the body just as it does outside the body. The gas from the gut, in an attempt to find an exit by moving upward, becomes trapped in the skull, making for a real and literal ‘airhead’ situation. The retained waste matter is only half of it. It’s the retained waste AND the byproducts (noxious gases, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc.) that cause the trouble and must be shown the way out.


Tomorrow: Don’t be an Airhead, part 2 – But Gas is Invisible and Harmless…Isn’t it?


In loving service,