Don’t be an Airhead


The Hot Condition of the Human Body


The hot, non-aerated environment is the condition of our body. We cannot change that, nor would we want to as it works very nicely so long as sugars, starches, fleshes, oils, chemicals, radiation and heavy metals don’t vie for that same space that is not designed for such things.




You would not want your food to sit in a hot, wet, unventilated room all day long in a zip lock bag, would you? If you were to undertake an experiment as such, would you be surprised to come back several days later to open that zip lock bag and recoil from the stench therein and multiple forms of bacteria and parasites growing out of the food? The stench in the noxious gasses and the pathogens themselves growing in the putrefactive waste are releasing yet another generation of noxious gases to boot.


Human Body


Why is it that we think this somehow doesn’t occur in exactly the same way inside the even warmer, unventilated, more moist internal conditions of the miraculous human body. There is nothing wrong with the way our bodies are designed; we are, though, much misguided with regard to what we think should be copacetic with those conditions (but simply are not). And yet, it remains taboo to talk too much about it, as if it is somehow better to pretend that the putrefaction isn’t really actually occurring. It is happening alright and, I’m sorry to say, it is going to your head (it’s a law of gas and heat). Don’t believe me? Just take a look around.


Choose a Gas Free Existence


I’ve always loved the Biblical admonition, “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” I would say likewise, “Be ye mature as the great elders and noxious-gas-free as the rejoicing, agile child.” This is possible and you have the power to turn the dial up on your ability to access this state at any time.


In loving service,