Exercise to Exorcise


There’s only a one letter difference between “exercise” and “exorcise” – and good reason for that!


When you exercise, meaning you truly break a sweat, you are expunging old waste products which carry little physical entities called “pathogens” and little non-physical entities called “demons”. It’s a whole lot easier to be demon-free if you add plenty of exorcising exercise to your waste-entity-cleansing-routine.


What an easy way to expunge inauthentic parts of you that are not you but took up residence in you! Maybe knowing this will be a better motivation tool for getting you to exercise. I know for many of you it will!


Believe it or not, as much as I enjoy exercise when I’m actually in the midst of it, it’s often hard for me to get going. I’m a life-long athlete and committed to my training but that doesn’t mean I don’t often procrastinate training sessions and sometimes even skip (not often but it does happen)!


But if I think for just a moment of the fact that I can expunge squatter rogue entities from my psychic field that may be hitching a ride on my spiritual-physical-mental embodiment, that will get me squatting, sprinting, punching, pushing up and pressing weights faster than you can say God-Force! Godspeed the God-Force! Exercise & you’ll exorcise!! Expunge the loiterers and be 100% beautiful You!!


in loving service,