Don’t be an Airhead


But Gas is Invisible and Harmless…Isn’t it?


While it may be invisible, noxious gas takes up an enormous amount of space. When it permeates human tissue it creates a lot of expansion (undermining the vacuum/empty space condition you want to have in the body). This becomes unquestionably evident in the wake of successful tissue cleansing. Here’s how you can tell: when tons of this carbonic gas is released, one of the most common responses come from women who formerly believed they were designed to have wide hips and/or shoulders. “I always just thought I was big boned,” they proclaim, “But I’m not really!” The big bones and the expanded girth was largely due to ‘invisible’ (and virtually weightless, might I add) gas pressure. Not so invisible after all, ’eh?


Less Expansion, Lower Dress Size


A successful deep-tissue-cleanser can drop many sizes just due just to releasing a great deal of the trapped gas in the skeletal/muscular system alone! Furthermore, you can shrink significantly (horizontally, not vertically!) and yet not always see a huge difference in your weight on the scale. Now you know why.


Bone Renaissance


More importantly, the integrity that is restored to the bone when the noxious gas exits results in a kind of bone renaissance! This integrity is restored throughout the body as well. Skin tightens up like a teenager’s and becomes enviably toned. Your internal organs will let you know that their faculties are re-invigorated as well!


Stress Free


I can assure you, the dedicated tissue cleanser doesn’t lose a single moment fretting over the possibility of osteoporosis, organ weakness or droopy skin setting in with age. They know it is only by way of the entropic harbingers that the fortitude of their cells and tissues can be diminished (and they know how to keep those entropic interlopers at bay). As I always say, “It’s not the number of times we go around the sun that ages us but rather what we accumulate as we go around the sun.”


Compare Head Shapes


Try the skull expansion observation exercise yourself: just look at the difference between anyone you know (yes, you are also fair game ;)) and compare the head shape of their youth to its current shape. Why has the skull shape morphed so dramatically (again, including the jaw, cheek bones and forehead which also disintegrate within from the noxious gas eating away at it)? It’s simply the hot, noxious gas from the intestine rising and expanding into the porous material that is causing this. Now that you know, you’re empowered to prevent it (should you desire to).


When Brain Tissue is Permeated with Noxious Gases


So you see, noxious gases are not just a cosmetic inconvenience – carbon, nitrogen, methane and volatile sulfur permeate the brain tissue matter and we all know what happens when integrity is lost in the brain matter – the heartbreaking symptoms of senility, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease result. Granted, gas pressure is only one contributing factor to these illnesses; however, it is a significant one. Other major contributing factors are heavy metal accumulation in the body absorbing in the brain matter, radiation exposure and, naturally the ramifications of a lifetime of stress and disconnection with the network of life (but N.B. these factors also cause noxious gas to proliferate because the noxious gas is a byproduct of the entropy cycle that is caused by those factors listed above). Typically, these cofactors all operate in concert given the modern way of life. Where you find one, you’ll typically find them all.


Tomorrow: Don’t be an Airhead, part 3 – Kid Head, the Pre-gassed-up-skull


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