Don’t be an Airhead


Kid Head, the pre-gassed-up-skull


Gil had a term for the pre-gassed-up-skull (the a.k.a. the ‘before’). He called it, ‘kid head.’ Kid head is that tight, cute round head that kids have before they saturate their tissues in waste that ferments and putrefies releasing copious quantities of noxious carbon, methane and nitrogen into the bones/skull. The same could be said of ‘kid skin’ and ‘kid frame’ – it’s not a lack of maturity or retarding of natural growth I’m suggesting — not remotely, please don’t misunderstand me. Rather, it’s an absence of the accumulation and byproducts of accumulation from misguided consumption perpetuated over years and decades. Look at the Bushmen, the Hunzas, the Native Americans and so many other original peoples and you will find ‘kid head,’ ‘kid skin,’ and ‘kid frames’ in the elders of untold age.


Native Diet


Why? Because, so long as they were not eating too many animal products (which will cause a great deal of fermentation in an intestine as long as the human one), these ‘original people’ did not eat sugars and starches and hybridized fruits that turn the otherwise calm, tight, high-integrity human body into a chaos of putrefactive disorder. Wild foods have a far lesser inclination to have this effect, particularly when consumed as part of lifestyle rooted in the network of living energy.


Lack of Corruption


When you see an example of pristine, healthy youth (this becoming rarer every day), you are looking at a being that has not yet corrupted his or her body with so much retained waste matter. Remember that corrupt is synonymous with rot and the noxious gasses are part of the rotting process.


To rediscover your youth, you need only remove that accumulation and its associated gas pressure (or at the very least, you need only begin the process and watch yourself morph pleasantly in that direction both inside and out as you go deeper, dredging up that which is better off out).


The Honest, Simple Route


People have been conditioned to focus on weight loss and to apply the ‘latest, greatest’ cosmetic tools to create the illusion of restored youth; meanwhile, it can be so much more honest and simpler than that. It simply comes down to removing the retained waste and the gas pressure developing from it. The gas makes you far larger than you are (oh, this by the way goes for guys who are consuming all the “gym food” substances designed to help them bulk up and ‘get big,’ namely, the soy protein isolate and whey protein-based foods and shakes.). No one will argue that it makes them larger, but gas pressure is a big part of that increased size, which also, by the way, makes them feel more aggressive and less at ease which can be a great big detour for a man who is otherwise seeking a strong sense of balance, happiness and inspired, creative direction in life.


Tomorrow: Don’t be an Airhead, part 4 – The Hot Condition of the Human Body


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