You’ll have these a-ha moments constantly…

We’re removing all of that misguided thinking and dysfunctional feeling as we release this waste through enemas. There is so much good in doing deep tissue cleansing that you cannot possibly capture it all in one sitting. When it all comes together you will have these epiphanies and a-ha moments constantly.

The good news is that Enlighteners are back IN -STOCK! They are in New York and ready to ship to you anywhere in the world! Thank you for your patience!

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Once you place your order it will ship once you have had your Enlightener Consultation, and I, Natalia Rose, will personally be on-call to help you with any questions you may have getting going with it!

Happy expunging all your old waste and living a beautiful new life in a clean-celled, radiantly healthy & beautiful new body! It’s the greatest health and beauty secret there is!